Informative price tags boost sales

In the modern world there are a huge number of stores offering a wide variety of goods and services. And every serious organization thinks about how to increase the number of sales and get more profit.

Let's look at one important feature that affects the buyerโ€™s decision to purchase a product. The fact is that when a client finds a product that interests him, then, first of all, he pays attention not only to the appearance, but also to price tags , because the buyer knows little about the new technology and wants to get more information. What do customers want to find during a technology review:

1. The first thing most people pay attention to is the price. Therefore, they resort to various tricks to make it as attractive as possible. For example, 1990 is indicated instead of 2000 rubles. This is a psychological device that creates the illusion that a product is much cheaper than it actually is.

Also, discounts that actually do not work effectively. The fact is that before the announcement of the days on which it will be possible to purchase goods at a huge discount, an artificial extra charge is made on them. In this case, the price tag crossed out in the price tags, and the actual value remains unchanged.

2. The brand is also of no small importance. Indeed, some categories of buyers trust only a few manufacturers more. Therefore, the model and brand are indicated at the top of the price tag and are highlighted in bold.

3. Product specifications. They must contain the individual characteristics of each type of product and be written in a simple language accessible to each person. At the same time, do not forget about brevity.

To attract attention, price tags should be drawn up on thick and bright paper, and the information presented in them should fully characterize the main technical characteristics of a particular product. It is also worth considering the fact that not all people have excellent vision. Therefore, when designing price tags, a minimum of 14 fonts and a printer should be used, which can clearly print all the labels.

Particular attention should also be paid to the price holder, because their design features affect the place of installation of price tags and are an integral element of the retail space. For example, for equipment such as refrigerators, price tags and price holders of at least size A5 are ideal, which can be installed on equipment using special magnetic strips. If possible, it is necessary to place useful information at the eye level of the buyer. This will facilitate the process of learning a new product.

Thus, the professional design of information materials will allow the buyer to quickly navigate the variety of goods and make a choice. The seller-consultant will be able to answer the questions easily. And the fulfillment of all the above conditions will dramatically increase the profit of a particular organization.


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