Life Is Good: reviews, line of business, features and conditions

Surely many people have heard about a company like Life Is Good. This is a fairly well-known financial and consulting holding, which includes two key areas - investment and any apartment in installments at 2% per annum for a period of 10 years.

In general, the company’s activities are aimed at helping people to increase their funds and receive benefits. Now it’s worth telling a little more about it, as well as studying the reviews about Life Is Good, which will help to understand how good this holding is. However, first things first.

Why Life Is Good?

This is a logical question. Many people would like to understand why they should try to start making money with Life Is Good. Reviews, company information, forecasts - all this can bring a little clarity.

But in fact, everything is simple. Most people are not able to become financially prosperous because they do not know how to do it. Truly working tools and technologies are known only to specialists with certain experience - those who are able to earn money and increase existing capital.

These are the people who work for Life Is Good. What does this company do? It teaches you how to make money, manage finances, make investments, build a prosperous future, and, of course, business. Here are some interesting facts about the company that allow you to verify the authenticity of its activities:

  • All specialists have tremendous experience in the financial sector. At least 20 years. These are successful businessmen, competent financiers, domestic and foreign experts.
  • The company guarantees a high probability of generating impressive revenues with minimal risk. This is important, because in our time, to start your own business alone, you must have a solid start-up capital.
  • Life Is Good Holding, reviews of which will be discussed later, does not work on its own. He has the support of reputable partners.

Hermes management

This is the name of the financial and analytical company, which is part of Life Is Good. Her activity is one of the two main areas of the holding.

life is good company employee reviews

Hermes Management provides asset management, international protection, and education services. The company was founded in 1998, on October 7, but then it was known under such name as Casual Enterprises Ltd. Renamed it in connection with access to the retail market (2014).

This is a reliable company, it has registration in the area of ​​British law. And the product she offers is VISTA's account. It combines settlement, investment (yield over 20%), as well as cumulative.

This product, offered by Life Is Good Holding, is very popular. Here, for example, what will be the passive income of a client who invested 100,000 rubles:

  • After 1 year: 71,000 rubles. (2550 rubles / month).
  • After 5 years: 410,000 rubles. (14 600 rubles / month).
  • After 10 years: 3 600 000 (129 000 rubles / month).

And with a monthly deduction of 3,000 rubles, the indicators will be as follows:

  • After 1 year: 116,000 rubles. (4,000 rubles / month).
  • After 5 years: 1,040,000 rubles. (37 000 rubles / month).
  • After 10 years: 9,845,000 (350,000 rubles / month).

Hermes management has been showing excellent results since 1998. A person who decides to increase his funds by contacting the company through Life Is Good receives a euro bill, a VISA card attached to his account, 24-hour access to his funds and impressive profitability.

Best way

Continuing to talk about what Life Is Good does, you need to remember Best Way. This is a housing cooperative, which is also part of the holding. Best Way offers a simple and affordable solution to the issue of real estate.

Life Is Good offers a great alternative to mortgages. Annual interest is up to 2%, while an ordinary bank offers an average of 9-10%. The benefits are palpable, and here's how it looks in numbers:

  • The cost of housing is 2,000,000 rubles. Overpayment for 10 years: from 454 to 600 thousand rubles.
  • The cost of housing is 5,000,000 rubles. Overpayment for 10 years: from 454 to 810 thousand rubles.
  • The cost of housing is 10,000,000 rubles. Overpayment for 10 years: from 454 to 1170 thousand rubles.

The performance is really impressive. Given that if a person decided to use the mortgage service in a commercial bank, the overpayment would be 1,300,000, 3,250,000, as well as 6,500,000 rubles, respectively.

consulting company life is good reviews

Life Is Good provides warranties. Among them:

  • The shareholder, as well as all members of his family, can register.
  • Upon exit from the LCD, all unit contributions are returned.
  • The UFRS must register a long-term employment contract. A contract of paedo accumulation is also concluded.
  • After payment of the share, ownership of the property is transferred to the shareholder.

Most importantly, inflation is not taken into account. The shareholder pays a fixed amount.

About career

So what Life Is Good does is clear. Now it’s worth a little talk about what you need in order to start earning with her, and how this happens. Career in this company is:

  • Work in a huge team of like-minded people. The conditions are the same for everyone, everyone can count on support. There is no competition, since the field for personal professional growth is not limited.
  • Each new member joining Life Is Good, a networked company, receives comprehensive support from colleagues and from the leader. At any time, training programs, valuable information materials, as well as professional advice are available to him.
  • No need to risk personal means and come off for theoretical training, even to leave the previous job. You can earn from the very first days, and anywhere. A person sets a working rhythm for himself, sets goals, and also manages his time.

