The meaning of the name David for the boy, origin, characterization and fate

When a new person is born, parents experience a natural concern about his future fate. They are ready to do everything possible so that he is healthy and happy. There is an opinion that the name that will be given to the beloved child can have a significant impact on his subsequent life.

It was expressed by some Greek minds, astrologers, and even recent philosophers, such as Pavel Florensky. Someone is skeptical of such judgments, and someone perceives them with a certain degree of interest. For the last category of parents in this review, the origin, significance and nationality of the name David will be considered.

Name origin

Perhaps the most famous character with this name is the biblical king David. The meaning and origin of the name David is often associated with him. The time of his reign is supposedly the 9th – 10th centuries BC. He ruled for about 50 years, first in Judea (with the capital in Hebron), and then in the united Israeli-Jewish kingdom (with the capital in Jerusalem). There was fame for King David as a powerful, wise and enlightened ruler.

David - creative nature

What does the name David mean? The meaning of the name has Jewish roots, translated from Hebrew it means "beloved", "beloved." Although the existence of a Jewish king with such a name is not an indisputable fact today, some parents, giving it to the boy, believe that the qualities mentioned above will be inherent in him. In the Russian tradition, the name is pronounced as Davyd, and in the Muslim tradition, Daud, or Dawood.

Name day of david

Birthday days for David are:

  • in January - 5, 10, 27;
  • in July - 8, 9, 15;
  • in September - 18 and 19;
  • in October - 15 and 31;
  • in December - 16.

According to astrologers, people named David born these days are characterized by qualities such as freedom of love, independence, strength of character, perseverance, and a tendency to risk.

Name Mascots

Astrologers say the following about David’s talismans:

Planet Mercury
  • Its planets are Mercury and Mars.
  • The stone of people with this name is amethyst.
  • Their element is Fire.
  • The symbolic metal is iron.
  • The lucky number is the number 6.
  • It is best to give the name David to those boys who were born under the signs of Libra and Capricorn.
  • An animal protecting David - tour.
  • The plant that favors him is the laurel tree.

Life success and weaknesses

The meaning of the name David for the boy suggests that with the above character traits, he will be able to achieve great success in life, including sports, find his vocation and live up to the expectations of his parents for his bright future. Of course, for this they will need to make a number of efforts in the upbringing process in order to overcome the negative aspects.

Amethyst Stone

The meaning of the name David for the child suggests that on his way there will be difficulties associated with a firm and imperious character. Not everyone will like his self-confidence and straightforwardness. And excessive sincerity can sometimes border on indivisibility. This is what father and mother need to pay attention to in time to correct such nuances.

early years

The relationship between the meaning of the name and fate for the boy David begins to manifest itself in the early years. On the one hand, the child is distinguished by kindness and cheerfulness, sociability, friendliness and cheerfulness. And on the other hand, calm, prudence, patience, restraint are inherent in him.

Another feature that distinguishes David and manifests itself from childhood is his integrity, a sense of justice and responsibility. He can be given various small assignments, which he will fulfill with dignity. And David is also quick-witted and able to solve problems with an intellectual bias.

It should be noted that the meaning of the name David for the boy is associated with another difficulty that he will encounter due to the lack of the ability to quickly establish new contacts. That is, those friendliness and sociability mentioned above do not immediately come to him. He shows these qualities to already familiar, close people and relatives. As for other people, you need to help the child find a common language with them, which will greatly facilitate his life in the future.

Teenage years

The meaning of the name David for this time is as follows. If his parents took into account certain difficulties at the beginning of the period of communication with unfamiliar people and helped the child overcome this shortcoming, then he will turn into an outgoing teenager. He will attract others with his charm, cheerful disposition, eloquence and decency. This will allow David to better demonstrate those leadership qualities that are inherent in this name, as well as find true friends.

The planet Mars

For David, the family and the inner circle are still of great importance. Close, he is ready to give his time and warm feelings, sacrifice something significant, give practical advice, help in trouble and in a difficult situation.

At the same time, he himself shares his problems and concerns, and may ask for help. Here, the boy’s parents can be advised to pay attention to his excessive credulity, and possibly naivety, illegibility in people, as he prefers to notice mostly positive qualities in others.

Adult david

Let's talk about the meaning of the name David for an adult man. With age, David’s soft features will be somewhat smoothed out, he will become more strict, judicious, firm and calm. He will gain self-confidence, it will be difficult to lose his way, to lose his temper, to hurt the living. And also David will become secretive, less gullible and sociable.

Libra constellation

Its adherence to principles will only strengthen over the years, it will be bolder, more insistent, one might even say stubborn. These features will manifest themselves in all areas of David's life and work — in work, at home, with friends. At the same time, he will remain as responsible as in his childhood. He will not throw words into the wind, will not let his comrade down, will conscientiously carry out his work.

Among other things, his leadership qualities will be strengthened, he will be able to make a good career, lead an important area of ​​work, lead people and achieve significant success in fulfilling the assigned tasks.

Davids in adulthood have high moral qualities in personal relationships. They are devoted friends, attentive sons, and caring husbands. And also they are not alien to romance in relations with the opposite sex. Sometimes a married man with the name David may give in to hobby and look at the side, but, as a rule, he is able to change his mind and pull himself together, successfully resolving the situation. Consider his relationship with women in more detail.

David and women

The meaning of the name David in relations with women is manifested as follows. In adolescence, a guy with this name will not be deprived of female attention, as, indeed, in more adult years. But at the same time, children's complexes associated with the dating process will always interfere with him, even if they will be overcome with age with regard to men.

Capricorn constellation

David will always need some impetus to develop feelings and relationships with girls. For him, a situation in which a potential partner will take the first step will be preferable.

The meaning of the name David has a significant impact on his personal life. Astrologers predict for men with that name its rather rapid course, full of surprises and serious passions. It is believed that often the first marriage with David is unsuccessful, and this despite his warmth and sincerity. Astrologers attribute this to the fact that often he gives in to the first impulse, not understanding the true state of things, connecting, as they say, not with his person.

As for the second attempt to create a family, it is usually doomed to success. Moreover, David turns into an ideal husband - a getter and protector, a father, who is an example for his children. As mentioned above, if he has any kind of connections on the side, then usually they are fleeting and very rare.

Nature and season

According to astrologers, the character of David has these or those features depending on the time of year in which he was born. Here are some examples:

David Tree - Laurel
  • Summer davids are slightly more emotional than restrained boys born in other seasons. They are more sociable, mobile, inquisitive and brave.
  • Boys born in the autumn are more thorough, pragmatic, calm and prudent. They are less sociable and open to relationships.
  • Men named David born in winter are characterized by stubbornness, self-confidence, and determination. They are very purposeful, successful, easily overcome obstacles, always ready to deal with adverse circumstances that only temper them, and not stop them.
  • A feature of spring David is a tendency to romance, creative impulses, flight of imagination and developed imagination. They are not as persistent and calm as those born in winter and autumn, but they are just as reliable and ready to help people in need.

Having become acquainted with the origin and meaning of the name David, we can conclude that such people are inherent in contradictions. They are not whole natures, but nevertheless their predominant qualities make them outstanding and attractive to others. These people combine pragmatism and romance, determination and kindness, loyalty and the ability to get involved. If you seriously believe the influence of the name on the fate of a person, then we can say that the influence of the name David will not be negative.


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