Agility test or how to thread a needle

Not only people with poor eyesight think about how to thread a needle. Anyone can be interested in such a question. The matter can be either in the thread itself (some of them simply delaminate, which makes it difficult to pass), and in the needle, which has an uncomfortable ear.

Who's guilty?

When something does not work out, involuntarily people begin to blame someone for their failure. What can be the cause of problems with threading? It is worth considering the options:

  1. The narrow eye of the needle, which, of course, cannot be fixed.
  2. Insufficient lighting, it is possible that it complicates the whole process, it is worth trying to change the place to a more lighted one.
  3. Poor eyesight. If a person has vision problems, then it will be difficult for him to put a thread into a needle, to simplify the process you need to wear glasses or use a magnifying glass.
  4. Shaking hands. This problem also occurs, because after long attempts, the hands get tired and start to tremble, it can also be due to illness or age.
  5. The quality of the thread. Some of the threads tend to delaminate into several parts.

It is such problems that people most often encounter. If desired, they can be easily solved using simple methods that teach how to thread a needle.

Surrender or fight

What is the best way to do this - solve an existing problem or leave it unattended? Of course, it is better and more correct to choose the first option. There are several ways to get rid of the previously described problems.

Thread against a needle

Essential tips on how to thread a needle:

  • so that the thread better passes through the eye, you need to scroll or knead its tip between the fingers, so the thread will become less voluminous, which will facilitate the passage;
  • if the thread is stratified, it must be cut; this should be done not exactly, but at an angle so that the tip is sharpened and easier to pass;
  • you can grease the beginning of the thread and the eye with vegetable oil, but this is an extreme measure, since you will have to cut the thread in the oil and wipe the eye itself;
  • use a special tool to thread a thread;
  • replace thread or needle;
  • ask for help.

It is best to buy needles with a big eye for the future, so that you no longer encounter a problem that takes a lot of effort to solve.

Fantastic tricks

The following methods will tell you how to quickly thread the needle. It is worth noting that these methods are really fast in execution, but still require certain skills.

  • Thread threader. With this tool, you can easily insert the thread into the eye. First you need to thread the thread into the hole of the device itself, then insert it into the eye and then remove it, leaving only the thread. This method works great, but only if the tool itself can go into the needle.
  • Thread in the palm of your hand. This option will show how to thread the needle into the palm of your hand. For starters, you need to lay the thread on your palm, put the eyelet on top. Movements up and down the thread you need to try to stick it. This method is good for wide abalone.
Thread a thread in the palm of your hand
  • Disconnection. Needles with a double eye usually have a special sharpening, with which you can divide the thread into two parts, one of them needs to be cut. The junction should be scrolled between the fingers. Thus, it turns out that the tip of the thread will be thinner and easily pass into the eye.
Needle thread separation

Each of the methods has its advantages. You should try everything to understand which is more effective. It can be used in the future.

What to choose?

How to thread a needle? In order to choose the best method, you need to be guided by your abilities and the reason for the difficulty in threading the thread. It’s best to have a set of needles with different ears on hand, which will increase the likelihood of success. It will not be superfluous to acquire a needle threader.


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