Terek breed of horses: description, characteristics, assessment of the exterior

Terek breed of horses can be called young, but, despite their age, these animals have already managed to gain great popularity. This breed exists from the age of sixty, it is quite a lot, but compared to other breeds, the age is small. It mixed the blood of the Don, Arab and Archery horses. The most popular stallions named Healer and Cylinder.


The Tersky stud farm is considered the native place for this breed, since it was here that Semyon Budyonny worked, which was helped by a whole team of breeders. They set themselves the task: to develop a completely new breed that could calmly replace Streletskaya. The work was carried out not only at the Tersky stud farm, but also at the farm in Stavropol. The official launch of the new breed was announced in 1948.

What was expected

Breeders made big bets on new horses. According to their calculations, they should be quite hardy and graceful, these qualities of the Terek breed of horses could borrow from the archery horses. In addition, the Arab blood was supposed to endow them with pretty good health, as well as unpretentiousness. These qualities can only be found in breeds that came from the Caucasus.

To get the desired result, the breeders brought the last archery producers named Cylinder and Healer. It was with them that a completely new strelets branch began. Don, Hungarian and Kabardian genes were also mixed in their blood.

character of the terek horse breed


The main work on the breeding of the breed began in 1925, however, they could officially announce the creation of the breed only in 1948. The result of such a long work surpassed itself. The breeders were very pleased, because they were able to embody in these horses everything that I would like to see in an ideal stallion.

These horses were apparently practically an exact copy of the Arabian horses, but their stamina was much higher, and they also exceeded the latter in size.

But the selection did not end there and three more types of such horses were bred: characteristic, light and dense. The main differences between these types are the features of appearance. For example, the thick type is larger, more massive, these stallions have more powerful bones. And lightweight horses, on the other hand, are more elegant and sophisticated, but they are a bit more difficult to maintain. especially these horses do not like life in a herd. But the characteristic type, or the main one, combines the familiar traits of character and the features of the exterior.

Terek breed


Description of the Terek breed of horses I would like to start with the standards. The adult stallion was one hundred sixty-two centimeters tall. The circumference of the chest was one hundred ninety, and the circumference of the metacarpus was twenty centimeters. As for the mares, they are slightly smaller than the stallions, but also quite massive. An adult mare can reach a height of one hundred fifty eight centimeters. The waist circumference is only ten centimeters smaller than that of the stallion, and the circumference of the metacarpus almost completely coincides - 19.3 centimeters.

These are the indicators that distinguish Terek horses from their great-grandfathers, but otherwise they are almost an exact copy of them. It is very easy to see. Their concave profile of the skull, as well as a wide croup and not too large lower back, you can then go to the wide chest and pay attention to the traditional strong lean legs of the Arab. Even silver-gray color is the main one in the breed, which is fully consistent with the Arabian horses.

Such is the assessment of the exterior of the horse. Fairly high growth and girth. These are very athletic horses with which jockeys are sure to succeed.

horse exterior rating

Sports application

As for the characteristics of the Terek breed of horses from the side of sport, here they excelled in almost all types of competitions. It is probably impossible to find those races where the Terek stallion would not have shown high results. He is considered the undisputed leader in triathlon, distance run, as well as show jumping and dressage.

Even such a difficult task as driving under the power of Terek breed. Although it requires a very high athletic training and endurance of the horse itself. Indeed, driving involves a sharp change in the course, the implementation of complex maneuvers, and also requires that the horse very quickly and implicitly obey his jockey. This breed is boldly put on a par with "narrowly targeted" horses.

This type is even chosen as an adherent in the Russian three. And such trust is a clear indicator that horses have a high level of intelligence and obedience. Also, these horses are often purchased for riding schools and for rehabilitation centers. Since their disposition prevails friendliness, complaisance. If even minimal notes of aggression were manifested in character, then these horses would not be chosen for classes with children and disabled people.

Unfortunately, now the main skeleton of the breed is preserved only in Stavropol and the horses are going through hard times.

riding school

Characteristics of Terek horses

The appearance of the Tersk horse is very attractive. Nature rewarded her with a magnificent mane and tail, and her inner world is no less beautiful, since the main qualities of her character include complaisance and friendliness. The breed is also good because it easily tolerates frosts, which means that it can live in almost any region of Russia. She is not fastidious in the content and food, quickly amenable to training.

These horses have a very strong body, and movements are endowed with grace and smoothness. such qualities allow horses to take part in almost any competition, as mentioned earlier. Most often they have a gray color, however, slightly different shades can be found, this is not a drawback.

Terek breed of horses

Maintenance and care

In the warm season, horses are kept in herds, where about eighty individuals are driven. But when especially hot times come, the stallions are transferred to stalls.

The main feeds include concentrates in the form of animal feed, oats, bran and barley. You should also pamper your horses with meadow or sowing hay. You can not do without succulent food, which includes carrots, potatoes and fodder beets, as well as a silo menu. And of course, the main food is pasture grass, if it is not winter.

Horses must ensure access to clean and fresh water. You can’t feed the whole herd equally. Take into account the age of the horses, their weight and gender, as well as what kind of physical activity they are given throughout the day.

Horses sleep more standing. They can take a lying position only when they feel absolute safety. As for the rules of care, the horse may well take care of itself. This is especially true for the skin. Representatives of this breed can wallow in dust. This helps them to lay out the hairs that are sticking with sweat. This is a very important point, as the horse must feel comfortable.

sports application


Even from such a short description, you can see that these horses are very attractive. They conquer the location not only by their appearance, but also by their wonderful character. It is not in vain that this breed is chosen for riding schools.

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