Secretary Summary: Sample

When selecting a candidate for a vacant position, the company uses its brief description of skills and abilities with personal data called a resume. Information can be presented on paper, in electronic form or on the letterhead of the organization. Correct and consistent presentation of information about the applicant for a vacant position guarantees a successful transition to the interview stage. When submitting a resume for a specific vacancy, it is necessary to adjust it to the various requirements of the future employer. A careful study of the conditions necessary for employment for the position of secretary, such as printing speed, sociability, processing of significant volumes of documents, knowledge of several foreign languages, should be displayed in the application form.

Secretary Functional

Job function

Professional standards developed and adopted for action at enterprises allow you to display the necessary duties of a secretary in a summary:

  1. Organization of the leader’s activities: drawing up a work plan for the chief and secretary, conducting negotiations, business trips. Maintaining the reception of visitors with their subsequent direction according to requests. Monitoring the implementation of management tasks. Keeping the reception room spotless and maintaining the functionality of the manager’s workplace.
  2. Document management, ensuring the work of the head.

A description of skills acquired at previous workplaces will allow adding to the secretary’s resume volume. In the absence of such, it is recommended to describe academic achievement.

Secretary Summary Rules

Secretary resume sample

When planning a resume, which will be accepted into the work of the personnel department, you must adhere to generally accepted standards, which include:

  1. The digestible amount of information is no more than two pages.
  2. Strict specifics of information.
  3. Compliance with job requirements for education.
  4. Experience in the position of secretary must be confirmed by information from the work book or contracts.
  5. A positive effect on the choice of the applicant has a photograph taken in the work environment.

By including these points in the summary of the secretary, the applicant will fully satisfy the employer's request.

Resume structure

Resume structure

A professional presentation of your characteristics on paper allows you to evaluate the applicant as a skilled PC user and a focused organizer of their projects. The blocks should be placed in the summary of the secretary as follows:

  1. Unique contact details.
  2. Skills and functionality obtained as a result of practical work. Be sure to indicate previous places of work with the dates of admission and dismissal. The location of the information is in the reverse order from the first to the last.
  3. Available education and advanced training courses.
  4. Personal achievements.

Having such personal data about himself, the applicant complies with the standards unofficially adopted by the personnel of most organizations.

Highlighting the distinctive features of the candidate

Distinctive features of the candidate

Having all the chances of success, a resume can still be delayed if the applicant has not displayed his unique abilities or professional skills that distinguish him from the like. For a secretary’s resume, such advantages will be: additional knowledge of foreign languages, confident work in all MS OFFICE applications, seniority in the position of assistant manager, personnel affairs. Necessarily indicated careful handling of office equipment. The most important skills for the vacancy are always placed first so that the employer sees the skills of a specialist immediately.

Sample Secretary Summary

Having mastered the theoretical basics of writing a questionnaire, you can proceed to writing a resume. A sample resume for a job as a secretary looks like this:

Name: Motovilova Elizaveta Markovna.

Purpose: seeking a vacant position of secretary, assistant manager, administrator.

Contact Information:

Date of birth: 12.31.1987

Address: Arkhangelsk region, Ustyansky district, pos. October, Lenin Ave., 45, apt. 3.

Phone: cellular (number), home (number).



May 2016 - up to the present time - administrator and clerk of the director of FSBEI HE “MGTUTU”.

September 2012 - May 2016 - Technician, Department of Financial, Legal and Socio-Economic Disciplines, FSBEI HE “MGTUTU”.

Education: 2009-2014 Moscow Regional Cossack Institute of Technology and Management (branch) FSBEI HE “MGTUTU im. K.G. Razumovsky (PKU) ”, Volokolamsk. Received specialty - economist, qualification - bachelor.

Continuing education courses: 2015. Certificate of advanced training for the program “Documentary support of management” at FSBEI HE “MGTUTU”.

Professional skills: receiving and sorting incoming correspondence, answering calls, registering and informing the head, meeting visitors, drawing up a work plan for the boss, completing assignments, writing letters, memos, working with any documents. Confident user of MS Office Excel, MS Office Word, MS Office Power Point, MS Office Access, MS Outlook, “Consultant Plus”, Lotus. Work with office equipment.

Additional Information:

Desired salary level: 28 thousand rubles.

Foreign languages: English (basic level).

Relationship status: Single.

Willingness to move, I normally accept irregular working hours, I have a driver’s license, I don’t have bad habits.

Presentable appearance.

Information about personal qualities: responsibly fulfill assigned tasks, punctual, decent, persistent, executive. Hobbies: classes in the gym, running, passion for embroidery.

A similar example of a secretary’s resume will help you not to be mistaken when writing your job application.

HR requirements

HR requirements

If you are employed in large companies or companies with a specific area of ​​work (medicine, mining, etc.), you must call the personnel department and specify the information that must be included in the resume. The right impression is made by knowledge and skills suitable for the selected industry. It is important not to overdo it and not to include in the questionnaire skills that the applicant does not possess. Any distortion of information will be immediately identified by experts during the interview. Large companies always require a candidate to have a higher education.

Confident assessment of your personal abilities

Assessment of their abilities

The resume must include a paragraph listing the personal qualities of the applicant for the position of secretary. Usually this block is located at the end of the questionnaire, as if summing up the noteworthiness of the selected applicant. Employment agencies recommend listing no more than 5 qualities in this block, so you need to choose the skills appropriate to the position of secretary. For example, in the resume of the secretary-clerk, it is necessary to indicate: the ability to competently work with a large volume of documents, goodwill, punctuality, resistance to stressful situations, and the ability to pay off conflict situations.

What should not be indicated in the resume?

Resume Errors

Often, succumbing to the universal enthusiasm for increasing uniqueness, job seekers can spoil the employer's first impression of the candidate and be rejected. The summary for the position of secretary should not include:

  1. Grammar and lexical errors.
  2. Non-existent phone numbers.
  3. False information about work experience.
  4. An informal hobby, for example, a passion for computer games.
  5. Non-standard e-mail, for example, "
  6. Information about a previous job classified as secret.
  7. Template or banal phrases, for example, “team player”.
  8. Amusement photo.

It is not recommended to get involved in introducing excessive contrast and combinations of different fonts into the text. It is difficult for the reader to perceive.

Using this article as instructions for writing a resume will allow the applicant to correctly fill out their application and be confident in the candidate for the vacant position of secretary.


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