How to open nail polish if the bottle is dry?

You probably happened that, as soon as you decided to do a manicure yourself, you found that the jar with your favorite varnish has dried up and does not open. Do not rush to throw away the bottle. We suggest you get acquainted with several ways of opening a dried nail polish in a bottle. Even a very tightly closed jar can be opened if you know some tricks. Well, meet them ...

unscrewing the jars

How to open varnish under hot water?

Your first step in the fight against a sticky lid will be to quickly rinse it under hot water. This simple and quick way almost always works. Here are your steps:

  1. Open the hot water tap. The hotter it is, the better.
  2. Hold the jar lid under hot pressure for about a minute. Then in the same place, under the stream, begin to carefully turn the lid so that moisture does not get into the bottle.
  3. Wipe the lid with a napkin and unscrew it. This is possible because under the influence of heat, the lid will expand and soften the dried varnish. You can easily unscrew the cover.

If this does not help, do not despair, leave the lid in hot water for five minutes. You just need to draw hot water into a small container and lower the bottle into it upside down. After the bottle has spent 5 minutes in water, wipe it off with a napkin and start unscrewing. In most cases, this helps.

do not throw away dried varnish

Fix the problem with regular rubber bands

To conveniently unscrew the lacquer cover, you can use ordinary rubber bands. Indeed, the lids are often quite thin and difficult to grab with your fingers. How to open the varnish with such a simple device? To fix this problem, put on one or two elastic bands on the cover, wrap them quite tightly, this will help to grip the cover well. With a rubber texture, it will be easier for you to crank the cap.

jars for varnish

Best helper - nail polish remover

To dissolve dried varnish, use acetone liquid. First remove the nail polish remover from the lid and around the lid. The order of your actions should be as follows:

  1. Take a cotton swab, dip it in nail polish remover or acetone.
  2. Tilt the jar upside down. Using a cotton swab, carefully apply the nail polish remover to the gap between the cap and the bottle.
  3. Allow time for the varnish to dissolve when exposed to liquid, then carefully unscrew the lid. Repeat if necessary.

To prevent the lid from drying out in the future, use the following trick:

  • Here is an open jar.
  • Take a cloth, dampen its tip liberally in nail polish remover.
  • After that, gently wipe the neck of the bottle with this cloth.
  • To prevent liquid from remaining on the bottle, wipe it again with the dry side of the cloth.
  • The thread on the neck should remain clean and dry.

Chemical formulations effectively dissolve dried varnish on the neck of the bottle and cap.

wipe the neck after use

Use special tools

If two of the above methods did not help you deal with the problem, then try using special tools: tongs, pliers. It is not necessary to apply too much force, because a massive tool is able to crush the bottle, which will lead to the leakage of varnish. Here are three ways with tools that you can use if you donโ€™t know how to open the varnish:

  1. Take the tongs, hold the lid with them and turn it.
  2. To help you will be ticks and an adjustable wrench. Use it as a lever to rotate the lid.
  3. Turn the bottle upside down, clamp the lid with a vise. Start turning the jar, but as soon as it opens slightly, turn it over immediately, otherwise the varnish will leak.

Now you are armed and know how to open dried varnish with tools.

Key Mistakes to Avoid

Very often, if they donโ€™t know how to open the varnish, they start banging the bottle on the table. We assure you, this will not work! The fact is that the lid of the bottle with varnish is made of plastic, and it does not deform upon impact like metal. Even a strong blow will not change the shape of the plastic lid. But then there is a risk of breaking the bottle.

Long torment when opening a jar of varnish can put you out of patience. Many often use incredible force, but in this case, a trick is needed. After all, plucking the lid with pliers is very simple. Some even try to use a screwdriver. But the best method of removing the cap is to unscrew it, so use our above methods with hot water, rubber bands, liquid, or tools.

open jars

Why is it that the bottle dries to such an extent that it cannot be opened? This happens because for some time you leave the unscrewed jar open. Such actions cause air to enter the bottle. After that, the varnish begins to dry on the surface of the neck.

Try to store jars of varnish in cool places where the sun does not fall and there are no high temperatures. Make sure that the bottles with varnish are always in an upright position, then the product will not flow into the places where the lid is twisted.


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