DIY turbine: what is needed for this?

People began to use steam as a driving force at the very beginning of our era. Engines, which are arranged according to this principle, become parts of many devices and machines suitable for various needs both in industry and at home. But now, thanks to scientific and technological progress, everyone with the help of simple tools and materials (which are in any store of household goods) can understand how to make a turbine with their own hands. So here are the elements you need:

  1. A tin can and several lids for cans (also made of tin).
  2. A thin strip of the same metal.
  3. Several metal rivets.
  4. Nut and screw.
  5. Skein of aluminum wire.
  6. Candle, spirit lamp or dry fuel tablet .
  7. Pliers, a soldering iron, as well as a flux designed for brazing aluminum.
    do-it-yourself turbine

Do it yourself

So, after all the materials and tools are collected, you can get to work. First of all, take two covers and cut circles out of them. They will be of different sizes: one is equal in diameter to the neck of the can, which in the future product will become one of the most important parts - a steam boiler; choose the parameters of the second, based on what size turbine you want to receive. But this is only the first stage. Next, you will see how the turbine is made with your own hands.

Now we need aluminum rivets. Take one of them (its size should be equal to fourteen millimeters) and with a hammer, tapping evenly from all sides, make a nozzle. The diameter of the resulting product will reach 0.6 millimeters. After that, take the lid that will close the steam boiler, and make a couple of holes in it: one for the nozzle and the other for the filler. Moreover, the second needs to be done as close to the edge as possible so that after there are no problems with the mounting bolt. It is worth remembering that the turbine is not easy to do with your own hands, but as a result, a device that is very useful in the household is obtained.

DIY steam turbine

Using a soldering iron, connect the nut and nozzle to the cap. When soldering the second part, use aluminum flux or universal soldering fluid, for example, marked F59A. After that, solder the lid to the jar, having previously performed sanding to clean the surfaces to be joined from the polymer coating. It remains to do quite a bit, and you will see a steam turbine made by yourself at home.

Next, you need to take the second round, from which we will manufacture the turbine itself. To do this, you must first divide it into four identical sectors, and after each of them mark in two parts and repeat this operation with details. So, we got sixteen blades. But they are not ready yet. Each part must be cut lengthwise to the middle of the radius and bent with the help of pliers in one direction. The rivet head will be soldered in the center of this design. As you can see, the turbine is made with its own hands, although for a long time, but it is not so difficult.

do-it-yourself gas turbine

Now you need to take a strip of tin. From it will be made a holder for the turbine. To do this, it is necessary to bend this material into the shape of the letter "P". At the same time, make sure that the width of the part is equal to the length of two rivets or exceeds it. After that, it is necessary to solder the turbine into the holder so that its blades can rotate as freely as possible, and the main rivet shaft becomes the axis. The self-made turbine is almost ready, all that remains is to perform a couple of simple operations: attach the holder and the steam boiler from the can to each other, and also make the stand for this entire structure out of aluminum wire. Attention: make sure that the blades do not cling to other parts of the product during rotation.


So, here's how to use a steam turbine. First you need to use a plastic bottle to fill the jar with water up to half. After that, close the hole in the lid to eliminate steam leakage. It remains only to heat the water using one of the above methods, so that a simple mechanism works. A gas turbine with your own hands is done in the same way, only instead of water you will need to use, as the name implies, one gas. But this must be done with great care and it is advisable to take the help of a professional.


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