What does a landing page look like?

Successful website promotion includes special attention to the proper layout of the landing page.

The conversion-oriented landing page has several features.

1. The correspondence of all elements

The idea and main details of the marketing company of the site should be fully reflected on the landing page: the title, links, buttons, infographics are subordinate to the general theme. This will make the visitor loyal and prevent him from being distracted.

2. The idea

A clear statement of the idea that meets the needs of the visitor motivates the user to believe that he was not mistaken with the choice of the resource, the site will help satisfy his need: to buy goods; find out the best way to lose weight; learn to cook, learn a foreign language, sew or repair a car.

A headline clearly articulating what problem the content helps solve will prevent the visitor from leaving. Subheadings that indicate steps to achieve the goal support reader loyalty.

3. Product usefulness

Doubts about the need for a product or information will dispel the list of categories whose representatives have already successfully used it. For example: housewives, people of creative professions, amateur cooks, students, home craftsmen and so on. The appearance of such a list quickly increases the level of conversion.

4. Arguments

Arguments in favor of the choice can be good customer reviews, containing not only praise, but also a photo, the name of its author.

An example landing page template contains:

  • essence of the problem;
  • the opportunity to solve it;
  • decision in detail;
  • Expected results;
  • Feedback
  • call to take action.

5. Call to act

The wording may be different: "You won’t buy, another will buy it" and the like, but other page elements must also correspond to it: arrows, noticeable buttons. The previous description, reviews and energetic slogan fuel the interest of the visitor, a bright button - the logical completion of the action, an emotional exclamation point.

6. Security Assurance

The inscriptions indicating the reliability of the service, guaranteeing the quality must be in the field of view of the client.

The final version of the landing page will be obtained after comparative testing of several working versions. The winner will be the one that will attract the largest number of customers.

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