Morocco, the weather for a month: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December

Morocco is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Africa. Behind the mainland, the title of the hottest was firmly entrenched. However, the state of Morocco does not fully comply with the traditional notions of weather conditions on the continent. In its northwestern part, the Atlantic Ocean moisturizes and cools the hot breath of the Sahara. The Atlas Mountains add uniqueness to this interaction of air masses in Morocco. The weather for the months of the year is favorable for relaxing on the Atlantic coast, in the mountains and among the sights of imperial cities.

Morocco - an exotic crossroads of civilizations and cultures

Morocco monthly weather
The state is located on the northwestern edge of Africa, south of the narrow Strait of Gibraltar. Morocco is a kingdom, but with an elected parliament. The capital is Rabat. The country borrowed its name from the ancient capital - the city of Marrakesh, which means “beautiful” in translation. Amazing sights and a variety of landscapes in Morocco are amazing. Monthly weather in each of the regions of the country harmoniously combines with changes in the nature and occupations of the population. Travelers everywhere are awaited by curious and breathtaking natural contrasts, a dazzling mosaic of Arab and Beber culture, influenced by European civilization. The most famous resort cities of Morocco are Agadir, Casablanca, Essaouira, Tangier, Fes, Saidia, El Jadida.

Spring on the Atlantic coast

April Weather in Morocco
Morocco offers guests and residents of the country a comfortable beach holiday on the coast or by the pool, educational excursions, ski slopes and many other attractions. The boundaries of the high season are gradually expanding. A few years ago, its framework covered April-October. In the past two years, there are more and more people wishing to visit the country from March to November. The weather in April in Morocco is warm, the air heats up to +21 ... + 25 ° , at night it is cooler (+12 ° ). The water temperature is +16.5 ... + 17.5 ° C. In spring, the beach holiday season begins, which lasts more than 5 months. The weather in Morocco in May is almost hot, on the Atlantic coast in Tangier, Casablanca, Agadir, Essaouira - +22.5 ... + 28 ° . You feel a refreshing breeze from the ocean, but the water is already heated to +20 ° C.

Summer in Morocco

The country's Atlantic coast is sandy beaches strewn with fine silky sand. In the area of ​​Tangier and Casablanca, the first month of summer pleases with moderate air temperatures - about +25 ... + 27 ° , to the south - about +32 ... + 33 ° . The weather in Morocco in June is favorable for exploring cultural and ethnic sights and relaxing on the ocean.

weather in morocco in june

In July, it becomes even warmer, compared with the beginning of summer, air temperature rises by 2–4 degrees. The ocean off the coast of Tangier and Casablanca heats up to +21 ... + 22 ° , the water temperature in Agadir - on average +20 ° . Beyond the majestic Atlas mountains in the eastern part of the country, it is mostly hot and dry in the summer.

Holidays in Morocco: in August the weather is excellent

The Atlantic Ocean for the African coast is both a “refrigerator” and a “radiator." Water warms up slowly, but stores a lot of heat, gives it along with moisture gradually. Most precipitation falls from June to September. Due to the proximity of the Canary Current, the air heated by the tropical Sun and coastal waters are cooled. Among the summer months, August is better for swimming, when the ocean warms up to +22 ... + 23 ° , and the air cools down a bit (+25 ... + 30 ° ). The Atlantic is becoming calmer, there are no big waves. The closer to the Mediterranean coast, the warmer the water in the ocean. In Casablanca and Tangier, it heats up to +23 ° C.

Morocco in august weather

Morocco: monthly weather in autumn

In August and September - the velvet season. During this period of the year, the water temperature off the coast of Morocco still allows swimming, but the ocean gradually begins to cool. The weather in September is still warm, only at night the air gets cooler. In the afternoon in Tangier and Casablanca - on average +28 ° , water temperature +21 ... + 22 ° . In Agadir there is still moderate heat - about +31 ... + 32 ° , the water is cool (+20 ... + 21 ° ). The ocean invigorates with a fresh breeze, surfers are pulling up, for whom excellent conditions are created in Agadir. The biggest waves start in October. The air on the coast this month heats up to +20 ... + 21 ° . In Morocco, even in late autumn it is warm - around +18 ... + 19 ° in resort towns on the coast. At night, the air is cooled, its temperature is +8 ... + 10 ° . The fall months can be devoted to sightseeing. Those who wish to swim should take into account that the waters of the Atlantic have already cooled down (+14 ... + 17 ° ).

weather in morocco in december

High and low season

Weather in Morocco in December – February allows tourists to visit the country with the aim of sightseeing, relaxing in ski resorts. The air in the resort towns on the coast is heated to +17 ... + 23 ° C (December). January and February are the coldest months of the year. The average temperature during this period is +20 ° , a little warmer in Agadir and Marrakesh (+19 ... + 22 ° ). The low season in the country is a conditional concept, the lull at the end of November is replaced by preparations for the Christmas and New Year holidays, when there is a large influx of tourists from Europe.

weather in morocco in may

Holidays in Morocco are largely determined by the characteristics of the region. The central and eastern regions are best visited from autumn to early spring, when it is not hot. In ski resorts, the season begins in December. Beach holidays on the coast in the winter months can be compared with extreme ones, even on warm days the waters of the Atlantic heat up only to +14 ... + 17 ° .

Morocco is a great vacation option

Ancient temples, the contrasts of the coast and desert, historic castles and the beautiful Atlas Mountains, which descend to the Mediterranean Sea, make visiting Morocco unforgettable and exciting. You can choose the most attractive destinations for each period of the year:

  • sightseeing of imperial cities, monuments of Islam;
  • rest on amazingly beautiful and clean beaches, in wonderful bays;
  • skiing in the mountains;
  • a journey through the desert dunes to green oases;
  • thalassotherapy;
  • shopping, visiting exotic bazaars,
  • familiarization with national cuisine.

When is the best time to go to Morocco?

The country offers a huge variety of destinations and types of recreation. Sometimes it is difficult to navigate and solve the important question of the time of a visit to Morocco. Monthly weather is very diverse, the choice depends on personal preferences and preferences. Traveling through the diverse territory of Morocco, one can observe almost all seasons of the year at the same time.

sights of morocco
The climate on the north coast is mild, Mediterranean. In Tangier, from May to September it is warm and sunny, in other months it is cooler here, it rains. The contrasts between the seasons are even more pronounced in Casablanca, on the Atlantic coast. Marrakech will surprise you with rather cool winters, but everyone here is already used to the traditional heat in summer, especially in July and August. Further south, the climate becomes drier and hotter. It's nice to hide from the summer heat in mountain hotels and coastal resorts. On the tops of the Atlas mountains, snow lies throughout the year, and the slopes are colored with autumn colors. Morocco will be remembered by everyone who has visited this amazing country, beautiful beaches and mountain landscapes, green valleys and oases, noisy bazaars, shopping and surfing lessons.

weather in morocco in december

The country has conditions for practicing many sports, spearfishing and fishing. Holidays in a peaceful, hospitable country, filled with unique charm, are in demand throughout the year. Here there is a feeling that dreams of oriental tales come true in reality.


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