How is everything going? A person becomes an independent consultant to Life Is Good, and from the first days he begins to build a career, receive earnings and passive income from the profit that the company receives. He builds his business, personal structure, subsequently shares knowledge. And the company creates all the necessary conditions for him and provides resources.

What is the job?

Now the specifics. Anyone who is inspired by this idea can engage in Life Is Good marketing. The company has three stages of career growth:

  • Advertising agent. He may not even start a payroll account. His task: to guide potential customers to learn about Life Is Good's activities and what services the company provides. After a person pays the entry fee or opens an account, the agent receives a reward. Which one? Standard rates are as follows: for opening an account 5,000 rubles, for a cooperative - 15,000 rubles.
  • Financial Consultant. He has a salary account, he is officially an employee of the company. He is given the right to study at the expense of Life Is Good, go up the career ladder, and also build his own network of consultants and hire agents.
  • Financial Advisor. He is assigned the status of director. A financial adviser has certain rights and obligations.
life is good reviews

Of course, in order to start a career, you need to study in detail what Life Is Good is doing, as well as be diligent. But in the future, you can earn from 100,000 rubles a month, plus passive income, and not to mention such nice bonuses as numerous trips with a team abroad at the expense of the company.

Investment Reviews

Be sure to pay attention to what the real people tell you, who turned with the goal of making money to the consulting company Life Is Good. The reviews are numerous, and among them there are both negative and positive.

If you believe the words of real customers, the reason for the negative comments is that the people leaving them tried to start work without consultants - and this is difficult to do without any experience in this field.

How is everything going? The client registers with the company, he is handed the documents and the invoice, then he goes to the bank in order to credit the money to his account. The next day they go there.

From this moment, the client begins to make a profit. If you believe the words of satisfied people, then at least 20% per annum comes stably. Money can be transferred, withdrawn, credited - consultants tell about how this is done.

life is good marketing

Many in their reviews of Life Is Good write negatively about risks, even without trying to invest. But this point is logical. Investment activity is always a risk. And the fact that it is registered is correct.

There is no doubt about the integrity of the company. It works in the stock market, a confirmation of this fact can actually be found on the website of world regulators - a list of documents and licenses is also presented there.

Profitability Comments

Continuing to study the reviews left about Life Is Good, it is worth noting that with particular pleasure customers note the availability of credit in Europe. And just under 7% per annum.

Of course, there is also a minus - the commission is removed when depositing money through a bank. There is a loss of funds on conversion and on transactions during the transfer. But this is a nuance. But it is very beneficial to repay ruble debts in foreign currency. And the commission quickly pays off, thanks to the presence of passive income.

People say that this is a great way to get a good liability, and also save and increase funds by protecting them from inflation. Most customers thank the company for helping to get rid of loans and debts. By investing, you can really make a profit and start living, without denying yourself anything in the material plane.

Of the other advantages in the reviews left about Life Is Good, the following nuances are noted:

  • There is capitalization and diversification of the account.
  • Access to money and account is open 24/7.
  • If funds are credited through PayPro, no commission will be charged.

Installment reviews: how it works

This topic should also be noted with attention. Life Is Good reviews left by customers often describe the benefits of a mortgage alternative offered by the company. People say this is a unique product. After all, the creator of the holding, Roman Vasilenko, managed to combine a housing cooperative and marketing.

holding life is good reviews

To many people not familiar with Best Way LCDs, it seems strange that you can buy housing at such a modest interest. But it is precisely such rates that are offered in developed countries. And the cooperative works thanks to the activity of its participants. The more apartments will be acquired and the more shareholders will be in the queue, the faster it will begin to move.

This is a simple outline. A bit like the “mutual assistance fund” that existed during the Soviet era. For example, 10 people united, and each invested 35% of the cost of apartments in a single piggy bank.

Then housing is bought in turn. Then people pay with the participants of the cooperative, paying monthly payments to the account. The system is carefully thought out - each person gets his apartment guaranteed. And if there are not 10, but 100,000, how fast will the line move? As for the entry fee, it is needed to encourage all the same participants in the cooperative.

After all, such is the MLM system. A person invites someone, and the cooperative thanks him with money, because this is a motivation, an incentive to share with other information about the product provided (in this case, installment plan for housing).

People who have realized the principle of the system leave extremely positive feedback about Life Is Good Company. Thanks to this holding, many have already purchased excellent apartments for a relatively short period (up to 10 years), for which they paid without much damage to their wallet, since 2% per annum is really very small.

