"Actual problems of the humanities and natural sciences": characteristics of the journal

The journal "Actual problems of the humanities and natural sciences" is one of the leading periodicals of our time. It is included in the list of monthly books recommended for publishing the results of dissertation research by both young and established scientists.


“Actual problems of the humanities and natural sciences” has international recognition for several reasons. Firstly, only original author articles are published in the journal. Secondly, it contains sections devoted to all scientific disciplines recommended by the Russian Ministry of Education. This gives graduate students and applicants of any specialty the opportunity to publish their work in it on a variety of topics.

actual problems of the humanities and natural sciences

Unfortunately, the journal “Actual Problems of the Humanities and Natural Sciences” has not yet been recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission for inclusion in its list, but there is every reason to hope that this will happen in the near future. This means that in it graduate students preparing to defend their dissertation research will be able to post their work. The publication timeline is very convenient: one or two months, however, it should be borne in mind that the magazine is paid, however, the prices are quite reasonable.


"Actual problems of the humanities and natural sciences" includes sections on all scientific specialties. That is why the journal is included in the citation index system . A similar principle of material organization meets the demands of the current state of development of science, which is developing at a very rapid pace. Every year in the scientific community, there are some discoveries that need to be reviewed. “Actual problems of the humanities and natural sciences” provide a platform for posting articles on any specialties, even on the narrowest profiles. The journal conditionally consists of three large blocks: physical-chemical, historical-sociological and natural-medical sciences.

general characteristics

The journal "Actual problems of the humanities and natural sciences", reviews of which are generally positive, enjoys authority in the scientific community. He is assigned ISSN - the international standard serial number of publications. Like other leading publications, it is published every month, has its own scientific website, which has existed for several years.

actual problems of the humanities and natural sciences

The breadth of the material coverage, convenient terms and conditions for the publication of works, a simplified verification procedure, which nevertheless meets Wakov’s requirements, attract new users every year. It publishes with pleasure both eminent doctors, candidates, and young aspiring graduate students.

Place of publication in modern scientific life

Nowadays, there is a rather sad tendency to reduce Wakov magazines. In this regard, those that carry out the publication of graduate students and scientists are of particular value. The authority and reliability of the journal is evidenced by the fact that its editorial board sends its authors a registered certificate attesting to the publication of their work.

actual problems of the humanities and natural sciences

Libraries and numerous scientific organizations receive copies for free. The publication has been published for more than three years and in this relatively short period of time has gained popularity both among readers and scientists. Members of the editorial board are individuals with a scientific degree, which is an additional advantage of the journal.

actual problems of the humanities and natural sciences

The disadvantages include the fact that among them, unfortunately, there are no doctors and foreign specialists. However, the magazine is still young, there is no reason to doubt that in the future it will fill this gap. The publication has subscribers and a certain circle of users on the site. In addition, he has his own paid hosting. The magazine is published both in electronic and in printed form; the board also distributes numbers to its authors. So far, it does not have an impact factor - a quantitative indicator of the importance of the journal, however, as mentioned above, this is a matter of time.

“Actual problems of the humanities and natural sciences” is a journal, reviews of which in most cases are positive, are distinguished by the fundamental nature of the published material, and precisely because of this circumstance it occupies a prominent place in the scientific world.

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