Four of Cups, Tarot: meaning in a relationship

Tarot cards are not just ordinary pieces of cardboard. Today they attract thousands of people. Some want a prediction, others want to comprehend their mysticism and learn to interpret. According to one version, they have been known since the time of the Egyptian priests, who, thus, transmitted the sacred knowledge that was reserved only to the elect. Today's heroine of the article is the Four Tarot Cups, the meaning and combinations that can be found in the layouts for a career and personal relationships.

four cups tarot meaning

Chalice Life Area

Each suit of Tarot cards expresses one of the four sides of human life. Cups express emotions and feelings in this context. This includes not only love, but also the joy of life, the pleasure of the work done, or, conversely, disappointment, sadness, longing for the past. In a word, Cups show the emotional content of a person. A more detailed interpretation depends on which card has dropped out in value, and on its position in the layout.

The value of the suit of cups in the deck

The suit of cups is the second most powerful among the minor arcana. They embody love. This is not only the love of a man and a woman, but all its manifestations. Feeling in the purest and deepest sense.

At the level of events, the Chalice personifies everything that we love and consider good in life: joy, fullness of life, love, a sense of happiness.

four cups tarot meaning in relationship

General characteristics of the suit of the Cups

In the Middle Ages, the suit of the Cups represented the clergy. This is quite natural, because it was the cups that were used in religious rites and ceremonies. If we talk about the internal, then the Cups embody all the best that religion or faith can bring: a dedicated life, serving people, spiritual growth and so on. Today, this suit can personify any denomination.

Such an understanding somewhat narrows the interpretation of the suit. The Cups include not only monks and priests, but also those who have dedicated their lives to serving people. Altruists, charities, humanitarian aid groups. The main condition is the lack of personal gain.

If we talk about a person, then this is a sincere, caring person who is always ready to come to the rescue, provide the necessary emotional support and all possible assistance in a particular situation. But one should not confuse kindness with lack of will. The anger of a person who is personified by this suit causes injustice, cruelty, humiliation of another person and so on. Such a person sincerely loves and is capable of strong feelings.

If the layout is visible environment, the Cups symbolize best friends, family, loved one.

In the layouts of the relationship, the Bowls symbolize not just a frivolous feeling of love, but also strong alliances, or circumstances that will work for the fortuneteller. Now that the meaning of the suit itself is understood, you can move on to the meaning of the Four Tarot Cups.

Tarot Card Value Four Cups

Card description

Let's take a closer look at the Tarot card (Four of Cups). This is an important point, because the drawing carries a certain semantic load.

Classical schools adhere to one card design. The only difference is in the main figure.

Four Cups depicts a young man. He was tired, sat down under a tree, to take a break and enter into a state of reflection, meditation. Nearby is his faithful dog. The foliage of the tree protects the guy from the sun, and nothing prevents him from going into his own world. He tries not to notice what is happening around him. There are four filled bowls right in front of him. They are a symbol of the path traveled. The contents of the cups are internal experience and energy, which can give strength at any moment. But the traveler is too self-absorbed to notice them. He is not able to raise his head to see another goblet, which is served to him from the sky. This is a perspective, a new opportunity. But the guy likes to be with his eyes closed, not thinking about the consequences of a missed chance that could turn his life around.

four tarot cups

Divine Inner Message

Here is how Scott Holler, the author of Tarot for Beginners, interprets the meaning of the Tarot card (Four of Cups):

A friendly message can be deciphered as a tip for a fortuneteller to revise his views on life. The person to whom this card has been issued has everything necessary to achieve what he wants, but his own dissatisfaction with life, a negative look at it and events prevent him from getting what he aspires to. The reason for internal discontent is only because the questioner chose to be unhappy and unhappy. Another meaning of the Four of Cups, according to some tarologists, is a map of inveterate bachelors and old maids. Moreover, the reason for the lack of family, such people explain the internal unpreparedness and strange mood. Such people live in the past as their golden time, and are always unhappy with what is happening right now.

All that is good is sacrificed for their own beliefs and principles.

Four Tarot Cups Importance for Personal Relationships

Sacred Washed

Let's move on to a deeper understanding of the meaning of the Tarot (Four of Cups). Here, disappointment is not just one thing, but a deep depression, tiredness from a lifetime. The man came to understand that he would not be able to get everything that he dreamed of, all the benefits that other people might have. The hand, which presented the cup from the cloud, calls to think not only about pleasures, but also about what is called the soul. A traveler who has withdrawn into himself is not able to see the opportunity.

