Nailing according to Rempel. What days to cut nails

Recently, magical beliefs have become very popular. They are very closely connected with the human body, especially those that relate to its beauty: hair, nails, etc. This article discusses the topic of nail cutting: on which days to cut your nails so that it is beneficial and not harmful. As well as financial and mental well-being.

Rempel nail cutting

For starters, a little about the author. One of the most famous astrologers who compiles Lunar calendars for cutting nails and hair is Alexander Rempel. In the cycles that he composes, all the nuances of haircuts and how each of them affects the human body are clearly described. In his opinion, nails are considered a carrier of a special human energy. Alexander Rempel’s calendars help determine which day it is advisable to cut, and which is not recommended. Compliance with the schedule will allow you to avoid disturbances in the vital processes of the body.

what days to cut nails

If you wondered when it is possible to cut nails according to Rempel, then the astrologer recommends doing this procedure in the second quarter of the growing moon and the third quarter of the waning. But he does not recommend it - in the first quarter of the growing moon and on the new moon.

Nailing according to Rempel should also be compared with the lunar calendar. When this is done on the right and right day, it has a positive effect on well-being and health.

Nail cut by day of the week

Daily procedures depend not only on the cycles of the moon, but on the days of the week. On which days to cut nails so as not to harm your health and bring only benefits? We consider this question further in the text. The nails of a person carry not only an aesthetic meaning, they protect the hands from various injuries, therefore, it is necessary to carefully monitor their cleanliness. Nails are also present in the nails. By their color and condition, you can find out about human health. There are a number of some signs by which you can perform a nail cut on the days of the week. There are both favorable days for this, and not very.

alexander rempel

Monday. Many people associate this day with problems, consider it very difficult, but it suits perfectly for nail cutting. This helps to survive the accumulated problems over the past week, to survive stresses.

Tuesday. If your head often hurts and there are some problems with the vessels, then this is the most suitable day for a manicure. It will also help protect your aura.

Wednesday. A haircut on this day will help to establish relationships with others and loved ones. Will show the right path in business. Normalizes the nervous system.

Thursday. A very favorable day for nail cutting, helps to develop self-confidence. Helps in the work of the liver.

Friday is considered an unfavorable day for nail cutting, mainly for men, they can worsen their health, and for women it is a neutral day that will not affect anything.

Saturday. The best day to cut your nails. On this day, there is a complete cleansing of the body, both spiritually and physically. House cleaning is also performed on Saturday - this is the most favorable time for this. After the manicure, there is a great chance to meet your love.

Sunday is not intended for cutting nails. This is the final day of the week, it must be spent in rest. You should set yourself up for a fruitful next week on this day. Nail clipping can disrupt all plans.

What time to cut nails

We found out on what day you need to cut your nails, now we decide on the time. Here, too, there are some points, because it is advisable to do this in the morning or even in the early morning. There is such a sign that if you cut your nails after dinner or in the evening, then financial difficulties may arise. In the old days, in the absence of lighting, this procedure was carried out exclusively during the day, since in the dark it was possible to cut oneself, which led to the fact that work was poorly performed the next day, hence financial problems.

nail cutting by day of the week

Nevertheless, everyone decides for himself whether to believe in signs or not. Some people manage to do manicures exclusively in the evening, so a person decides whether to stay with his clipped nails or succumb to the influence of bad superstitions.

Lunar haircut

Trimming nails and hair according to the lunar calendar allows you to determine favorable days when you can visit the salon for these purposes, and when it is not recommended. In order not to lose vital energy and not cause health problems, you need to choose favorable lunar days for nail cutting.

nail file

The new moon is, as is commonly believed, two days before the new moon itself and two after. In this phase, often, disorders in the mental health of a person are observed. Occasionally, loss of vitality occurs. Therefore, in the new moon, it is not recommended to cut nails and hair, otherwise it can lead to the loss of good energy and attract negative.

The Crescent Moon, the first quarter. These days, the body accumulates useful energy, however, there is a decrease in immunity. It is not advisable to cut your nails these days, so as not to bring about even more weakening of the body.

The growing moon, second quarter. Strengthening of emotional health is observed, in the physical plane a person becomes more active. These days, it is advisable to carry out procedures to strengthen nails and hair. Massages will also have a good effect on the body.

Full moon. It is generally accepted that these days there is a waste of energy that has accumulated up to this time. An increase in aggressiveness and irritability may be observed. By the way, if you cut hair these days, then they will grow faster.

Waning Crescent, third quarter. During this period, a large amount of vital energy is spent. There are still forces in the body, so any loads are still easily tolerated. If you visit a salon for manicure, then this will change the nails for the better, they will cease to exfoliate. Hair will gain shine and strengthen. Nails after cutting during this period will grow more slowly, so this is also worth considering.

Waning Crescent, fourth quarter. These days, there is a decrease in energy and vital forces, as well as a depletion of immunity, so you can easily get sick during this period. It is not recommended to carry out manipulations with nails and hair. This is only permissible if you are in good health. But, anyway, it is recommended to transfer the procedure to another phase of the moon.

when you can cut your nails

If, nevertheless, you decide to cut your nails according to Rempel or the lunar calendar, then you need to choose the right day, based on the characteristics of your body.

Where to drop cropped nails

With cropped nails you need to be extremely careful. You can’t leave them where not very good people can pick them up. Hair and nails carry a charge of energy, and in malicious intent their use can cause great harm to humans. It is not advisable to throw them in the trash, they were burned before, but nowadays it is recommended to flush them into the toilet.

Nail cutting in a child

auspicious lunar days for cutting nails

There are several beliefs about when to start cutting nails in newborns. For the first time you can cut them only after the tenth day of life. There is also such a sign that you can’t remove them with scissors, but you need to bite off or cut them off. But you need to do this very carefully so as not to injure the baby. The best time for this is early morning.

It is undesirable to cut nails when the child is sleeping, as this can attract bad energy to him, or, more banal, can disturb his sleep. It is recommended to do this procedure with special tools designed specifically for children's nails.

According to Rempel, nail cutting in a child is carried out in exactly the same way as in an adult.

Oracle tips

The oracle considers nail cutting one of the most important rites, so you need to do this procedure on special days for this.

The fifth lunar day contributes to financial profit, on the eighth manicure is done to improve well-being.

At the eleventh, you need to do those who seek to develop psychic abilities in themselves.

The thirteenth day is considered the best and most favorable - a haircut has a rejuvenating effect on the body.

The fourteenth day is considered suitable for improving the situation at work. In the nineteenth you can attract luck and success.

21 and 23 affect the general condition of the body.

But, nevertheless, 26 and 27 are considered the best lunar days - a haircut brings family happiness and joy.

good days for cutting nails

Nailing according to Rempel is an important and difficult ceremony. An astrologer draws up a calendar every month. Of course, it is not always possible to observe all signs, sometimes only 3-4 good days fall out per month.

Some Nail Care Tips

Nails should be cut exclusively with their manicure set, do not tighten until they begin to flake. It is recommended to make masks for nails and hands, both for moisturizing and anti-aging effect.


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