Migration card: validity and renewal procedure

Regardless of the planned duration of stay in the Russian Federation, as well as the availability of Russian documents (in addition to Russian citizenship), a migration card is issued without fail. The presence of temporary registration for a period of 3 or 5 years does not relieve a migrant from the obligation to receive a tear-off form of a migration card. However, in its absence, in the presence of a RVP or residence permit, as well as temporary registration, penalties are not imposed.

Citizenship of a person, his age, nationality, place of employment and other points also do not affect the validity of the migration card.

The absence of a migrant’s card can be detected when documents are checked by employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (the migration service has been part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the last several years), when leaving the country (then the migrant will not be fined because he leaves), and also when applying for a patent, temporary registration or temporary asylum.

Legislation of the Russian Federation

Legislative aspects

The conditions, procedure for issuing, requirements for a foreign citizen, as well as the validity of the migration card for citizens of foreign states are established in the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 413 "On the migration card" of August 16, 2004. A migration card form, instructions for filling out a document, rules for its use, etc., are also published here.

There is no point in downloading and printing out forms to fill them in before entering the Russian Federation, since they are issued free of charge. In addition, the completed form will contain your personal information, and if you lose it, your personal data may be used for personal gain (breaking a bank card, extorting funds from relatives, creating personal pages on social networks, etc.). The migration card contains a unique series and number that cannot be "picked up" online or on your own.

The document is published on the Web and is freely available. Over the past few years, one form of document has been used, so situations when one migrant has one type of card and another has another type usually does not occur.


All migration cards at all checkpoints in the Russian Federation are made according to a single model. If you noticed that someone has a different type of card, most likely they have an invalid copy that they definitely could not give him at the official checkpoint (or he used the services of renewing the migration card of unscrupulous agencies, but denies this) . In any case, this will not affect your stay in the country if you have a completed current card with the PPC stamp.

The migrant card looks like a small piece of paper, separated by a vertical dashed line. Traditionally, the document is made of thin white paper, not cardboard. The text is printed in black in Russian and English on both sides of the document.

blank migration card form

The card consists of two parts intended for entry and exit from the Russian Federation. The alien fills both parts equally. After entering personal data, Part “A” is provided to the PPC employee.

Each migration card, the validity of which is set individually, must be pre-printed number and series. They are automatically indicated in the order of the queue, so pre-printing forms of a migration card from the Internet does not make sense.

An additional inscription will also be placed on top of the text printed on the form: "Issued for free." This is normal. It should be so. It will be printed diagonally on both part “A” and part “B”.

For use, a foreigner needs only one half of the document, the second remains with the customs officer. Both parts indicate identical information.

Who needs a card and why?

To control migration flows, as well as to be able to track the presence of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation, all migrants fill out a migration card at the entrance.

Naturally, it is not a universal tool for finding a foreigner in the Russian Federation, however, it makes it possible to understand at which checkpoint the migrant crossed the border in order to find the data of documents provided by him if necessary. There are also surveillance cameras, which can also be used to understand what a foreigner looked like, if needed by law enforcement officials.

The migrant card is the first Russian document that a foreigner receives. Only if you have a valid migration card, the validity of which is established and determined individually, you can continue to stay in the Russian Federation, as well as other Russian documents, including RVP, residence permit, bank card, SNILS, TIN.

It should be understood that the duration of the document is not variable. You can’t ask a PPC employee to “forgive” you for extended periods or indicate a six-month term. It is understood that the validity period may vary under the influence of several factors: the presence or absence of a visa, as well as the length of stay here until the current entry in the current year.

To stay at a hotel and register for migration in the Russian Federation, a foreigner also cannot do without this document.

purpose of registration of a migration card

Populated Instance Functions

A foreign guest needs a migration card for the following reasons:

  • to officially cross the customs checkpoint;
  • provide official information about yourself;
  • not violate the permissible length of stay in the Russian Federation, according to the validity of the migration card;
  • to issue, if desired, a patent for further employment in the Russian Federation;
  • obtain a temporary residence permit;
  • provide notice of the place of your stay (issue migration registration);
  • apply for a temporary registration for a period of 3 or 5 years after receiving a PRT or a residence permit;
  • get other Russian documents (SNILS, medical policy, etc.);
  • extend migration registration without leaving the Russian Federation.

