Hieroglyphics on the nails - a piece of oriental wisdom

Some time ago, the culture and traditions of the East became a very relevant trend in the fashion world. Its penetration into the world of nail design is also very explainable. But hieroglyphics on the nails are not only a trendy manicure with strange signs that look beautiful. In a single symbol lies a deep meaning, sometimes even a whole message. This is what prompted women far from the East to study hieroglyphs. It is believed that the drawing carries a certain energy, which can affect fate, attract positive changes. Ladies who want to make their life better go with pleasure to such an unusual manicure. A professional master in the salon will quickly put magic signs on the nails that will bring a positive charge to the life of her owner. They also successfully distinguish it from the crowd of lovers of nail design in a floral style.

hieroglyphics on nails

Reasons for the popularity of hieroglyphs on nails

Nail design with hieroglyphs looks concise and stylish. In order to put symbols on the nails, it is absolutely not necessary to visit the salon. It is possible to draw them yourself at home. To do this, you need several varnishes of various colors, a brush and a top coat. Of course, you can’t do without a firm hand capable of correctly applying each icon. But it depends on the experience, the more practice in the design theme, the better the result.

The choice of nail design

Some instead of hieroglyphs draw signs that resemble them. People who are not related to this type of writing, of course, do not understand anything.

If there is a chance to attract good luck, why not spend a little more time finding and drawing the desired hieroglyphics on the nails. Photos in the article can seriously facilitate the task. In addition, do not disrespect such an ancient culture.

hieroglyphics on nails photo

You can not be limited only to the application of a sign meaning, for example, love or wealth. If you managed to find an interesting saying in Eastern philosophy, which can become a motto in life, it can be divided into parts and decorate all nails.

Design color palette

Hieroglyphics on nails are usually painted with black paint. Background can be absolutely any. Some stylists believe that the best base for the design will be a varnish in bright colors. It is on it that the black hieroglyphs look most expressively. For everyday life, elements of oriental writing can be combined with a classic jacket.

To create a festive manicure for an evening out, you can combine black with red as the foundation colors, and draw hieroglyphs in gold.

Design can be more complex, hieroglyphs will be only part of it. An idea for a gentle spring nail art can be a Japanese-style manicure in which blooming sakura in harmony with hieroglyphs harmonizes.

nail design with hieroglyphs

How to apply hieroglyphs

Hieroglyphics on the nails are drawn using a thin brush. Masters choose short instruments, it is more convenient to work with them. If you cannot draw straight lines, you can use the dots.

If the image is applied on its own, and skills are still not enough, it is better to choose hieroglyphs simpler and draw on only one nail. If you want to do something quite unusual and complex, you can use special stickers.

If you want to change your life, besides the fact that you need to successfully select the elements, you must also apply them according to all the rules of oriental calligraphy. All letters must be written in one direction. You need to apply them the first time, if you start to paint or touch up, then they lose their strength.

Symbols and their meaning

In order for the Chinese characters on the nails to help change life for the better, you need to choose the right sign and apply it to the nail in accordance with all the rules. But it’s also important to choose the right finger and color.

The most powerful character that can seriously change life is the "sign of the bright limit." It is believed that it must be applied with blue paint on the thumbnail, then its effect will be the most powerful.

For the work to be the most financially profitable, you need to depict the hieroglyph "wealth" on the nails of your thumbs . He will attract money if painted in black.

If it is necessary to establish personal life or bring harmony into the existing one, then you just cannot do without the red character “love”.

Transform outwardly, direct the energy to a successful image change will help the sign "beauty". If it is supplemented with rhinestones, you can attract a luxurious and bohemian life.

chinese characters on nails

If you want to find a partner for creating a family, you need to draw a “double happiness” sign on the middle finger in red.

In order for the family to have harmony, and troubles pass by it, the sign “happiness” will be the right choice. And in order for its action to be most powerful, it must be located on the little fingers. The color for application should be red with sparkles.

There are no restrictions on the length of nails to create a beautiful design with hieroglyphs. Signs will look great on both natural short nails and long extensions. Therefore, any girl can consider hieroglyphics on her nails as one of the options for stylish nail design.

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