Podology - what is it? Clinic of Podology in Moscow: reviews

Science podology - what is it and what is the scope of its study?

Previously, surgeons were involved in leg problems. Now, taking care of a healthy foot, eliminating problems, treating foot diseases, medical pedicures - all this is the field of podology science, which stands on the verge of surgery and dermatology.

The basics of podology

Every year, a person walks from one hundred to two hundred thousand kilometers, while the feet are restored and do not lose their functionality. During walking, their arched structure withstands the load, twice the human weight, while running it increases in five times.

podology what is it

The basis of the podology includes: proper foot care, elimination of problematic areas of the foot, treatment of the diabetic foot, bath and other cosmetic procedures to keep the legs in excellent condition.

Questions that podology decides

We have learned to skillfully wreck this mechanism, often simply when wearing uncomfortable shoes. In the process of friction and pressure, aesthetic defects arise that provoke more serious problems and interfere with an active life. The victims of fashion are mainly women, comfort is important for men, but there are exceptions.

What diseases does the specialist treat?

Aesthetic podology

- An ingrown nail is a painful sensation in the nail or periungual roller, accompanied by redness, inflammation and, in the extreme stages, suppuration.

Currently, podology is successfully dealing with this problem. What is it: non-surgical treatment of an ingrown nail? Leading experts successfully apply corrective brackets and plates.

podology photo

- Cracks on the heel - an unpleasant and unaesthetic phenomenon. Moreover, they are open to fungal infections. Crack treatment requires several procedures, and the sooner the patient consults a podologist, the faster and more painless this problem will be solved.

- Hyperkeratosis is a multi-stage treatment process, which includes carrying out procedures to soften the hardened skin of the foot, removing the stratum corneum and resurfacing.

Clinical podology

- Various manifestations of fungal diseases: mycoses, onychomycoses. Deformation of the nail plate, discoloration, dryness, peeling and itching of the skin, the appearance of microcracks - at the first appearance of any of these signs, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible. Podology is everything is successfully treated, and only a specialist can accurately determine the type of infection, because the success of recovery depends on this.

podology what is braces

- The callus is the most unpleasant form, it causes pain and discomfort when walking. It occurs both from mechanical damage and from a dermatotropic virus. To remove the corns, the doctor uses cutters and polished diamond stones, which act without damaging the skin of the foot. The procedure is performed without anesthesia.

After removing the callus at home, it reappears over time. The reason for this may be the incorrect setting of the leg, which is corrected by the podology. What is it: an orthosis corrector, how to choose and how positive the effect of its application will be - all this can be found out at a specialist appointment.

- Removal of plantar warts. Such warts are a benign infectious neoplasm that causes the papilloma virus.

podology is

- Nail prosthetics. It has nothing to do with acrylic or gel modeling. It is a temporary measure aimed at giving the nails an aesthetic appearance.

The use of brackets and plates. Innovative podology

What is orthonix?

Often, when certain types of the above diseases occur, nail deformation develops. Ortonixia is the correction of the nail plate through special systems.

If there is a problem of an ingrown nail or its deformation, doctors no longer practice surgical intervention. The use of corrective systems makes extensive use of podology. What is it: to direct the growth of the nail with brackets and plates, and how safe is it?

These systems are indicated for ingrown nail problems and are fixed for a period of 5 to 10 months. Using the innovative COMBIped technique, even children can correct deformities.

All this is done by podology. A photo of the correction of the nail using the plate is shown in the photo below.

basics of podology

Beauty salon or clinic. What to choose?

Due to the relevance of the problem, departments of podology are opening in many medical institutions and clinics in Moscow. Not so long ago, the Central Department of Specialized Care opened a new direction in dermatovenereology. In this case, podology, as a branch of practical medicine, solves the issues of nail deformation, which provoked orthopedic, dermatological, endocrinological and surgical problems.

podology clinic in moscow reviews

At the clinic, it is necessary to consult a dermatovenerologist, who, after evaluating the problem, will be referred to a specialist podologist.

Testimonials of clients who underwent treatment testify to the individual and professional approach of doctors using high-tech equipment. The new combination therapy in combination with the hardware processing of the affected nail plates allows eliminating the problems of the foot for elderly people and those suffering from diabetes.

In addition, in many beauty salons and cosmetology centers in Moscow there is a nail service specialist who has been trained in the basics of podology. Thanks to the development of this science, the art of pedicure has reached a new level. Many foot diseases were previously treated with surgical methods. Now in salons and centers are treated without surgery and gentle methods.

The Cleo-Line cosmetology center in Moscow specializes in hardware cosmetology, including the nail service - medical manicure and pedicure. According to the reviews of visitors who underwent treatment with podologists, all of them got rid of existing foot defects. The technique of hardware pedicure used at the Center is gaining the recognition of dozens of customers.

The Moscow Center for Beauty and Health "Mediart Clinics" provides a full range of cosmetology services, including treatment and prevention of foot diseases. Customer reviews of the Center testify to the widespread use of such a modern technique as orthonyxia - correction of ingrown nails by means of a hardware pedicure, fixing brackets and plates.

In addition, the Center provides services for the treatment and treatment of diabetic foot.


Which option is preferable: a cosmetology salon or a podology clinic in Moscow? Reviews will help determine the choice. However, remember: a good specialist approaches the problem comprehensively, selects treatment, taking into account the individuality of each patient. Be sure to give recommendations to avoid relapse. In addition, a professional foot care and disease prevention product can be obtained from a doctor.

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