A document is required by law for the following reasons:

  • to control migration flows;
  • to know the personal data of migrants who enter the Russian Federation, their planned place of stay, as well as the length of stay here;
  • to regulate the periods of stay of foreigners in the Russian Federation without a formalized status;
  • to know about the place of entry in the Russian Federation;
  • apply measures in case of violation of the deadlines (fine, ban on entry, deportation or others).
migration card features

Where to get the form?

A blank copy for filling out is issued at the checkpoint at the entrance to the Russian Federation. Traditionally, if you are traveling by bus, the driver goes to the customs officer and brings blank forms with unique series and numbers to all passengers. Migration cards are received before entering the customs zone.

If you fly by plane, you fill out the migration card and provide it to the customs officer when passing through passport control in the Russian Federation. In this case, a blank form is given on the spot, and not on the plane. The form is filled in a special window (or booth) in front of the customs officer who checks your documents.

If you cross the border on foot, they take a blank form before entering the customs zone and talking with the staff of the checkpoint.

As mentioned earlier, you do not need to print forms yourself, because they contain a unique series and number.

Duration of use of one instance

The validity period of a migration card for citizens of foreign countries is determined by the permissible duration of stay in the Russian Federation in accordance with applicable law. The permissible length of stay depends on the availability of a visa and the number of previous visits during the current year.

The validity period of a migration card in Russia cannot exceed 90 days. Therefore, if a foreigner has the right to stay in the country for more than 90 days, because he has, for example, a temporary residence permit, dates that do not exceed the indicated period are indicated in the migration card. At the same time, leaving the Russian Federation after the expiration of the document is not necessary.

documents for applying for a migration card

The validity of the migration card is 3 months, or 90 days. After the specified period, the migrant has the right to leave the country or apply for a status that allows him to stay here longer, but good reasons are needed. Customs officers do not determine the permissible length of stay of a foreigner in the Russian Federation. The migrant must take care of this in advance on his own.

The validity of the migration card for citizens of Uzbekistan, as well as the permissible duration of their stay in Russia is 90 days. At the same time, for citizens from visa countries (who are entitled to visit the Russian Federation only if they have a visa), the migration card will be active for the duration of the visa received.

If the immigrant entered the country on March 25 at 23:58, and the date of entry on March 25 is indicated on his card, this date will be the first day of his stay, despite the fact that he was in the country for 2 minutes.

After entering the Russian Federation, a stranger must take care not only to obtain a valid migration card, but also draw up a migration account at his temporary residence within an acceptable period. In the regions this period totals 7 days, in Moscow and a number of cities - 1 day.

Purpose of the trip

The indicated purpose of entry in the document must be valid. If your purpose of the visit has changed after some time (perhaps you changed your mind about filing a patent), the completed form should be replaced by re-crossing the border. Since when contacting the OMV Department of Internal Affairs and finding a violation, a migrant is required to pay a fine.

To apply for a patent, the purpose of the visit should be emphasized in the migration card - “Work”. If you have not decided on the purpose, emphasize the “private”, however, keep in mind that a patent with such a migration card cannot be issued.

The purpose of the visit does not affect the possibility of obtaining only temporary asylum or refugee status.

purpose of the visit


If the validity period of the migration card has expired, the foreigner must immediately (within a few days maximum) leave the country or extend his migration registration by re-submitting the notification and visiting the authorized bodies. To do this, the migrant must have papers on filing an application for RWP or a patent. There can be no other valid or valid reasons for extending your stay in the Russian Federation.

If you have applied for a quota for applying for a temporary residence permit, but have not yet received a response and have not submitted papers for applying for the RVP itself, the OMVD police officers will not extend migration records. The basis for the extension is a stamp on the acceptance of documents on the RVP, which is placed on the card, on the tear-off form of migration registration or on a separate sheet in the form of a certificate. If you do not have a stamp or certificate, but you have submitted documents to the RVP, contact the person who accepted the documents and ask for the papers you need. The employee will check the lists and issue a certificate, which will be needed to extend the migration card and registration.

