If the husband is cheating ...

When did it start? Loss of sleep, constant expectation of something inevitable and doubt: what if the husband is cheating? Just that you asked yourself a similar question speaks of some changes in your relationship with your husband. After all, if they had remained the same, the question would not have stood on its own. Adultery has always been a major blow for both, and not every marriage has been saved. Although I must admit that those who nevertheless managed to do this will be tormented by the question: will it happen again? Stubborn statistics suggest that more than half of the men did at least once have an external connection.

How to understand that the husband is cheating? The first swallow has already arrived: doubts arose. Now look at the changes. In men, it’s quite successful to hide treason. And if you really are going to catch a soul mate in this betrayal, get evidence. But first think: are you ready for this and do you need it? In fact, you are going to accuse your beloved of betrayal, and this is a serious accusation that can break the relationship.

If the husband is cheating and you are sure of it, start the observation. Just do not turn it into paranoia with persecution. How to understand that the husband is cheating?

Deception changes a man. Manifestations can be found in how he suddenly began to follow himself, how habits changed. For example, a more frequent change of linen, shaving, the use of perfumes, unexpectedly started trips to gyms, frequent business trips. By the way, on business trips ... You may well “unexpectedly” call your husband at work and suddenly hear in response that he is on vacation. This is already clear evidence. You can track the mileage of the car (if, of course, there is one).

If the husband is cheating, then the betrayal will affect the family budget. After all, gifts, flowers, payment of a romantic dinner cost money. Try to track your husband’s expenses: credit cards, bills, mobile communications. A mobile phone today is not a luxury, but an indispensable element of everyday life. He will talk about a lot. It may seem suspicious to purchase a new SIM card or a new phone. And call detailing can also be done from the landline phone by checking all calls (both outgoing and incoming).

Your sex life with him will also change. If the husband cheats, lovemaking will become rarer (or, conversely, too frequent). The attitude towards children (and the family as a whole) will also change. If all thoughts are occupied by a new passion, expect coolness in relationships, lack of attention not only to you, but also to children. Although it can play a sense of guilt. In this case, attention and tenderness will be, as they say, over the edge. Signs of infidelity include the lack of a wedding ring on your finger (lying in your pocket), the smell of perfumes (obviously not yours), and the "strange" spots on your underwear, and condoms in the glove compartment of the car.

If the husband is cheating, then, most likely, you will find evidence of cheating in the computer. The Internet has come into life today just like a mobile phone. Perhaps the electronic correspondence has been preserved (check incoming). The browser should store information about the pages visited by the husband. And if the story is missing, it means it was deleted or appropriate settings were made that did not allow returning to the pages visited. There is reason to think: why was this done if there is nothing to hide?

There are many ways. But if the husband is cheating, intuition itself will tell you about it. Female intuition defies explanation, but works flawlessly.

God grant that suspicions are in vain. But if confirmations are found, confessions are received, a new question arises: how to forgive the husband’s betrayal? Can you continue to live with him if the marriage does not break up immediately? Just do not rush. Do not explode immediately. Try to assess the situation soberly, with a cold mind, and perhaps understand: why he did it. It is impossible to give advice. You yourself must weigh everything and make a decision.

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