Disney Channel Original Movie: Featured Films

Over its many years of history, Disney has released a huge number of successful films. The best of them will be discussed in the article.

This film company from its inception to the present day has been a leader in the field of animated films. The original movie of the Disney Channel, the list of which is simply huge, has always been distinguished at the same time by its special scale and attention to every detail. That is why Disney films are so loved not only by children, but also by adults around the world.

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Disney Channel Original Movie List

Feature of feature films from Disney is their deep meaning and high moral values, which are presented in the form of vivid fairy tales. Looking through an ordinary fairy tale, children, without realizing it, learn the best qualities that should be inherent in every person. If you list the original movie of the Disney Channel, the list for teens and adults will be the same, since the films are liked by viewers regardless of their age.

Over the years of hard work, the Disney film company has released a huge number of successful works, and in a wide variety of genres. Therefore, by listing the original Disney movie, the list goes on and on. In this article we will talk about the best films, regardless of the year, genre, budget, and other factors insignificant for real art.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Disney Channel Original Movie List

The Star Wars movie series has become one of the most popular and well-known film franchises in the world. Such success is largely due to an unprecedented level of special effects and an exciting visual range. The technical side of Star Wars was a real breakthrough in cinema at the time.

By the way, the seventh episode of "Star Wars" broke many records, including in terms of fees. At the moment, the total profit from the picture exceeds $ 2 billion, which is an incredible amount for one tape. However, it cannot be said that the film does not deserve it, because it is a truly high-quality work both in terms of visual perception and in terms of the script.

The action takes place 30 years after the death of Darth Vader. Public Education The First Order, led by the brutal leader Snowk, is trying to gain power over the galaxy. They will be opposed by the heroes known and loved by fans: Han Solo, Chubak and General Leia. The plot is made in the best traditions of "Star Wars", so the audience will definitely like it, who liked the previous parts.


what is the original Disney Channel movie list

If you recall the original movie of the Disney Channel, the list of films based on the plots of fairy tales will be quite large. Screen adaptation of legends and fairy tales is a fairly common practice, not only for Disney, but also for world cinema as a whole. This is a very profitable business, because, due to the fame of the original scenario, the project is guaranteed to have the necessary audience even before the release of the screens. This happened with the film "Maleficent", the plot of which is built on one of the old tales.

A significant role in the success of the film was played by the participation in it of Angelina Jolie, who, by the way, coped well with her role. The tape will delight the viewer with beautiful special effects and an interesting story that will not allow you to leave the screen for a minute.

The plot unfolds in a fairy-tale world in which people live next door to various supernatural beings. One of these characters is Maleficent, played by Angelina Jolie. The young sorceress, contrary to the accepted rules, fell in love with the man who betrayed her in order to become king. After a king, a daughter is born after many years, and Maleficent decides to take revenge by sending a curse on her ...

Trilogy "Pirates of the Caribbean"

original Disney movie channel movie list

The Disney company is engaged in the production of full-fledged feature films, and does this very successfully. The first film from the Pirates of the Caribbean series was released in 2003. It should be noted right away that this is not an animated film, but the quality of the special effects in it was truly amazing for that time.

The plot tells about the adventures of heroes who, unwittingly, were involved in a showdown of pirates. In the first film, three main characters immediately appear, the adventures of which will be discussed in the following films. Among them is the beloved pirate Jack Sparrow, played by the famous actor Johnny Depp. Many are sure that it was the charisma of this actor that in many respects became the reason for such a huge popularity of films. It is worth noting that there is some truth in this, because Johnny Depp is so good in the role of a pirate that his hero catches the viewer from the first seconds.

Disney Channel Original Movie: Featured Films

original Disney movie movie list for teens

Of course, this is not all the masterpieces of the film company. Listing the original movie of the Disney Channel, the list of which is very long, you can find a huge number of worthy works that definitely deserve attention. There are so many of them that it would be impossible to list everything in one article, so here are some pictures that are really worth your time:

  • "Alice in Wonderland";
  • "Peter Pan";
  • "White Captive";
  • "Big and kind giant";
  • “20,000 leagues under the sea”;
  • "Land of the future";
  • "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time";
  • "John Carter".

For fans of romantic cinema, there are also many interesting films. Listing the original movie of the Disney Channel, the list of love can be made as follows:

  • "The beauty and the Beast;";
  • The Queen of Katwe
  • "Enchanted";
  • "Oz: The Great and Terrible";
  • "Cinderella".


The original movie of the Disney Channel, which lists several hundred projects, is far from ordinary fairy tales. These are full-length, interesting projects that teach children to show their best qualities, treat each other well and look at the world differently. Therefore, if you are thinking about what kind of original movie of the Disney Channel (its list is really very big) worth watching, you can safely include any movie listed in this article.

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