Design organization: range of services

When planning to build a residential building, industrial premises, fitness center, cafe, restaurant or any other building, you will certainly encounter the design phase. All issues that will make your dream a reality will be decided by the design organization. What does a good company specialize in, what range of services does it offer its customers?

Specialization and principle of work

This organization creates project documentation in accordance with all the rules, principles and laws at all stages of work. She can make both a technical conclusion about the state of the enclosing and supporting structures, a redevelopment project, and much more.

Our project organization will offer you the list of services and documents that is necessary in your case. For example, if you are interested in the concept of successful development of the territory or a document on the registration of the right to property, we will not only draw up everything in accordance with the standards and as soon as possible, but also in coordination with the necessary authorities and structures.

Having made the paper in the design organization, you can either go further independently to the appropriate authorities, or entrust this matter to professionals who, thanks to their connections and experience, will approve the redevelopment, put the building into operation, and in the meantime you will deal with many other important issues for you, which, Naturally, every business person will have a lot.

What services does a good design organization offer?

  1. Designing documentation with all the wishes and needs of the customer.
  2. Amendment of paper. Why and when is it needed? It would seem that all the documents are already ready, but it happens that at the stage of making estimates, unforeseen circumstances arise that must be reflected in the documentation.
  3. The study and examination of all types of structures, structures and the subsequent creation of a technical opinion.
  4. Production of both a full package of project documentation, and any section of it at the request of the client (for example, designing ventilation, heating, energy supply, etc.).
  5. Architectural design of structures.
  6. The relevant document on the safety and admissibility of the work performed.
  7. Legal support at all stages.

These are the main points that must be considered when erecting any structure. A more detailed list will provide project organization .

Separate redevelopment

When carrying out not only construction, but also repair work, a design organization will help you. As a rule, very often it is necessary to change the configuration of the building, its purpose. For example, from a shopping center you decided to make a water park or from a beauty salon SPA salon. This will require a certain restructuring, reconstruction, which also needs to be reflected in the technical documentation in accordance with the rules and regulations. You will receive not only a conclusion on the legality of such actions (a guarantee of the safety of the future structure), but also avoid penalties. After all, if at least some item is not reflected in the papers, you will not be able, for example, to lease space in a remodeled building, to obtain a development loan, license, and much more. This applies to both residential and non-residential premises. Each individual type of documentation, depending on the proposed work, differs in terms of execution time, labor and the procedure itself is far from always the same. However, the specialists of our company have vast experience in this field and will help with any trifle. A good design organization is always guided not only by current legislation, but also by the wishes of customers, striving to rid them of troubles in the present and in the future.


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