How to get a glass out of a glass: 3 easy ways to keep dishes whole

Inexperienced housewives put clean dishes after washing in piles (one into another), thus saving space in a small kitchen. Yes, if we talk about plates, then the method is ideal. As for glasses, you have to sweat pretty much to understand why this happened, and how to get a glass out of a glass if it is stuck in one another. A zone of reduced pressure formed between the dishes. When making attempts to disconnect the glasses, the pressure decreases even more. Because of this, the separation process is complicated. After all, they can "stick together" forever.

Glass in a glass

Two easy methods to get a glass out of a glass

  1. In this case, the well-known property of substances will help everyone - under the influence of low temperature, the object narrows, and under high expands. In this case, you can get the glass out of the glass, as in a physics lesson. To implement the idea you will need: a small pot, hot and icy water, additional pieces of ice. Place the outer glass (lower) in hot water, and pour cold water with ice into the inner glass. An important note is not to use boiling water, otherwise the glass may crack. After some time, try to pull the glass out of the glass as soon as the temperature begins. One must act with light, smooth movements without jerking to keep the dishes intact.
  2. The second, simpler option, how to remove a glass from a glass, is to completely immerse the attached containers in room temperature water. After a while, the liquid will penetrate between the objects, create a slight pressure, pushing the inner glass. So there will be a chance to disconnect devices. This method is not suitable for wine glasses or glasses made of thin glass, such a material will not withstand pressure and burst.

Third way

If attempts with hot and cold water were unsuccessful, you can try another option. For example, with sunflower oil, which is an ideal lubricant. Lubricating glasses with vegetable oil will help minimize friction between them. Pour a few drops of sunflower oil at the junction of the glasses, allow the oil to drain down. Liquid soap has similar properties, therefore, in the absence of oil at hand, you can use household chemicals. So the oil has come down. You can pull the glass from the glass, as described in the first method - smoothly and accurately, with twisting movements. The main task is to save the dishes.

Tips for young housewives

Washing glasses

To save your favorite dishes, it is better to adhere to the following rules:

  1. Do not stack glasses in stacks.
  2. Wash glassware with a soapy solution with a nylon cloth.
  3. Three drops of blue added to the water when washing dishes will return the crystal shine to the crystal service.
  4. It is not recommended to store glassware in a room with high humidity. This will increase the chance of microcracks.
  5. The correct storage location is a box or box. The bottom covered with a white cloth and the paper into which the cutlery should be wrapped will protect the dishes from fingerprints and other dirt.


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