Likbez: how to recover mail on Yandex?

How to recover mail on Yandex
If you wondered how to recover mail on Yandex, then you forgot the credentials that you must enter for authorization, or you have not visited your account for a long time. We will tell in this article how to be in both cases.

How to recover mail on Yandex?

In a situation when you forgot the username or password from your email account, a special site service will come to your aid, which will help you remember your data. What needs to be done to use it?

First you need to find out which identifier you can’t restore in memory, namely: username or password. How to recover mail on Yandex? The login can be found in the following ways:

  1. Use the autocomplete function (if it is activated in your browser). To do this, simply go to the main page of the Yandex website and double-click on the empty field called “login”.
  2. Ask your acquaintances, friends, with whom you exchanged electronic messages earlier from this mail, so that they send you your address or link to an account on the network “I. RU".

Recover Yandex Email

In an extreme case, you can contact the technical service of the site to restore the login. Through the feedback form you need to specify all the data that you could register when registering e-mail. After writing the appeal, you will approximately have to wait 1-2 days until it is considered by experts.

How to recover the password?

If you have lost the second identifier required for authorization, then you also have several options for how to remember it. How to recover mail on Yandex? We go to the main page of the site. In the upper right corner under the data entry fields there is a link “Forgot your password?”. Click on it and get prompts from the Yandex system. She will offer you several solutions to the problem:

  1. Recovery using a mobile number. The phone number that you indicated when registering the box should be at your fingertips. If this is not possible, then this option must be abandoned. If there is, then indicate the number in the field, wait for the SMS message with the verification code and enter it on the site. After that, we generate a new password and remember it.
  2. Is it possible to restore Yandex mail
    Recovery using backup email. When registering an account, you were asked to provide an additional mailbox address. If you specified it, then you can generate a new password using it. We select “recovery using a backup email”, enter its address and wait for a letter to it. There will be a link in it, clicking on which you can set a new password.
  3. You can recover email on Yandex using a security question. This information was also provided by you during registration. The system will display a question for you, and you will need to give an answer to it. If entered correctly, you will have the opportunity to set a new password for Yandex mail.

Is it possible to restore Yandex mail?

Pay attention to the fact that is stated in the conditions of the site’s agreement, which states that if no actions are e-mailed within six months, the account will be deleted. That is, if you do not send the messages themselves, but regularly receive them, then the profile is yours.


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