The best coffee beans: rating, brand overview, reviews

Many of us start our day with an invigorating drink. It has long been known that the best coffee is in beans. Ratings of the best brands regularly appear on the pages of various publications. If you want to find the best and unique drink for yourself, you should read our article. In it we want to talk about which coffee beans are the best. Ratings are ratings, but learning more about brands will not hurt. This will allow you to navigate in stores in a variety of bright packaging. After all, a beautiful bundle is not a guarantee of great taste.

Coffee selection

Drink connoisseurs will agree that the best coffee is beans. Ratings of various trademarks allow at least a little understanding of the variety of goods presented on store shelves. It is worth noting that not all grains that are on sale are worthy of the attention of buyers. If you want a real and tasty drink, you should pay attention to trusted brands. Otherwise, searches for your favorite species may drag on for years.

It is not surprising that each of us prefers grains of different manufacturers and the degree of roasting. Everyone has different taste preferences, which means that we like different drinks.

Best coffee

When choosing coffee, you should know that everything is important here: the place of growth, the degree of roasting, grinding, and much more. Many experts believe that the most popular variety is soft and pleasant arabica. But its main competitor can be called tart and bitter robusta. These two varieties account for 97% of total global coffee production. You can buy grain in any supermarket, but it is better to visit a specialized store.

Of course, the choice of variety, type, degree of roasting is a purely individual matter, because each of us has his own taste preferences. We are faced with the task of telling you about the best brands of coffee beans in order to save your time in searching for good quality products.

Before telling about the best brands, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that most of them in this segment are packers and roasters. Some still make their own mixes. It must be understood that coffee does not grow in either France, Italy or England. But at the same time, the goods of these countries are widely represented in the coffee market. If you want to join the real connoisseurs of Kenyan, Brazilian or Colombian drink, go to specialized stores.


According to the ratings, the best coffee bean is Lavazza. Many consumers believe that this particular brand occupies a leading position. Is this really so, you decide. Definitely a drink of this company is worth a try. The Italian brand offers an incredibly wide range of grains. At the core of Lavazza Oro, the manufacturer used a product from South America. According to experts, the sweet notes of the finished drink and the characteristic acidity make me think that most of the mixture is represented by Colombian varieties. This type will appeal to those people who do not like bitterness, because the grains make the drink delicate and soft.

But Lavazza Super Crema will appeal to those who believe that the drink should be invigorating and strong. The mixture contains Brazilian arabica and Indonesian robusta. Notes of chocolate and spices, bright taste, strength and lack of acidity make this species one of the best in its price category.

Coffee "Lavazza"

If you like espresso, you should pay attention to Lavazza Rossa, which has a nut-spicy aroma and rich color. The mixture is based on grains of Colombian and Brazilian Arabica, as well as African Robusta, which gives the necessary strength. The cost of one kilogram of “Lavazza” is approximately 1400-1600 rubles.

Coffee beans Lavazza Espresso Grand will appeal to those connoisseurs who love a real thick Italian espresso. This type is distinguished by a thick consistency and strength. The mixture is based on grains of African Robusta and American Arabica.

Lavazza is a very famous coffee brand that has been operating on the market for more than a hundred years. Coffee brand has several advantages:

  1. Grains of varying degrees of roasting are presented.
  2. A wide selection of growing regions.
  3. Good froth at the drink.
  4. Great taste.
  5. Strong vacuum packaging.


Grains of the Paulig brand are roasted 3 and 4, due to which the taste of the finished drink is softer and the aroma is unique. The basis of coffee blends is Arabica from the countries of Central and South America. Therefore, the velvety and warm taste of the finished drink has a pronounced sourness, which is typical for this region. “Paulig Arabica Dark” has a tarter and stronger taste, but “Paulig Arabica” is much milder, but the acidity in it is brighter. The brand also offers espresso mixes. These cereal sets are characterized by dark Italian roasting. It is she who gives the drink bitter nutty notes.

Coffee "Paulig"

The cost of a kilogram of grains of the brand starts from 860 rubles. But the price of Paulig Espresso reaches 1400 rubles. Many consumers choose brand grains due to affordable prices and a wide variety of mixtures.


