Memo how to remove acrylic nails at home

Nail extension by any technology has long been included in the life of modern girls. Every second lady resorts to this procedure. It is not difficult to build up nails in the salon, but then removing them yourself is quite problematic. And still possible. Before removing acrylic nails at home, you need to thoroughly study the issue and purchase tools and materials.

how to remove acrylic nails at home

Any procedure related to manicure requires preparation. First of all, the theory. So, the removal of acrylic nails can occur in two ways:

  • Cutting to zero.
  • Using special tools.

The first method requires maximum attention and accuracy. You will need:

  • Files of various abrasiveness (100/100, 150/180, 200/220).
  • Boat (nippers for artificial nails).
  • Cuticle oil.

Before removing acrylic nails at home, remove the length with a boat. Extremely neat. Acrylic is a very hard material and it is not always the first time you can "bite off" it. If it did not work out, then it is better to first remove the thickness with nail files. The top layer is removed by the toughest of them (100/100). Further, the nail files are softer and softer. The closer the natural plate, the greater the abrasiveness (200/220). The boat can be used when the entire top layer is removed. After the artificial material is removed, you can treat the cuticle with oil. It is very important not to injure her during the sawing process. Better to keep a small layer of material near it, which then will itself depart as the natural nail grows.

how to remove extended acrylic nails

The second method is not so complicated and requires:

  • Boats.
  • Acrylic Remover Fluids.
  • Lint-free napkins.
  • Food foil.
  • Nail files (150/180).
  • Cuticle oils.

How to remove extended acrylic nails? First, remove the length, then apply liquid to remove acrylic on lint-free wipes . Not all at once, but each in turn. Then attach a napkin to the nail, fix it with foil, so that the reaction goes faster. How much to wait? It all depends on which brand you use. In any case, the instructions should indicate how to remove acrylic nails at home, how much fluid to hold. The foil with napkins is removed in the same order as it was applied. Next, the softened material just needs to be cut. Very quickly, because acrylic has the ability to polymerize in air. At the end of the procedure, apply oil to the cuticle.

removal of acrylic nails

How to remove acrylic nails at home yet? No other way. You can not pick up the material with anything, abruptly tear it off. This injures the natural plate. It will be quite difficult for her to recover. By the way, after removing the material, it is advisable to do wellness baths for nails with sea salt, iodine for a couple of days. It is recommended to refuse to cover the nails with anything (varnish, gel polish , paints, etc.).

Before removing acrylic nails at home, it is better to ask the advice of the master who made them. Perhaps his advice will be useful, because no one except a specialist knows your nails so well.


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