Homemade crusher for pine cones

From ancient times, pine nuts are famous for their healing properties. The process of its procurement is quite complex, the main stage of which is peeling. Previously, you had to do everything manually or use the simplest wooden fixtures, but today they were replaced by mechanical equipment, without which industrial production is impossible. It is worth noting that it is not without drawbacks, among which damage to grains by steel parts, which reduces the quality of the product.

crusher for pine cones


There are special devices in which grains are soaked and heated to a certain temperature, due to which they burst, but lose most of their useful properties. Calibration-crushing mechanism is the most common, a similar principle of operation has a crusher for pine cones, used for manual peeling of a nut. The apparatus design includes many screens, in which grains of various calibers are sorted, after which they end up in the crushing compartment. The resulting nuts contain a minimum amount of shell, which is sifted out manually. Also worth noting is waste-free processing. After all, not only the nuclei themselves have useful properties, but also the shell with cones, they contain a large number of vitamins and minerals.

crusher for pine cones

Homemade crusher for pine cones

Harvesting nuts can be done at the place of collection using peeling apparatus and a compartment for collecting shells. Despite the current variety of devices, do not neglect the possibility of self-production, as this will not only save money, but also make the device with optimal dimensions and characteristics.

The crusher for pine cones is optimally suited for processing large volumes of walnuts, its principle of operation is similar to a core mill. The basis of the design is a drum with many metal pins facing in different directions. It is placed on a special shaft, the rotation of which is carried out using the engine or manually. Collected cones are placed in the hopper; during rotation of the drum they are clamped with steel pins and crushed. After this, the grains mixed with the shell are sent for further processing.

How to make a crusher for pine cones

Making a machine does not cause special difficulties and does not require large expenses. The basis of the design is a hopper, the walls of which can be made from pieces of steel sheet. The design is connected using M6 screws and special angles. It is worth noting that the assembly is carried out after the installation of the drum, for the semiaxes of which the grooves in the walls with a radius of about 25 mm are pre-cut. Near the grooves, it is necessary to weld the bolts on which the elements of the bearing assemblies are fixed with nuts.

For the drum, a piece of metal pipe is used, onto which the peeling pins are screwed. The latter are steel rods with a diameter of 5 mm.

how to make a crusher for pine cones

What you need to know

The manufacture of bearing housing units should be entrusted to a professional, as they are machined in the form of solid figures with a complex shape. The crusher for a cedar cone is controlled manually, using a handle mounted on the right half shaft of the drum. The components of the handle can be made from pipe sections of a suitable size. Next, you need to use a welding machine to reliably connect the axis, the arm of the handle and the sleeve.

It is worth noting that the crusher for pine cones can be made not only of steel, but also of aluminum alloys, due to which the total mass of the device is significantly reduced.

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