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As a rule, most of us spend a lot of time watching TV. I want to watch your favorite movies and TV shows without any interference and in good quality. It is convenient when there are many channels and the choice of what to watch in the evening after work. To do this, you can purchase a Tricolor satellite dish . After buying it, the question immediately arises of how to configure the Tricolor antenna.

how to set up tricolor

The antenna sales company provides installation and tuning services by a specialist, since it is not recommended to carry out everything yourself. But there are people who prefer to save, so you can try to install the antenna yourself and figure out how to set up Tricolor TV.

What is needed for this? To begin with, we determine the place where the antenna will be installed. An important factor is the open view of the direction to the satellite. That is, the imaginary line connecting the antenna and the satellite should be freely open (without foreign objects such as trees, buildings or tall buildings). The closer the antenna to the place where the TV is located, the more accessible and easier it will be to install and configure it. It is not advisable to install the device where water can get on it, for example, under weirs or under a roof slope. The best option would be the outside of the balcony or loggia, but not the inside. Or you can install it on the roof or near the window.

how to set up tricolor tv

After installing the antenna, we will return to the question of how to configure the Tricolor. You must first pull the cable from the converter, which will be pre-installed on the antenna to the receiver. After we connect the receiver directly to the TV. Connect the TV to the receiver according to the instructions.

In the question of how to set up the Tricolor, you can use the classic version of the setting for the sun. At the time when it is in the south, at about one in the afternoon, put a satellite dish on it. We pay attention to what time of the year settings are made and in what time zone. When tuning the antenna, you need to smoothly rotate it until you catch the most good signal from the satellite. In the case when he did not immediately appear, you need to raise or lower the antenna mirror and again smoothly rotate it until the result is obtained.

how to tricolor antenna

And only when the signal is caught and a picture appears on the TV screen, the question of how to set up the Tricolor will be practically resolved. Then tighten all the nuts and bolts from the antenna, select "Received signal strength" in the terminal menu and activate it. In case of bad weather (snow, rain, cloudiness) the signal may decrease. When everything is clear and there is an opportunity to figure everything out on your own, then such a task will not seem difficult.

After reading carefully the attached instructions, listening to all the recommendations, you can cope with the installation and configuration. Having done all the operations without the help of a specialist, you can further give advice to others on how to set up the Tricolor. And enjoy at home or in the country watching free satellite TV channels in excellent quality!


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