Where is the clipboard on the computer and what is it?

Each computer user was faced with a situation when it was necessary to transfer text of various sizes - copy from one source and move to another. Most people who use this feature every day do not even think about how this happens. They do not know where the clipboard is located on the computer, and therefore, without wasting a lot of time retyping the text, they can do this in a very short period of time. Working on a computer would become quite complicated and inconvenient if not for this feature. Therefore, everyone should know where the clipboard is and how to use it.

Why do I need a buffer?

For those who do not know where the clipboard is located on the computer and what is the essence of its operation, we will tell you that the clipboard is a piece of memory on your computer that is used as a temporary storage of information designed to store information from a source into memory and transfer her into another application. Possible actions: copy, paste, cut. In order to copy the information you are interested in, you need to select all the text and, by pressing the key combination Ctrl + C, copy the information to the clipboard.

where is the clipboard on the computer
After the information is already stored in the store, the Ctrl + V keys will output the text or file from your store to the location you specified. Using the "cut" function, you can perform the same copy and paste operation, but after cutting from the source, the information from there will be deleted. This can be done thanks to the Ctrl + X keys. You can also do without hot keys by choosing the actions "copy", "paste", "cut" in the panel that appears after clicking the right mouse button.

What is the clipboard and where is it

In a word, the clipboard can be called temporary storage. That is, this is a piece of memory that the computer separates from the shared memory specifically for storing temporary information. Temporary storage can be easily cleaned or output information several times. On older operating systems, such as Windows 2000 and Windows XP, the text or file copied to the repository can be found and viewed by going to the “Exchange folder”.

where is the clipboard in the computer

You can find it by the following actions: "Start" - "Run" -clipbrd.exe. After completing these steps, you can view the information in your repository, clear or change it. In newer operating systems, such as Windows 7, this utility, unfortunately, is missing.

Where is the clipboard in the computer?

There is no exact answer to this question. We can say that the storage is located in the computer’s memory, respectively, in the hard drive, since it uses its memory specifically for temporary storage of various information. Therefore, the question of where the clipboard is located on the computer, we can say: in the hard drive.

what is the clipboard and where is it

Mobile buffer

As well as in a personal computer, the clipboard is in smartphones and mobile phones. Just like in a computer, a piece of memory is used to temporarily store information. The only difference is that you cannot highlight information on a mobile phone or smartphone using hot keys.

where is the clipboard and how to use it
The clipboard is created in smartphones so that it can be used as a personal computer, this was done not in vain. Indeed, thanks to this, a lot of work that was possible to do only on a computer, it became easy to do on a mobile device, moreover, anywhere. Therefore, the answer to this question is the same as the question about where the clipboard is located on the computer.

How to clear the clipboard?

Of course, if the clipboard is the memory that is used to store the information we need, then it can be cleared. Where is the clipboard located and how to clean it? It is possible to do this by replacing the information in it with another. Accordingly, after you have copied the text, the next copy will replace the information in the clipboard with another one, which is sometimes quite inconvenient. For example, in a situation where you want to save several different texts to the clipboard, you have to perform several copies and pastes. It would be much more convenient to provide an opportunity for the clipboard to save several streams of information. This would make it a little more convenient to use.

where is the clipboard and how to clean

Also, the clipboard is automatically cleared after rebooting your computer. That is, every time you turn off and turn on the computer or restart it, your clipboard will be blank, like a white sheet. Those who wish to clear their clipboard quickly and manually can do this by following a few steps. First you need to create a shortcut on your desktop with the following location: cmd / c “echo off | clip ". These characters must be entered in the location bar. Next, you need to specify the name of your shortcut to clear the clipboard. After that, right-click on your shortcut, then - "Change Icon". In the "Search for icons" field in the following file, type% SystemRoot% \ system32 \ imageres.dll. After doing these actions, select the icon that you like. After that, just run this shortcut, your clipboard will be cleared in one second. You do not have to look for where the clipboard is on the computer.

Alternative to the standard clipboard

As mentioned in the article above, the clipboard has one drawback. This is the inability to copy several types of information. Therefore, there are programs that have this feature and a few additional ones. One alternative is Save.me. It includes the function of remembering several fragments, so it is often used by computer users. There are also a large number of similar programs, you can always find what interests you.

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