Why is software piracy detrimental to society? (Answers)

Downloading files from the Internet, buying or selling unlicensed programs, copying software from the official versions - all this is computer piracy. Why is pirate business growing so fast? Do I need to fight it?

What is piracy?

Computer piracy is the illegal distribution of software. It can manifest itself in different ways, but the result is one. Illegal distribution of software is already considered the "norm" in many countries. Somewhere there is a tough policy of eliminating piracy, and somewhere it has developed to such an extent that it is incredibly difficult to deal with it. So why is software piracy detrimental to society?

why software piracy is detrimental to society

What is the point of copying software?

Computer piracy is a business, and quite profitable. Hundreds of counterfeit copies fall on the markets and thereby bring incredible income to the distributor. The most difficult thing is not to copy videos, music and programs, but to distribute them through sales channels.

How is the distribution of fake programs?

Copying and duplication of illegal software can be carried out at different levels:

  1. "Through the neighbor." Imagine the situation that your friend asked for a disc with the program he needed. You, of course, agreed. But are you sure that this disc is licensed? If this is not the case, you have become a kind of distributor of illegal programs. You not only gave the disk for use, but also once purchased it, thereby financing its distributors.
  2. Small "pirates." These are people who independently engage in video and audio copying and selling their products. Production is carried out in small offices, one or two people. Software copies of such distributors do not go beyond small markets and subway transitions.
  3. Serious organizations for the replication and sale of illegal programs. A group of sales-savvy people who know a lot about copying software is already working here. They create discs with pirated videos and programs on a large scale. We can meet the results of the work of such “establishments” everywhere, starting from the same transitions and ending with large disk shops.
  4. "Your own enemy." It's hard to believe, but official software companies are creating problems for themselves. So, to increase profits, they release "left" circulations of disks in large quantities. The buyer will never guess that he bought a fake: the licensed version of the pirated one is no different.

why software piracy is detrimental

As you can see, the "pirate" business is very developed. This leads to a whole bunch of problems that everyone suffers from: both users and the state.

How piracy harms people

How and why is software piracy harmful to society? Consider the examples of different groups of people.

computer piracy


Producers of illegal programs only copy official programs and remake them for themselves. The creation of new software is done by programmers. Only they own the copyright to their fruits of work. For the sale of licensed video, audio products, they receive a percentage of the profits.

Pirated copies of software force official versions of products out of markets. Roughly speaking, distributors of illegal programs steal money from the creators of licensed versions. Given the scale of replication of pseudo-programs, we can estimate the immodest amount that the pirates take.


Pirated products are several times cheaper than their originals. “What's so bad?” - you ask.

Unlicensed programs have a no less destructive effect on users. You have no idea that buying such products, you involuntarily become violators of the law. But the distributors know this, and nevertheless continue to sell you their “works”.

After unscrupulous manufacturers have copied the right program, video or music, they make significant changes to the work of these products. This may be a stripped-down demo version of the program, for the full functionality of which you will have to pay separately. It can also be programs stuffed with vile viruses. Malicious programs that crack your passwords, IP, bank accounts can also get to your computer after installation.

But here you are lucky, and there are no viruses and other problems after installation. Here are just updates and additions that are downloaded in the official versions of the programs, too. In some cases, this is not so important, but for some users this is important.

Finally, while working with illegal software, problems may arise in the operation, lags and freezes of the computer. Even the full version of a pirated product may lack all the functionality.


Why is software piracy detrimental to the state? First of all, these are economic problems. Duplication and marketing of unlicensed programs significantly reduces the state’s profit from sales. Often the amounts are simply colossal, because we are talking about millions and billions of dollars.

The problem of employment is also partly caused by the pirate industry. The state is not able to finance several thousand potential jobs. Moreover, the size of wages could also be significantly higher.

This is why software piracy is detrimental to society.

computer piracy harms society

Forms of Computer Piracy

Another reason why software piracy is detrimental to society is the variety of forms of illegal business.

  1. Copying products by the buyer. This is the easiest type of piracy. The person who purchased the disk with the program can create an illegal copy of it.
  2. Install pirated software on your hard drive. When buying a computer or reinstalling the operating system, pirates often equip a computer with illegal programs in advance.
  3. Large-scale production of unlicensed software. This includes industrial copying and the subsequent replication of fakes, their sale on the market and, ultimately, profit.
  4. Internet piracy. The most developed branch of software copying, because most computer owners are also Internet users. Every day, programs, films, and music are downloaded from file hosting sites using links. It’s even hard to imagine the scale of the pirate industry on the Internet.

why computer piracy harms society answers


Why is software piracy detrimental to society? The answers lie in the statistics:

  • The total losses of software manufacturers amounted to 30-40 billion dollars.
  • In 2008, the piracy rate in Russia was 87%. If the percentage decreased by at least 10 points, the income from the IT sector would double, and the number of jobs by 30 thousand.
  • In Russia, through the fault of pirates, the loss amounted to $ 4.5 billion.
  • Selling its products abroad, the United States loses $ 800 million in Russia, $ 2.4 billion in China and $ 1.6 billion in Italy.

why computer piracy harms society

The statistics show that the problem of illegal software copying is haunting many countries of the world. Computer piracy is detrimental to the society of Russia, the USA, China, Italy, Venezuela and many CIS countries.


The spread of illegal software is one of the reasons for the economic decline of any country. Because of pirated copies, many users face numerous problems with their computer. Everyone suffers: ordinary people, and programmers, and the state. This is why software piracy is detrimental to society.

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