Job Appointment: How to Successfully Interview

What kind of interview can be considered successful? Naturally, after which the applicant received the coveted position. Applying for a job is a very responsible and important process, so you need to prepare for it in advance

Three steps to a career

Before going through an interview for a job, you need to conduct a preliminary conversation with the employer by phone. It is very important to make the corresponding impression during telephone conversations - after all, this is the first stage of personal communication with a potential boss. It may be, of course, that at this stage the secretary of the organization will communicate with the applicant, but in this case too, he will certainly share his opinion about the called candidate with the employer. Applying for a job will be all the more likely if, during a preliminary telephone interview, the applicant proves to be proactive and interested in obtaining a particular position. To do this, you need to ask questions: about the vacancy and career opportunities, about the employer (his last name, first name and patronymic), necessarily - about the exact address of the company and about the time for which the interview is scheduled. In addition, information about whether you will have to pass any tests or fill out questionnaires during an interview can be useful.

About how to go through an interview for work in such a way as to securely receive the position that the applicant is applying for, has been said more than once. The main thing remains one: to communicate with a potential employer must be carefully prepared. First you need to take care of the documents that may be needed for the interview: resume (2 copies), passport, diplomas and certificates (university, additional education, courses). However, it must be remembered that you should take with you only those documents that are related to professional skills that allow you to apply for a specific position. Then you can get acquainted with the information about the company, study the direction of its activity, successes in order to demonstrate the knowledge gained during the interview, emphasizing your interest in cooperation.

Applying for a job will be more successful if the applicant arrives at the meeting a little earlier than the scheduled time and can answer the most slippery questions (these usually include questions about the desired salary or the reasons for leaving the previous job). Of course, you need to be able to clearly articulate your advantages over other candidates, highlight advantages, tell about achievements.

In no case should one speak negatively about their former colleagues or boss - employers prefer to hire people who are flexible and loyal, relying only on themselves and self-reliant. The duration of the story about yourself should not exceed 2-3 minutes - everything else is not interesting for the person conducting the interview. To successfully pass the interview, you need to clearly and laconicly answer questions, as well as ask them yourself. But not about wages and not according to the work schedule - such details can be clarified only after the employer says directly (or makes it clear) that the applicant will be accepted for the position.

The third stage of a successful interview is appearance. As you know, they are always greeted “by clothes”, therefore, a job placement is a serious reason to take care of tidy and clean clothes. Depending on the seriousness of the position that the candidate is applying for, you can choose a strict business suit or just a ironed shirt and trousers. Of course, this does not guarantee getting the desired job, which is more dependent on professional skills and experience, however, in comparison with other candidates, a tidy applicant will look more promising.


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