Scaffolding frame construction

Frame scaffolding has always been very common in private and industrial construction. Even the most ordinary work, such as applying plaster to walls, cannot be completed without using them. The mentioned scaffoldings are built using light aluminum or steel alloys, but both of these components can be used in tandem. Structures can be based on pipes whose stiffening ribs form a reliable frame. For convenience, wheels are sometimes fixed to such systems, which simplifies movement around the territory. Frame scaffolding is used when there is a need to carry out work using building materials of not very impressive weight.

Features of frame scaffolding

Frame forests

Frame scaffolding, in addition to metal racks and frames, should have a flooring, for which wood most often acts as a material. If you want to get a design that will be most convenient to handle, then you need to use aluminum in your work. This is due to the fact that this material does not have such an impressive weight. However, it must be taken into account that aluminum is not able to withstand such loads that a steel structure can undergo.

As the most suitable dimensions, one can distinguish a height of 150 cm and a width equivalent to 100 cm. As for the dimensions of the section, its length can vary from 165 to 200 cm. The number of sections to be selected depending on the height of the building and the length of its walls .

Tools and materials

frame scaffolding

In order to build frame scaffolding for construction, it is necessary to prepare some materials and tools in advance, among them it is worth highlighting:

  • profile;
  • a pipe;
  • boards;
  • a ladder;
  • bolts
  • washers;
  • nuts
  • self-tapping screws;
  • hacksaw;
  • grinder;
  • welding machine;
  • threaded fasteners.

Preparatory work


The pipe should have a square section of 3x3 cm, while its length should be equal to 150 cm, it should be used for uprights. In addition, it will be necessary to prepare a pipe with a diameter of 15 mm, it will form the basis of horizontal and diagonal struts. In the process of work, the profile, which should have a square section of 2.5x2.5 cm, cannot be dispensed with, it is useful for connecting inserts. The latter is supposed to support the flooring. Boards come in handy, their thickness should be 5 cm, but their length is 2.5 m, you will use them as flooring.

Frame scaffolding should be convenient to use, which is why it is recommended that they be equipped with a ladder. It can be ready or assembled during the installation of scaffolding. In the latter case, you can apply a profile that is mounted between the side posts. With the help of the stairs, the craftsmen will quickly climb to the very top of the forests. You can not do without fasteners, which can be bolts and washers, as well as nuts, which will ensure a strong connection of parts and elements, but in order to install boards, self-tapping screws should be used.

To fit steel elements to size, it is necessary to prepare a hacksaw designed for working with metal. Finishing work in the shortest possible time will be possible by applying a grinder. You can make holes with a drill, which has a drill for metal. But it will be possible to connect the structure together by welding. Frame scaffolding can also be assembled with threaded fasteners.

Preparation of the territory for the installation of forests

installation of frame scaffolding

In order to make the forests more stable, it is recommended to prepare the territory before the assembly process. For this, the plot of land where the structure is supposed to be installed must be well compacted. If scaffolding is carried out during the rainy season, it is possible to equip a drainage system, then the soil under the base of the scaffolds will not erode. At the points of the supports, it is necessary to mount boards, which will result in greater stability.

The technology of manufacturing frame scaffolding

frame woods photo

It is worth remembering that frame scaffolding construction can be destroyed if even slight backlash in the joints is formed during assembly. A badly twisted thread can also lead to breakage. Such consequences are not only disappointing, but can also cause builders to get injured.

It is necessary to start work with blanks of elements from the pipe. To do this, it must be cut into pieces of the desired size. You can be guided by this example, which involves cutting the pipe into billets: their length can be 200 cm, these parts will become diagonal struts, but horizontal struts should have a length of 96 cm, they will mate the sides. They must be cut at the ends by 8 cm, and then gently flatten. At these points, they are supposed to be mated with a profile. Vertical racks must be connected by blanks of the profile, while it is necessary to observe their strictly horizontal arrangement.

Steel works

scaffolding frame flooring

At the next stage, the installation of frame scaffolding involves the connection of horizontal elements, which can be done using screeds. Planks should be placed on the latter. And the distance between the screeds should be thirty centimeters. Racks, as well as struts, must be provided with holes in which bolts will be installed afterwards. Next, you can proceed to set up racks using the building level. After which the spacers are fixed on them. In order to interconnect a number of sections, it is recommended to use adapters. You can make them yourself. To do this, it is necessary to take a profile and cut off about 10 cm from it. The profile used should have a section of 3x3 cm. Next, blanks of a profile of 2.5x2.5 cm are threaded into it, and the subsequent connection can be made using a welding machine. Planks should be mounted on the surface of horizontal screeds and fixed with self-tapping screws. At the final stage, it is recommended to carry out works that will protect the surface of steel elements from corrosion processes, for this scaffolding is painted.

Characteristics of adjacent forests

There are also ready-made building frame scaffolding - "LRS". They can be purchased, and then assembled on their own. It is quite simple, since the mounting process uses groove joints and turn locks.

In the kit you will find the floor crossbar, which is a pipe with hooks that are used for flooring installation. The floorings themselves, which are represented by wooden panels mounted on the crossbars, are sold along with the forests. The structure can be fixed to the walls with anchor bolts. You will have to use the supports, into which the lower ends of the frames are inserted, it is necessary to use nails.

Construction Parameters

Frame scaffolding, photos of which can be seen in the article, can have a maximum height limited to 30 m, while the height of one tier is 2 m. The distance between the frames located along the wall is 3 m. But such structures can withstand up to 200 kg per 1 m 2 .

If you decide to make scaffolding yourself, then you need to monitor the quality of each element. So, frame scaffolding, the flooring of which is based on wood, must not have putrefactive formations and other damages, otherwise the board may break at a height during operation.


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