American manicure: history, technology, features and interesting ideas

Manicure is one of the important components of female beauty. Many pay attention to the grooming of nails, determining for themselves how much the girl takes care of herself. There is a large selection of species, as well as techniques for its execution. However, a manicure is not only covering the nails with varnish, but also generally caring for hands and nails in particular.

Manicure history

Previously, nails were painted with henna, but this tradition came from Babylon. The tools used to care for the nails were smelted from gold. What is noteworthy - both men and women did it the same way. In the countries of ancient Egypt and the East, manicures have been done since ancient times. But in Europe, this tradition reached only in the XIX century.

manicure american flag

The term "manicure", as well as its more modern understanding, originated in France. And if initially this term was called hand care and cuticle care, then later the tradition appeared to coat nails with colored paint. At that time, a special paste was created for this, which was rubbed into the nails, and then polished with a nail file.

In 1932, the first varnish was released. It was red (this is probably why varnish of this tone is considered a classic of the genre).

A little later, various fasteners and coatings began to be produced. And the first brushes for applying such varnishes were made of natural wool coated with wax.

Innovative technologies in the world of cosmetology do not stand still. Therefore, now a large number of different products have been invented for the care of hands and nails, and also so that the need for caring for the nail plate is minimized. Now almost every woman can afford to cover her nails once a month, and they will be beautiful and well-groomed for a very long time.

Types of manicure

Now, many ladies prefer to trust the care of their hands to professionals who have been trained in various techniques for performing manicure. Such specialists are very common in our time. They offer a wide range of services.

american manicure story
Three main typologies of manicure are used, which have many types and subspecies:

  • for the intended purpose;
  • by the method of processing cuticles;
  • by type of varnish application.

It is worth talking about each typology in more detail.

For the intended purpose, there is a manicure:

  • Everyday . It involves the selection of a variety of coating, performance and color techniques.
  • Business . Often the nail plate is rounded, while it should not be too long (no more than 3-4 mm). Colors are chosen neutral. It can also be a French manicure without colorful additions.
  • Evening . Its main aspect is harmony with the image. Assumes bright colors and extravagance.
  • Wedding . Shades of beige, white, milk are used. Often, several nails (and sometimes all) are decorated with rhinestones.

By the method of processing the cuticle, a manicure is:

  1. Edged . The most common type. Trimming it is called because the cuticle is removed (cut off) with special forceps, previously softened. However, there is a high probability of finger injury when performing such a manicure (even very experienced masters are not safe from this).
  2. Unedged . Oils with fruit acids are applied to the cuticle. This slows the growth of the cuticle and softens it. She pulls the stick out of the orange tree to the base of the nail.
  3. Hardware A special apparatus is used to remove the cuticle and polish the nail.
  4. Hot . Very useful for those with brittle nails. Since this type strengthens the nail plate. To do this, heat the water to a certain temperature. Then a nourishing lotion is added to it, then nails are lowered into the water bath.

Application Methods

According to the type of application of varnish, a manicure is as follows:

  • French (or French). One of the most common types of application. It is considered a classic at the present time. A natural shade is applied to the nail plate, and white is applied to the edge of the nail.
  • American manicure. Bright oval-shaped nail polish.
  • Spanish Use matte or white varnish.

american manicure

Design Options - Nail Art

There are many designs:

  1. Universal . It is suitable for any occasion, therefore it has discreet colors and a simple pattern.
  2. Classic Suitable for serious events, work or study. If you look at the intended purpose, then this is an analogue of the business.
  3. Avant - garde - appropriate for recreation and parties. Suitable for young girls. However, this does not mean that it must be catchy or bright. Such a manicure can be very different, even gentle, it all depends on its design.

american manicure technology

American nail art

A pretty popular type of manicure now. It has several characteristic features, some of them must be performed necessarily, in order for the manicure to be considered exactly American. Now we will consider them.

american style manicure

The oval shape of the nail plate is a prerequisite for this type of manicure. In this case, the nails should be long. Bright colors are welcome. The color of the varnish should match the shade of lipstick - this rule was previously mandatory. At present, it is no longer such. However, given this aspect, the image will be more spectacular.

American manicure: history

Its history originates in the middle of the 20th century. It was then that the idea of ​​the absolute correspondence of the colors of lipstick and nail polish arose. In the past, bright colors were only allowed to people in high society. However, after some time, self-confident women began to choose juicy, sometimes poisonous shades. Because of this, such a manicure has gained immense popularity in the modern world.

Such a stereotype existed for a rather long period. Recently, nail plates have become fashionable to paint in different colors, and the color of lipstick is chosen mostly for the color of the varnish on the legs.

American manicure: runtime technology

Initially, the hands and nails are cleaned and treated with an antiseptic. The plates should be degreased so that the varnish lasts longer.

american manicure

After the nail is given an oval shape - this is very important. However, it is worth considering that it should remain long.

Cuticle processing is the next step. You can use any of the techniques. Complete cuticle removal is also possible. After applying a nourishing cream for nails. And the last step is to apply the varnish. The main thing is to apply no more than 4 layers. Moreover, one should take into account the basis, and the fixer, and the decorative varnish.

"American flag"

The American flag manicure looks pretty pretty . This nail art should not be abused. It is better to apply a similar pattern on the middle or ring finger, or both. The variety of this type of nail art depends entirely on the imagination of the artist.


What could be an American manicure? The designs of this manicure are usually limited only by imagination. However, they are still amenable to some classification. Let's take a look at it:

  1. Avant-garde . A variety of combinations of colors and shades are used. Nails are decorated with catchy designs. "American flag" is one of the varieties of this design.
  2. Two-tone . He speaks for himself, and one of the flowers covers most of the nail plate.
  3. Striped coating. This design visually lengthens nails. Strips are applied along the nail with varnish of a different color.
  4. Striped design. Unlike the previous view, more than two varnish colors are used. In this case, strips can be applied in any direction.
  5. Beverly Hills is essentially an American French. The manicure is similar to the French design, therefore, more natural tones are used. However, if French suggests a white nail tip, then an American-style manicure allows absolutely any color - even the most extravagant.

american manicure on nails

In 2017, fashion returned to all shades of white and red. American manicure allows you to very successfully combine these colors. Also, matte varnish has not lost its relevance for a long time. In addition, shocking manicure is now a trend among stars, and, as you know, it is they who set a certain style. So, it's worth taking a closer look at the nails of popular people.

Also, gradient and ombre manicure, combining a variety of colors and from this seeming unusual, have gained great popularity.

And a new trend in technology has become a water manicure, which will not leave indifferent lovers of all the extraordinary. Suitable for any designs and occasions, it all depends on the selected colors and type of pattern.

american french manicure

Another stylish novelty is metal manicure and broken glass. The names speak for themselves, however, some girls are still afraid to choose this species because of its eccentricity. Although it fits, of course, more youth. As everyday, such nail art is inappropriate, but for a party - just right.

Little conclusion

American manicure on nails allows you to combine all the possible, and sometimes even impossible, colors, shades, styles. It may look like a very neat or catchy and screaming. And this means that American manicure is suitable for every girl and for any occasion.


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