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Every girl dreams of well-groomed and beautiful nails. High-quality manicure attracts attention, decorates hands and emphasizes individuality and style. One of the most popular types is French, such a design has long been a classic.


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At the moment, there are several options for this style that make it popular and unique.

  • Classical. A brush for French manicure is taken, then the tip of the nail with it is painted white, and the form repeats the โ€œsmileโ€ on the free edge.
  • French millennium. It differs from the first in that the edge is covered not with a white tone, but with sparkles. However, the texture must be dense so that the plate does not shine through.
  • Color. Its main feature is that the tip is drawn in any shade. And you can also add a pattern, which will make the manicure even more unique and interesting.
  • Fan french. This type requires special materials, namely dried flowers, broth, rhinestone, mica, foil, due to which the nail is decorated. They can be designed separately or combined, and if the elements interfere with the client during work, then such coatings are sealed in a special material.
  • Non-standard. It differs in the form of a smile line. It can be any - both triangular, and beveled, and undulating, as the fantasy plays. The main thing is that with all this the main idea of โ€‹โ€‹the jacket is preserved - the edge of the nail is painted in a different color.


In order for the effect to last on the surface for as long as possible, the handles must be put in order before the procedure. Such actions must be performed in advance, at least an hour, especially if the skin needs a bath to soften.

Do not forget about the cuticle, for this you need to carefully push it with a stick or cut it off. If there is a need, then go over the oil or the grinding block on it. Inflammation, barbs, or improper handling will ruin any nail. Even the simplest French manicure with a brush to make, you need to have enough experience. Perhaps this technique will not work right the first time, and the varnish will need to be washed and applied again to get rid of the error. Therefore, it is best to use acetone-free remover so as not to damage the plate, since it destroys the surface, which is restored for a long time.


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In order to perform a French manicure with a brush, a varnish base and a natural shade, as well as a fixing agent are necessary.

  1. The nail is trimmed or hardware. Then a protective layer is applied to the surface.
  2. White lacquer covers the free edge. To make it easier, you can use a thin brush to draw a line of a smile, and after a thicker one, draw the remaining space. If the coating is loose or uneven, it must be applied in several layers, and then wait until everything hardens well.
  3. Then the whole plate is painted with a natural or transparent shade. After complete solidification, the pattern is fixed.

Features of working with a brush

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Many women quite easily cope with drawing a smile even without using tools, just with varnish, and some use a special set of brushes for manicure.

In order to perform a beautiful jacket, you must:

  • control the bending of the edge on each nail;
  • draw from the end to the center of the base;
  • completely paint over the natural overgrown nail with the capture of several millimeters of a part of the main plate;
  • if somewhere in the decor there was an error, then moisten a cotton swab with liquid to remove the coating and fix it;
  • apply the smile line with a flat-tip tool.

Natural and artificial brushes

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Synthetic devices are made from high quality polymers. They cost much less, but will serve much less. Typically, such beginners choose wishing to perform simple drawings.

As a rule, natural ones are made of wool or sable. Thanks to high-quality pile with good care they will serve for a long time. With such devices, you can create a picture with any kind of paint.

Tool classification

French manicure, made with brushes, always looks neater and more beautiful than with other application options. There are a wide variety of devices that will help to achieve perfection. The pile thickness is determined by numbering in a value from 0 to 8. Where 0 is the smallest and 8 is the largest size.


  • A thin brush for manicure is a liner, it has dimensions of 2 mm by 2 cm. Such a tool is suitable for drawing a smile line.
  • Fan-shaped, her pile is presented in the form of a fan. Using it is very convenient to apply glitter and sparkles.
  • Thin brush with a width of 0.5 to 1 mm. She can beautifully depict curlicues, small design elements on the free edge. It is also suitable for drawing a line. The use of such a tool requires some skill.
  • Flat - ideal for applying wide patterns, as well as for tinting the free edge. Working with such a device does not imply any complexity, even a beginner can easily master it.
  • Petal. Visually very similar to the previous one, only has a beveled edge. It is most often used in Chinese painting, when you need to create beautiful and neat petals.

There are a wide variety of brushes for manicure, which one is better suited for what, is determined directly by the master, so everyone chooses his own tools. Before you begin to engage in nail art, it is recommended to take courses and carry out design even for yourself according to all the rules.

How to care for brushes

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  1. If the brush is new, then a protective layer should be applied to it, which must be disposed of in the right way. To do this, the villi are gently kneaded, the coating is removed with a napkin, and then the instrument is washed under warm water.
  2. The brush should be used only for its intended purpose, other actions with it can lead to deformation and loss of villi. Therefore, further work will be difficult.
  3. After the manicure with a brush is created, do not leave the tool in cold water even for a small amount of time. If the form deteriorates as a result of any action, it can be returned by lowering it to water at a temperature of 90 ยฐ C for several minutes.
  4. It is not recommended to leave paint on the brush after work. It is washed off only with liquid to remove the varnish, and it has a negative effect on the pile.
  5. For the palette, it is best to use smooth material, for example gloss, this will help to better maintain the pile, otherwise it will most likely begin to wear out. And also after rinsing it is not necessary to wipe it strongly on a napkin, this will also lead to the same result. In order to save the brush much longer, after finishing work, it is recommended to lubricate it with cuticle oil.

French manicure tips

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If you are not a master of nail art, but want to make everyoneโ€™s favorite drawing at home, you need to know some subtleties.

  1. Instead of a single base, regular clearcoat is often used.
  2. You can purchase nail stackers and stick them along the natural growth line. After that, use a brush to paint part over the sticker.
  3. Do not paint the tips too thick, otherwise the coating will dry for a long time and may even curl up and ruin everything.
  4. Use stickers for pink or transparent varnish, then it will be easier to paint the tip of the nail.
  5. Check the condition of your hands, they should be clean and well-groomed.
  6. You can also tie an elastic band onto the top of the plate. So, performing a manicure with a brush, you can draw a straight line. After everything is ready, the barrier is cut off.
  7. If it is difficult to cover the tip of the nail, then you can use stickers to prevent the varnish from falling outside its borders.


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According to most men, it is the jacket that they think is the sexiest manicure. Therefore, it can so often be seen in married or paired women. Also, this type of design is perfect for business negotiations, as it provides a well-groomed and discreet look. Many girls are increasingly learning to make such a drawing at home, using special brushes. The manicure, reviews of which are only positive, has already won the whole world, although it was originally created in Paris and was used for fashion shows. This was invented in order to save stylists from constantly repainting the nails of the model for new dresses. Design, suitable for any outfit, quickly became the favorite ladies of the whole world.


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