Ambassador Blue Label is 100% Arabica from Colombia. A drink made from such grains has a warm, even taste with fruity notes and characteristic sourness. There is no bitter aftertaste. If you believe the reviews of consumers, then some believe that the drink made from grains is not strong enough. But it is liked by those who prefer a harmonious and delicate taste. In addition, people like democratic value. The price of coffee starts at 780 rubles.

Coffee "Ambassador"

According to experts, the Ambassador is chosen by consumers who have a refined taste. The German company produces a wide range of coffee with a variety of flavors. The brand has long been presented on the market and managed to fall in love with consumers.

"Live coffee"

The brand name Live Coffee is owned by The Live Coffee Company. The brand offers consumers more than 60 grains of grains. This diversity allows each person to find what he likes. It is worth noting that the company uses its own roasting technology to preserve the unique qualities of coffee. She sells only high quality product.


The Malongo brand belongs to the European company Rombouts. Among brand name products, one can find monosorts and high-quality mixtures for which grains from Central America and Cuba are used.

Coffee "Malongo"

Such coffee is considered expensive. The cost of a kilogram of grains starts at 2,000 rubles.


Jardin coffee beans have a strong aroma. Mixtures are based on arabica from different regions. Fans of the classic taste of the drink can recommend the Dessert Cup. Roasting grains is strong enough, but not excessive. The composition of the mixture includes raw materials from Colombia, Guatemala and Ethiopia.

Among the brand’s products there are also monosorts. For example, you can try Jardin Sumatra mandheling. Real coffee lovers will appreciate the taste of coffee without sour notes. A kilogram of Zhardin grains costs more than 800 rubles.

Coffee "Jardin"

Jardine Exclusive coffee beans are a high-quality blend consisting of selected Arabica beans grown in Guatemala and Nicaragua. Grains from Indian plantations are added to the mixture. According to consumers, the drink has a bright and deep taste, as well as a multifaceted aroma.

The coffee brand is known for using only high-quality raw materials and modern technologies of roasting. Practical packaging allows you to keep grain freshness for a long time.


Illy coffee is produced by an Italian brand that conquered the world seventy years ago.

Brand "Illy"

The company annually improves technology, keeping pace with the times. The drink of this brand is distinguished by excellent taste and aroma. If you purchase Illy coffee, you can appreciate its finest aroma and taste.


Lonia coffee offers blends for which grains are sourced from Guatemala, Colombia and Brazil. Thanks to medium frying, the finished drink has an excellent aroma and chocolate notes on the palate. Variety adds fruity sourness. Coffee is good for making any kind of beverage, including espresso. It goes well with sweet desserts and milk. According to consumer reviews, it can be said that many drink are considered feminine, because it is not too strong, pleasant and fragrant.

Ionia Gran Crema includes African Robusta and South American Arabica. From it I recommend making a classic Italian espresso with a firm foam and nutty notes in taste. The cost of a kilogram of grains starts at 1800 rubles.


Saeco products are interesting in that they use Indian arabica grains for their production. For many years, raw materials from India were undeservedly underestimated. Meanwhile, the grains have a bright aroma, and the drink from them has a balanced taste with spicy and nutty notes and light bitterness. For strength, African Robusta is added to the mixture. A surge of vigor after such a drink is provided to you.

One of the best drinks

No less interesting is Saeco Gold, which is made on the basis of arabica beans from Central America and Brazil. The drink has a pleasant floral-chocolate flavor and an unforgettable aroma. The cost of grains starts at 1,500 rubles per kilogram.


What is the most delicious coffee bean? Determining the best is quite difficult, because it all depends on your taste preferences. But it is worth paying attention to the brands presented in our article. According to people’s reviews, the trademarks “Jardin” and “Lavazza” have proven themselves to be excellent. Drinks of these brands are praised by users. An important factor is pricing.

The best brand of coffee

It should be understood that good coffee cannot be cheap. Therefore, do not chase cheap brands. Consumers recommend the Jardin brand as a budget option. Its grains allow you to get a wonderful and aromatic drink. Many are completely delighted with Lavazza coffee. This brand can be called the most popular. Coffee beans have a fairly high cost unlike other brands. To choose the best look for yourself, you need to try a mixture of several brands to determine your preferences. We hope our article will help you find the product that suits you in all respects.


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