How to order with "Aliexpress"?

Aliexpress is a Chinese online store whose main activity is the sale of a wide range of goods of different categories. The choice is really huge: clothes, household items, sporting goods, accessories, electronics, etc. Before ordering with Aliexpress, it is very important to understand some of the nuances.


The price of one and the same product can vary significantly, because the whole process of trading on the site goes through the "B2B" scheme.

how to order goods on aliexpress
Delivery methods and the cost of the product itself can be discussed with the seller directly through a special chat. What to do if you use "Aliexpress" in Russian, how to order the goods? The order operation can be made even easier by installing the Trade Manager multifunctional program. It allows you to see the full details of the product, the seller, all customer reviews. Before ordering anything from Aliexpress , you should be aware that the site does not allow you to bundle purchases into one package, each order is sent separately. But this is not so critical, because the site has a large number of offers with free delivery, very often promotions and discount offers are available.

Pros and cons

Why order in an online store? After all, you can safely walk around the local outlets and get what you need!

aliexpress in Russian how to order
However, many will agree that shopping takes a lot of time, drains energy and can sometimes be exhausting. It is much easier when sitting at home to choose the category of the necessary product, click on the appropriate color and size of the jacket, jacket or something else, and you just have to wait for delivery to your door! Before ordering goods on Aliexpress, let's figure out what are the pros and cons of the online store. Benefits:

  • a much larger selection of high quality products;
  • discounts on bulk orders;
  • frequent free shipping;
  • customer protection system "Escrow";
  • direct contact with the seller.

Among the shortcomings, one can highlight the lack of a payment option through the popular PayPal system and payment of each order separately in the case of paid delivery.

How to order with "Aliexpress"?

Search and selection of goods is where any purchase begins. The site has the ability to view both special offers with discounts and the standard catalog of goods.

how to order with aliexpress
To view a list of product categories, hover over the left menu of the main page and select the category that interests you. After clicking on the section, a list of all products of the group will open. These pages are not translated into Russian, but still the interface is intuitive, so finding the right one is easy. You can narrow your search as follows: use the filters at the top of the page. In addition, if you are looking for something specific, you can use the search form presented in the very top corner of the site. Once you find what you are looking for, click on the product image. On the page that opens, the seller’s contact information, degree of trust, the term of trading on the site and the number of positive reviews are presented.

On the left side of the page, pay attention to the method of delivery, cost and availability of discounts. Indicate the quantity of goods, size, color and delivery method. For Russia, transportation is available using the postal services EMS, FedEx, DHL, China Post Airmail. Then click on "Add to Cart" or "Buy Now" if you are ready to place an order. In the order form, all data is entered in Latin letters. Click "Place order" and proceed to payment. You can pay for the goods by bank transfer, credit or debit card, Western Union and Moneybookers. Knowing how to order with "Aliexpress", you can monitor the status of the order in the "My Orders" tab.


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