Collecting coins. set of coins 70 years of victory

Any collector at the beginning of his journey always sets himself certain tasks. People with such a hobby roughly know what they will collect, what will replenish their collection. It can be diverse, and dedicated to a specific topic or event. Moreover, Russia with a long history is very, very rich in them.

set of coins 70 years of victory

Coins and their varieties

Starting to collect coins, you need to remember that there are various types of them:

  • for practical everyday use;
  • commemorative coins dedicated to an event;
  • collectible;
  • investment.

With the first group, everything is clear: these are coins that every person has. They differ in the usual design, they are minted in large numbers.

The list of commemorative coins is constantly updated, but they are issued in much smaller quantities. These include the set of coins "70 years of Victory."

Commemorative issues are also dedicated to some event, but their release is not tied to a specific date. Such coins are found in circulation among the population.

Collectibles are issued in a small edition and are designed specifically for numismatists.

An investment coin is issued from precious metals and serves to ensure that a person can invest available funds in its acquisition.

2015 is a memorable year for the whole country. 70 years have passed since the day when Soviet troops won the battle against the fascist invaders. And as is customary in Russia, coins were issued that pleased the numismatists.

A series of coins β€œ70 years of Victory” has been issued in Russia since 2014 by one of the country's mints by order of the Central Bank.

set of coins 70 years of victory


The set of coins "70 years of Victory" includes 24 pieces of minting. This is money for mass use, and collection series. The following is a list of commemorative coins:

  • It was issued 18 varieties of coins made of an alloy of steel, the face value of each coin is 5 rubles. The number of such coins is two million of each type.
  • Bimetallic 10-ruble coins , the total amount is 5 million.
  • 3-ruble coins made of silver, circulation amounted to 5 thousand copies.
  • The coin, which consists of a silver alloy, the face value of each coin is 25 rubles, a total of 1000 copies were issued.
  • Gold coin with a face value of 50 rubles, circulation - 1,500 copies.
  • The last three coinages with a face value of 50 rubles, which include gold, but they do not belong to the series of coins "70 years of victory." They are classified as collectible commemorative coins.

Characterizing the coins issued on the Victory Day of the Soviet troops in the Great Patriotic War, one cannot but say that 18 coins with a face value of 5 rubles and three types of coins of 10 rubles each were launched into mass production.

A set of coins "70 years of Victory" of five rubles each is a symbol of the most important milestones of this period in the life of the country. They remind us of the major battles that took place during the Great Patriotic War - the battle for Moscow, the Kursk Bulge, the defense of Leningrad, the Belarusian operation, the battles for the Caucasus, the Battle of Stalingrad.

After the set of coins "70 years of Victory" was put into circulation, numismatists received a large number of interesting historical coins.

set of coins 70 years of victory

Three ruble silver coin

On one side of the coin is a relief image of the country's main bank. The two-headed eagle is in the middle, and along the canton there is an inscription about the value of the coin - three rubles, divided by dots. The sample is stamped on the coin, and it corresponds to the trademark of the Mint located in the city of St. Petersburg, the amount of precious metal is indicated.

On the other side of the coin are Soviet soldiers who hoist a banner over the Reichstag. On the left side of the picture there is an inscription - "70 years of Victory."

coins of Russia 70 years of victory

25 ruble silver coin

The coin is made of silver alloy. In the center is the Order of the Patriotic War, from which there are rays of a searchlight, which divide the coin into 5 parts. Each part has its own hero of the Patriotic War - the monument to the Warrior-Liberator, Marshal G. Zhukov, the poster "Motherland Calls," the memorial to the Heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad.

On the side is a fluted coin. 25-ruble coins were issued in the amount of 1000 pieces.

50 ruble gold coin

One of the valuable coins that pleased the numismatists. Composition: precious metal sample 999, its mass is 7.78 grams. The coin differs in that it depicts a monument to the Unknown Soldier and next to it is the Eternal Flame. The majestic inscription "70 years of Victory" is also struck, and all this is on gold on a black background. The coin also shows the composition and membership of the Mint.

Currently, for collecting coins, you can buy a thematic album, in which there are pockets for each coin. Albums are designed in an appropriate style. On sale you can find an album for collecting dedicated to the anniversary of the glorious date of national history. In honor of the holiday "70 years of Victory" 18 coins were issued by the Central Bank.

commemorative coin list

Coin Collecting Principles

It happens that a person has a large number of coins at home, but he does not think about how to systematize them. After it is decided to start collecting the collection, the numismatist novice should learn some principles of streamlining his arsenal. How to organize your collection?

  • the main and most popular method is collecting by year;
  • the collection is dedicated to any anniversary;
  • depending on the year of the reign of the kings;
  • at face value;
  • by value (mainly collection is made by belonging to silver or gold).
  • collecting money from other countries (here they are sorted by country);
  • coins on which certain signs are depicted (ships, birds, etc.).

Collecting Russian coins "70 years of Victory", you can leave a wonderful inheritance for your children and grandchildren.


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