How to interpret the card in a forward position

This card represents that rare case when a direct position is interpreted as negative. The meaning of the Tarot (Four of Cups) in the upright position: fatigue from current events, from routine, from life in general. This also includes a feeling of disgust and a stubborn unwillingness to accept the proposed opportunities, unsubstantiated suspicions and groundless jealousy.

Analyze what is happening honestly. No one, except the most fortunate, can help him feel life differently. To be happy or unhappy is always a choice.

Inverted Card Position

Now consider the meaning of the Tarot (Four of Cups) in an inverted position. It can be interpreted as a new love relationship, a transition to a more promising position, receiving good news. In short, the life of the questioner is gradually moving into another more positive channel.

Wide open eyes, the desire to avoid inner blindness, open up new opportunities for the questioner that were previously hidden behind a veil of despair and bitterness. Staying in this state, it is possible to solve old, boring problems in a completely unusual way for a person. Passivity begins to frighten, and this fear pushes to overcome it.

The only negative point is the missed opportunities not to return.

four cups tarot combination

Love relationship and family

What is the meaning of the Four Tarot Cups in a relationship with a loved one? In the upright position, the card is interpreted as fatigue from love and a feeling of satiety with it. A previously beloved person has become a stranger. A partner is perceived as a burden. This includes sexual indifference. Feeling of constant dissatisfaction, alcohol and drug addiction as a result of avoiding problems. Quarrels are perceived as some kind of boredom. But that's not all. Such a card can be interpreted as unrequited and impossible love on the verge of fanaticism. This includes love for the stars and idols. Quite often, the importance of the Four Tarot Cups in relationships in a direct position falls during crises of three and seven years. The fatal fact is that both partners do not want to do anything to help the relationship get out of the hole. People do not appreciate the happiness that is in their hands. The map is ambiguous, and it cannot be interpreted only from this point of view. It can symbolize a situation where the pain of resentment has passed, giving way to coldness and indifference. Crowley, one of the most famous interpreters, interprets the significance of the Four Tarot Cups as stabilization after a shock and life experience. Enjoying life through peace.

In an inverted position, the importance of the Four Tarot Cups for personal relationships can mean a new round of development. If a person has been alone for a long time, or just moved away from his partner, then Arkan, who has fallen in this position, says that now he is again ready to plunge into romance, as they say, with his head. The partner opened on the other side.

four wands of tarot cups combination


Tarot (Four Cups) in a relationship at work shows that a person is passive, refuses profitable projects. Work does not bring any joy; it is routine and routine. Even the financial component cannot motivate. There is no career prospect in the workplace. Another Four Cups shows that a person does not go his own way.

In an inverted position, the card portends changes in the workplace, improvement of financial position, wealth and interesting projects. Quite often, the map shows that the boss or supervisor revised his view of the situation and saw it with different eyes.


The meaning of the Tarot (Four of Cups) is interpreted as a depletion of vitality, fatigue, weakness. She shows diseases such as stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, headaches. An inverted position indicates, for example, loss of appetite.

Combination with other tarot cards

How to interpret the combination of Tarot (Four of Cups) with other cards? Let's consider some of them:

  • The Four Cups and the Hermit - focus on yourself.
  • With Five of Swords - it is interpreted as a personโ€™s dreams of being alone.
  • How does the combination of the Cups of the Four Wands of Tarot interpret ? Four Cups with Four Wands can be interpreted as an unsuccessful exam or a mournful event.
  • With the Wheel of Fortune - a person is stuck in the past.
  • With the Moon - the card indicates a fraud.
  • With lovers - a relationship without joy.
  • With Death - tears for the past.
  • With the Sun, gain through loss.
  • With the Eight of Wands - the card speaks of depression.
  • With the Ace of Wands - loss of vitality and energy.
  • With the Star - loss of hope.
  • With Judgment, healing from sorrow and sorrow.
  • With a card of Strength - impotence before circumstances.

What you need to remember before the deal

Regardless of the basic meaning of the Four Tarot Cups in a relationship, or in another area of โ€‹โ€‹life, it does not need to be memorized or memorized. You need to focus on the whole layout as a whole, on neighboring cards and their position. Each tarologist treats the Arcana in his own way. This is a whole philosophy. The same cards can carry different intonation, depending on the worldview of the specialist and his vision of everything that happens. One universal meaning is not enough to fully reveal the message to the fortuneteller.

Regardless of what the cards said, the determining factor is the personโ€™s desire, his feelings and emotions. Tarot cards (Four of Cups) and others are just a tool. Anyway, the fortuneteller makes the decision. Every day there is an opportunity to turn everything back on track. The universe will provide a chance, and the energy of the cards will help move even hopeless situations from a dead point. The most important thing is to work daily on what you want and follow the tips of the cards.


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