How to use biogel at home

In order to use the biogel at home, you need to stock up on certain means and tools. You will need: biogel, acid-free primer, degreaser, finish gel or clearcoat, ultraviolet lamp, as well as brushes No. 6-7.

biogel at home
Using biogel at home is easy enough. To do this, you just need to go through certain stages of nail processing step by step, which will be discussed later. Initially, you need to take care of the cuticle, it is lubricated with oil and carefully moved away with a special spatula. Then it is necessary to give the desired shape to the nails using a nail file, to polish the surface of the plates (a buff file is used for this). Next, you need to remove the dust and walk through a degreasing agent.

The next step is to use a primer. It must be very carefully applied to the surface of the nail plates without affecting the skin. After that, you can apply biogel on your nails at home. The first layer is applied very thinly, while it should seal the edge of the nail. For drying, 1-2 minutes of exposure to an ultraviolet lamp is enough .

biogel nails at home

Now you can apply a second coat, which is dried in the same way. In total, biogel coating at home implies 3-5 layers, however, a woman herself can choose the most suitable application thickness.

When all layers are applied and the last is dried, the time comes to consolidate the result. To do this, you can use the finish varnish or plain colorless varnish. The only difference is that the first is dried with an ultraviolet lamp, and the second - in the usual way.

Use biogel at home can be both transparent and color. In the first case, it is possible to apply a regular colored varnish on top of strengthened nails, as a rule, gels are not sensitive to acetone. The second option eliminates the need to additionally use conventional means.

biogel coating at home
As you know, nail extension involves a correction in 2-3 weeks, which is a necessity due to the natural growth of nails. You can carry out this procedure yourself. To begin with, an overgrown strip of nail is degreased and polished (for this it is better to use a special manicure device). The treated strip is gradually filled with gel, each layer is dried. A slightly convex shape should be made, which will merge with the old coating. The most important thing is to ensure that voids do not appear.

Using biogel at home to create a beautiful manicure is quite simple, but removing it presents some difficulty. As already mentioned, most of these tools are not sensitive to the effects of acetone, so the coating will have to be cut. For this, a nail file with an abrasive of 100-150 grit is used. To speed up the process, you can cut off the nail a little. Sawing does not take much time, since the biogel itself is soft. In general, the procedure takes about 15 minutes.

After removing artificial nails, natural ones require special care. They need to be lubricated with cosmetic or any vegetable oil (apricot, olive, etc.). You need to rub it with massage movements, and then polish your nails with a suede polisher.


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