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What is a site mirror? This is its partial or full duplicate. The concept is familiar to webmasters, it is used for various purposes, including security, changing the resource address and optimization.

What is it

A partial or full duplicate of an Internet resource is a mirror of the site. What is mirroring, what is its meaning? It is understood as the presence of two versions of the site: with "www" and without it. Search engines consider both of these options different, even if the addresses match.

When a site is created, it will have two addresses. It looks like this: www.free.ru and free.ru. To remove the duplicate, domain gluing is required. A mirror is also considered a domain attached to the main version of the site (when the primary address is connected to the new one).

what is a site mirror

In this case, one domain becomes the main, and the mirror redirects the user to the main resource. The siteโ€™s mirror is also called a partial or full copy of it, which has its own domain and is physically located on another server. For example, the working mirror of the Fonbet website was blocked in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation, but visitors are interested in knowing how to access this resource. Help with this copy.


What is a website mirror and why is it created? A frequent reason for creating is the desire or need to switch to a beautiful domain. For this, the new one is glued to the existing one, and the first domain is made the main one. This procedure does not affect traffic, traffic and regular readers.

They often create a mirror due to the merger of companies that have their own website on the Web. They create it for booking similar or target addresses. Promotion of a resource in different countries, security, filter output - all this creates the need to create mirroring. A good example is the working mirror of the Fonbet site, whose main resource is blocked.

fonbet website mirror working

Principle of operation

What is a site mirror, have already figured out, but how does it work? On the one hand, duplicate sites are needed if access to resources was restricted for any reason. On the other hand, copying adversely affects optimization (SEO). The search engine should not index duplicates, but only the main site.

In order to create a mirror copy, you can use a special program. Download it for free and get access to the content from the server. If the user creates a copy of the site, it needs to be updated regularly, otherwise the search engine will stop indexing it. A copy of the site will be popular if it is optimized, as is the case with the working mirror of the Fonbet site.

new site mirror


The working mirror of the site is copying (partial or full). Among professionals, the term โ€œmirrorโ€ is used in several contexts, and therefore has different meanings.

  1. Duplicate version of the site, to which the letters "www" are used. If, for example, instead of www.13star.ru, you write 13star.ru in the search bar, the search engine will consider that these two addresses are different, but similar in content. Therefore, it is necessary to connect them (glue together) for correct optimization.
  2. Mirroring represents another domain attached to the main site. In this case, the two addresses are combined by one content. They will show a copy of the main resource, regardless of which domain will be the main: old or new. A copy can be stored on another server. For example, the robots of the Google and Yandex browsers consider full copies to be mirrors if the sites have the same content at different addresses.

A working mirror of the Fonbet website (bookmaker) is one of the options to access it. Most copies are blocked due to stricter rules for companies that provide online gambling services. However, many players are interested in how to get to the โ€œFonbetโ€. For this, several mirrors were created. With each new blocking, additional mirrors are created where the visitor can place bets. The betting company has a whole network of mirror sites. They are redirected to. When a visitor clicks on it, a new working mirror of the Fonbet site opens.

working mirror of the site

How to do

A new site mirror is created for the stable operation of the resource. Popular sites often use such copying if they want to increase traffic. The peculiarity is that they will be located on several servers. In addition, mirroring gives a second life to the resource if it is under the Yandex filter. In order to create a mirror, use the brief instruction:

  • register a second domain;
  • during registration, specify the DNS servers;
  • open the hosting control panel;
  • go to the section "Web Hosting" - "Sites" - "Name of the source site" - "Synonym";
  • specify as a synonym the domain name with www or without them;
  • when a green warning appears about enabling DNS support - agree;
  • domain delegation continues for eight hours.

A good example of copying is the working mirror of the Fonbet site.

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