Employee Reviews

People who were not afraid to start making money with Life Is Good (many still need to make a contribution stop it) unanimously say that this decision changed their lives. Now the holding employs thousands of consultants. Everyone who was not afraid to start learning and learn new activities, reached a monthly income of several hundred thousand rubles (on average).

Plus, Life Is Good has a very good attitude towards consultants. The best employees are expected to receive valuable gifts and additional cash rewards, regular trips abroad, as well as a host of other pleasant bonuses that are an additional effective motivation to work.

life is good company reviews

Step-by-step instructions for success

Above we reviewed the reviews left about Life Is Good and reviewed the specifics of the products on offer. Now we should talk about how to begin to benefit from cooperation with the holding. And to be more precise, how in just 9 months to get the opportunity to find your own home. The actions are as follows:

  • It is necessary to open a VISTA salary account, putting 1100 euros on it. Of these, 800 are investments (agio, commission).
  • Register as a Life Is Good Consultant.
  • To study video lectures of experts, to get advice from the head.
  • Do not miss the company's monthly seminars.
  • Constantly put into practice the acquired knowledge and acquired skills.
  • Start earning (this succeeds after six months).
  • Wait for the expiration of the ninth month - at this point the turn for the property is suitable.

After this, a person acquires housing, and he still has an additional passive and structural income.

Learn more about actions.

Since it has already been said about feedback from Life Is Good employees and other nuances, you can consider the features of each of the steps described above.

So, only a holding employee can open a salary (aka investment and fee) VISTA account. To do this, you need to send a request in free form to the company’s email. After this, the person will also receive a detailed consultation.

The minimum contract for a VISTA account is 10,000 euros, but the initial contribution will be 1,100. e., as mentioned above. Another 10% of the contract amount should remain on the account, and you will also need to pay an activation fee. All this would have cost about 1800 y. e. But the notorious Hermes company allows you to pay a one-time commission (aka agio) on credit, and therefore you can still get an account at 1100. e.

After opening this account, a person will be registered as an employee. He will be given a personal account and will be assigned an ID. He will be able to track all the information about his fees and career progression.

Then the new consultant will need to study what Life Is Good does. The workshops of Allan Pisa, Andreas Vince, Bob Doyle, Roman Vasilenko will help. Also get used to the business will help the head. He will explain how to achieve maximum results in the shortest possible time.

Seminars should also be attended. They are a source of unique knowledge on achieving success and building a career. They can also gain new experience, meet other experienced consultants, and gain support.

If a person will actively promote the financial products of the company (COOP and VISTA), then he will gain a solid increase in cash. After 6 months, you can really start earning - and the money that is enough for the minimum payment for the purchased apartment.

Examples of earnings

They are also worth exploring, talking about the activities of Life Is Good (the logo is presented above).

So, let's say an apartment costs 2,500,000 p. For a person to be in the line of shareholders of the notorious Best Way residential complex, he needs to pay 35%. This is 875,000 rubles. In addition, you need to make an entry fee of 2,000. e. At the current rate, this is approximately 150,000 rubles.

It turns out that a person needs to earn 1,025,000 rubles for six months. It turns out, about 170 833 rubles / month. Is it real? Yes, the task is feasible, although in the first month there will be no such profit, and this must be taken into account. As a result, the goal is changing, it turns out 205 000 r / month.

To achieve this goal, you must actively promote the product offered by Life Is Good. It must be remembered that the company has 10 levels of posts, and the person will receive payments in accordance with what he is located on. To rise higher, you need to make more sales.

life is good company

So, the 1st month is the 1st level. It will be enough to attract two activated shareholders of the LCD “Best Way” and interest three clients in opening a VISTA account for basic contracts (10,000 cu). For each contract, a person will receive units (points), which are then converted into euros. , , 5 1- 1139,94 . . 85 484 .

2- , , . . 1- 3 , 2- – 5.

Having concluded 4 transactions with shareholders and 4 with clients wishing to open a VISTA account in the 2nd month, the consultant will already earn 2,719.92. e. And this is almost 204,000 rubles!

The principle is clear. For 6 months you can earn on a down payment for the purchase of housing. A person will do it, stand in line, and after 3 months, the LCD will acquire an apartment for him. Then he can only pay in accordance with the installment schedule.

Most importantly, nothing ends there. You can continue to work in Life Is Good, which everyone does, because the profits are really impressive, and the opportunity to get a solid passive income is attractive.

Having understood the principle of the company, you can understand that there are no pitfalls or omissions. Everything is transparent, and the established mechanism has been operating like a Swiss watch for many years.


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