How to wipe adhesive tape from plastic: tips

In life, there are situations when you have to resort to various methods to clean a surface. Very often traces of tape appear on furniture, windows and doors. This happens when you need to attach something to the surface. And when the need disappears, you peel off the adhesive tape, but the glue from it remains. This is unpleasant not only because the surface becomes sticky, but also because dust and other debris adhere to it, and dirt accumulates. In this article you will find the answer to the question of how to wipe adhesive tape from plastic and several ways to solve this problem.

Remove stains with duct tape

The most common way to remove glue stains from tape is tape itself. Here the principle of "wedge by wedge kick out" works. However, this method does not always work one hundred percent, if, for example, the tracks are already old.

how to wipe adhesive tape from plastic

If you use this tool, nothing terrible will happen to the plastic surface. To wipe the stains of adhesive tape on the plastic, take any adhesive tape and cut a small piece. Then, with sharp movements, stick it to the stain and tear it off. Everything needs to be done quickly so that the tape only has time to grab the glue from the surface, but not stick itself.

Usually, this method works well with recent pollution. But if you did not succeed in removing the glue, then apply more serious measures.

Sunflower oil

How to wipe adhesive tape from plastic? The solution can usually be sunflower oil. You can also use any other vegetable that you have at home (olive, linseed, grape), or even essential oils. But still, it is more economical to use sunflower for this purpose, since it is the cheapest.

wipe stains of adhesive tape on plastic
To understand how to wipe off the traces of adhesive tape with plastic, you need to try several methods and choose the right one. So, pour some oil on a foam sponge or cloth. Put it on a stain and leave it for a while. 15-20 minutes will be enough.

Oil acts as follows. Under its influence, the adhesive is impregnated and increases in volume, therefore, moves away from the surface.

After the specified time, simply wipe off the remaining dirt with another rag or paper towel. The oil can be easily washed off using ordinary household soap.

Now you know how to wipe glue from adhesive tape with plastic using vegetable oil. It will help to solve the problem on surfaces other than wood.

Wipe glue with alcohol

Alcohol is a universal and effective tool. It will not only not harm the plastic surface, but also completely clean it from pollution.

If you are thinking how to wipe adhesive tape from plastic, look in the medicine cabinet. In any home there is medical, liquid ammonia or alcohol tincture. You can also use vodka.

how to wipe glue from adhesive tape with plastic

Alcohol will help not only remove glue from the surface, but also bleach the plastic if it turns yellow. Take a cotton pad and soak it with alcohol. Apply to contamination.

Most often, this method is used to clean plastic windows, and not only for frames, but also for glass. Even special glass products are made on an alcohol basis.

Remember, in no case do not apply alcohol to a painted surface. The tool can dissolve the paint.

Stationery eraser

Many may not believe it, but the ordinary clerical eraser, or, as it is called in another way, an eraser, can solve the problem of how to wipe adhesive tape from plastic. It easily and simply cleans wooden or plastic surfaces.

how to wipe double-sided tape

There are no tricks to use. You just need to take an eraser and rub the glue stain until it disappears. Bilateral erasers or erasers for pens will work even more efficiently, since they have a solid structure.

When the contamination is removed, there may be a rubber mark. No need to be afraid that a new spot has appeared in place of the old one. It can be easily removed with a damp cloth, preferably from natural fabrics that absorb moisture well.


Soap, especially household soap, is a folk cleanser that has been used since ancient times to clean various contaminants. Surprisingly, the soap can even remove traces of tape.

how to wipe double-sided tape

Dilute a little soap in water so that a solution of sufficient concentration is obtained. Now moisten a piece of cloth or a sponge in the product and rub the dirt that the tape left. If the plastic thing is small in size and can be immersed in water, it will be more convenient to leave it for a while in a soapy solution. So the stain will go away by itself, and you just have to wipe the surface.

Cleaning agent

Among other things, a dry washing powder will help in solving the problem of how to wipe the adhesive tape from plastic. If there is none in the house, try using soda, it also works on the principle of scrub.

how to wipe adhesive tape from plastic

Of course, if this cleaning agent is not used correctly, it can damage the surface, leaving scratches. But there will be no harm if you act as follows:

  1. Moisten a sponge and sprinkle powder on it.
  2. Press to a stain and leave for a while, so that the contamination is saturated and becomes more supple.
  3. Wash glue with gentle movements. You can not rub the stain with force - this is what injures the plastic and any other surface.
  4. When finished, wipe with a clean, damp piece of cloth to remove any remaining cleaning powder.

Hair dryer

How to wipe double-sided tape from plastic? Probably not many people know that it can be removed with a hair dryer.

how to wipe double-sided tape

So, perform the cleaning according to the following steps:

  1. Plug the hair dryer into a power outlet. The main thing is that he reaches the place of pollution.
  2. If your hair dryer has several modes, then you need to set it to high power. Enough and average, if you are afraid of overheating the device.
  3. Now turn on the hair dryer and point it at the double-sided tape. You need to keep as much as possible, at least three minutes. Especially warm the edges of the tape - in these places the tape sticks most tightly.
  4. Turn off the hair dryer, pry the corner of the tape with a flat plate or fingernail. Scotch should immediately move off by about half. You can carefully tear it off, or warm it up again so that it moves away by itself.

As a plate, not the sharp side of a small knife or a children's spatula for plasticine is suitable.

Acetic soap solution

If you are still thinking about how to wipe a double-sided tape from plastic, then improvised tools that are usually found in every home can help you. This is vinegar, soap and water.

Prepare a solution. This will require 270 g of water and 60 g of vinegar. This amount is equivalent to two cups and a quarter cup, respectively. Add a little liquid soap to the solution.

Using a sponge or rag dampened with a solution, remove the tape by rubbing the dirt in a circle. Be careful not to rub too long and do not increase the percentage of vinegar, as there is a risk that the surface will fade.

However, you have nothing to fear if the plastic (or any other) surface is white. From the vinegar-soap solution, it will only look cleaner. By the way, vinegar is also widely used in glass cleaning - it not only removes dirt, but also gives the surface a shine.

Melamine sponge

There is another remedy in the fight against double-sided duct tape - this is a melamine sponge. In a different way, it is sometimes called a magic eraser.

All you have to do is wet the melamine sponge in water. Then, just rub the remnants of the tape or a trace of glue. The magic eraser does an excellent job of this task, and you don’t have to worry about pollution for a long time.

This tool is considered mild abrasive. It is not allowed to be used with glass and surfaces that have been polished. However, you can safely clean the walls and doors with a melamine sponge. Keep in mind that a magic eraser can slightly discolor a thing that needs to be cleaned.

Many people wonder where this tool can be purchased, because, perhaps, for some it is new. In fact, you can buy a sponge in a regular household goods store or in a large supermarket for household goods in the cleaning department.

Thus, you should not panic if there is a trace of adhesive tape or double-sided tape on a plastic surface. Use the recommendations of this article, and such pollution will no longer be a problem for you.


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