The validity of the migration card for citizens of Ukraine or for citizens of other states is not extended by re-crossing the border. The migration card itself does not need to be renewed, since it does not give the right to stay in the country for the period specified in it. This means that in the card itself you can write any dates you want, while in accordance with applicable law and acceptable terms of stay, you can violate the law by repeatedly crossing the border, because you have been here for more than 90 days over the past six months.

For citizens of Uzbekistan, the validity of the migration card is also 90 days.

No one will check the dates you provided. However, if your last name appears in the database of the customs service among people who have violated the terms of your stay, you will have to leave the country with a ban on entering the Russian Federation for a period of 2 to 5 years. At the same time, it does not matter what the validity period of the migration card is - foreigners are allowed to stay in Russia for no longer than 90 days if there is no good reason to extend the permit.

The migration card is not renewed by re-crossing the border. Yes, you will receive a new card, but not the right to stay in the Russian Federation for longer than 90 days within six months. Information about the duration of stay in the country is contained in the database of the customs service, they will be checked if necessary.


To obtain a migration card, it is enough to provide a valid passport, and in the document itself indicate the actual data. The passport control officer will verify the information from the passport with those that you indicated on the card and return the form “B” to you. With this form you enter the country. With him, they issue new Russian documents (if necessary) and leave the Russian Federation.

If you have a temporary residence permit or residence permit, upon entering the Russian Federation you also provide only your state’s passport. Data from Russian documents for entry into the Russian Federation and registration of a migration card is not needed.

Before returning the migration card to a foreigner, a customs officer will check his passport: the validity of the document, the presence of all necessary seals, the conformity of the pasted photo, will look at watermarks in a special device.

Migrant Requirements

Conditions of entry into the Russian Federation for foreign citizens:

  • availability of valid documents;
  • correctly completed migration card;
  • the absence of violations of the terms of stay in the Russian Federation and, accordingly, the prohibition of entry into the country.

If a migrant managed to enter the country, violating the terms of stay in the Russian Federation, this does not mean that he does not act contrary to the law and will avoid punishment in the future. Information about him will be checked when registering the status of temporary resident, when committing a crime, for example, or in a number of other cases when a person gets into the field of view of the employees of the Main Department of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Validity of the migration card for Tajik citizens is 90 days. If during the specified period the migrant did not apply for migration registration, did not receive a patent or RVP, and did not extend the received migration registration, re-entry into the country within 180 days is a violation of the law.

migrant status

Duration of stay

There is no program or resource that can check the validity period of a migration card. The document is valid exactly the period that is allowed in accordance with current legislation.

The permissible period of stay in the Russian Federation is 90 days for six months. The remaining days do not go into the next half year according to the type of unused minutes at the tariff. If in the first half of the year the foreigner “used” 45 days, in the next half of the year he can stay in the country for no more than 90 days. At the same time, 45 days and 90 days can not go one by one without leaving home. Only 90 days of legal stay can be “used” at a time.

The validity period of the migration card for Kyrgyz citizens is also equal to the permissible period of stay (90 days).

Migration registration

The presence of a valid migration card does not give a foreigner the right to stay in the Russian Federation for longer than 3 months. Immediately after entering the country, a foreigner is obliged to visit the department of internal affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs at the place of stop in order to file a notice and issue migration records.

Many foreigners call it “registration” or “registration”, but this is not so. Legislatively, “registration” has not existed for a long time, and “registration” is considered to be the right to reside or notification of residence at the same address on an ongoing basis. Temporary registration is issued for a period of 3 years to foreign citizens.

Migration registration does not give a foreigner the right to stay in the country for longer than 90 days. However, it is mandatory for obtaining a patent or temporary residence status.

The extension of the validity of the migration card is carried out precisely thanks to the re-receipt or prolongation of the migration registration. To stay in the country longer than 90 days, you do not need to cross the border to get a new migration card, but to renew or get a new migration registration.

In order to draw up a migration registration or, in other words, to file a notice of temporary stay in the country, a migrant contacts the OMVD OMV with the receiving party - the owner of the housing or a person who is registered as permanently residing in it. A migrant will need a passport and his migration card. To the receiving party - only with a passport with a mark of permanent registration at the address indicated by the foreigner. In addition, the migrant will need to fill out a special notice.

migration registration

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