Urinary incontinence in older women: treatment and causes

urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a very unpleasant problem at any age. It should be noted that it can appear in older people. Naturally, this pathology causes nervous stress, reduces a personโ€™s self-esteem, makes his life uncomfortable. If doctors find urinary incontinence in older women, treatment should be carried out after a thorough examination and identification of the causes of the pathology.

The disease is a difficulty in controlling urination, that is, it often occurs spontaneously. It can appear due to any inflammatory processes of the kidneys, bladder or other organs. Stress, muscle weakness, irreversible age-related changes in the genitourinary system can also cause incontinence. And the CNS malfunction, the use of certain drugs, pelvic trauma, diabetes mellitus, tumor, gynecological surgery, menopause, hormonal disruptions can also contribute to the appearance of pathology.

urinary incontinence treatment

Urinary incontinence in older women, the treatment of which should be mandatory, is determined not only by symptoms, but also by clinical examination, urodynamic examination, and ultrasound. Naturally, the patient should get a consultation from a gynecologist and pass all the necessary tests.

If the doctor determines urinary incontinence in older women, the treatment he prescribes should be comprehensive. Conservative drug therapy involves the use of certain drugs, depending on the causes of the disease. For example, if a woman is experiencing nervous strain or stress, then it is necessary to take soothing drugs, antidepressants. Most often, doctors prescribe drugs such as Oxybutynin, Tolterodin.

urinary incontinence in older women treatment

If urinary incontinence is detected in older women, treatment may include surgery. It is carried out only if other methods to resolve the problem did not help. Intervention is characterized by the fact that through a small incision in the area of โ€‹โ€‹the urethra, the urinary canal is fixed with a special polypropylene mesh. It should be noted that this method of treatment is not very traumatic and involves a quick recovery period.

Urinary incontinence in the elderly should be eliminated not only with tablets. The patient should abandon all bad habits, adjust the regimen and diet, try to visit the toilet every few hours during the day. You do not need to drink too much liquid at night, although the drinking regimen should not be violated.

If doctors find urinary incontinence in the elderly, treatment may also include folk remedies. The simplest recipe is this: 1 small spoon of honey should be mixed in half a glass of warm water. You need to drink this remedy several times a day before meals. In addition, try to avoid those factors that can cause pathology. Lead a healthy lifestyle.

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