Salted cucumber: calorie content and usefulness

Cucumber is an amazing product. Nutritionists recommend eating it daily. A very wide range of dishes where this product is used. Since ninety-eight percent of the water consists of salted cucumber, its caloric content cannot be a priori high. Therefore, people who want to lose weight include it in their diet.

What is a part of a green vegetable, its nutritional value

One hundred grams of the product contains the following elements:

pickled cucumber

- starch and fats (0.1 g each);

- carbohydrates (1.7 g);

- vitamins (groups A - 50 μg; C - 8.5 mg; E - 0.1 mg; B1 - 0.02 mg).

- fiber and organic acids (0.7 g each);

- iodine - 2.1 mg;

- protein and dietary fiber (0.8 g each).

The composition, as you see, is optimal.

Salted cucumber: calorie content and usefulness

The benefit is due to its composition and calorie content, which is eleven kilocalories. This vegetable is an excellent source of iodine. It is quickly absorbed by the body. When studying the composition, chemical elements were found that normalize and improve the functioning of the heart and kidneys. Organic substances contained in cucumbers are able to restore the metabolism in the human body.

salted cucumbers calorie content

There are alkaline salts that neutralize acidic compounds. After all, they disrupt metabolic processes, contribute to premature aging. Contains a lot of fiber. It regulates bowel function and lowers cholesterol. Scientists have found that the more people use cucumbers for food, the less they suffer from diseases of the thyroid gland and circulatory system. Fans of this vegetable usually do not suffer from digestive disorders, since lactic acid is produced during fermentation. With the help of pickles, you can "expel" toxins and other harmful substances. You will provide the body with fiber and fluid if you eat pickled cucumber. Its calorific value is low, and this will allow you not to think about the amount of product used.

How to better maintain the usefulness of cucumbers

Pickling has always been considered the best storage method. As such, the cucumber contains 16.1 calories. Protein contains, compared with salted, two grams more. A little less carbohydrates - 1.3 grams.

canned cucumbers calories
Other indicators are also reduced. Many love salted cucumbers. Use them in a reasonable amount. Although salted cucumbers have a low calorie content, they are not recommended for those who want to lose weight, since they stimulate appetite. Canned cucumbers are widely used in recipes. Their caloric content, as well as nutritional value, depends on the method of preparation. Remember that a component such as vinegar is required for canning. It negatively affects the gastric mucosa and tooth enamel.

The negative side of consumption

People who have heart disease, as well as polyarthritis, cholecystitis, gout, hepatitis should use salting moderately. It is best to consult a doctor to avoid exacerbation of the disease. In other cases, pickles are easily absorbed.

Eat salted cucumber more. Calorie content is negligible, and the benefits to humans are priceless.


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