How to make a rocket at home from improvised materials

Rocket is an amazing invention of mankind. It brings us closer to the stars and at the same time is an example of the latest technology. That is why rockets so attract not only adults, but also children. And often the question arises of how to make a rocket at home.

how to make a rocket at home
For what

First of all, you need to decide on a goal. Maybe you want to make a home decoration or an original toy in the form of a rocket. Or maybe the question is how to make a rocket with your own hands so that it flies for real. In this case, it is better not to conduct experiments at home in order to avoid accidents, but to transfer the work to fresh air.

Rocket: doing with children

You can make a simple rocket out of paper, which will become a good decoration for the New Year tree or crafts for Cosmonautics Day. This will require a minimum of materials, and the scope for imagination is huge. Thanks to the design, each craft will be unlike all the others.

how to make a rocket at home
What is needed

Those who decide how to make a rocket at home with their children will need very little:

- a pipe made of cardboard or other dense material (for example, one that fits on a roll of toilet paper or paper towels is quite suitable);

- colored paper;

- glue, scissors.

how to make a rocket do it yourself
How to do

The manufacturing process itself is very simple, so even a child can handle it. In how to make a rocket at home, there will be only one small difficulty: you will need to glue the cone, which will become the tip of the future product. It can be cut out of thick cardboard to give reliability to the whole structure, but then it will be more difficult to fix it on the cylinder - the base. Or you can just use colored paper.

In any case, you need to cut out a figure that repeats the quarter of the circle. Then fold the cylinder out of it and trim it so that the top around the circumference is slightly wider than the base. Then, if cardboard is used, it can be attached to the base with double-sided tape. And if loose paper is used, it will be convenient to make small cuts along the edge of the cone, which you can then bend and stick the resulting β€œskirt” to the base around the circumference.

Then the body should be pasted over with colored paper. And here there is full scope for creativity. You can cut through the windows, which are then covered with paper of a different color. You can even place small astronauts there. And the last step in how to make a rocket at home, will be the preparation and installation of the wings. They have a small rocket, usually 3 or 4 pieces. From colored paper, you need to cut the same trapezoid, which bend in half and bend the small valves for stickers on the rocket body. They need to be smeared with glue and attached to the body in its lowest part, at the same distance from each other. That's it, the rocket is ready!

A cute space craft is very simple to make. It will help not only to spend free time with children, but also to create such a thing that can easily be boasted to guests. And the question of how to make a rocket at home, they will already have.


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