Fortune telling with a comb: we want to know what will happen.

Throughout the history of its existence, mankind has accumulated countless different ways of divination. Here is a fortune-telling with a comb, and all kinds of card fortune-telling, and why are fortune-telling on coffee grounds, tea leaves, beans, fortune telling on a pendulum and so on and so forth.

Fortune telling methods with a comb

Traditional folk fortune telling with a comb is conducted like this. Going to bed, the girl puts this item under her pillow, saying something like this: “Narrowed, mumbled, come come comb me!” If a man dreamed, then he would be a husband. And what if no one dreamed?

Fortune telling can also be done in this way. After combing in the morning, a divining person needs to count the number of hairs remaining on the comb. Not a single hair left? Well, this speaks of the enviable health of your hair. Congratulations. Well, laughter, laughter, but what does that mean in terms of predictions? And the fact that this day will not be any different from the string of others, alas.

And one hair, it's already interesting. On this day, you can meet your soulmate. That is, in any case, take a closer look at the men around you. Two lost hair - perhaps not very good news. Three - in the midst of your environment, a detractor has fluttered. Any troubles, including a chance to catch any infection, promise the four remaining hair. And if there is more hair left on the comb, we strongly recommend that you pay attention to your health condition. Maybe you are lacking in vitamins?

Is it worth believing fortune-telling on a comb?

However, one should not so easily believe in divination with a comb. There are periods of so-called “molting”. And, therefore, this time for fortunetelling is not suitable, as the amount of hair loss increases. Having believed in the result of fortune-telling, you program your consciousness on this alleged event. And if the outcome of the enchantment disappointed you, you, having tuned in to a negative event, are even more likely to draw it into your life. After all, not without reason, that is why the church is very negative about all kinds of predictions.

Isn't it better to create a script of your life yourself? Do you think this is impossible? Perhaps, and how! Suppose you are a young attractive lady who cannot cope with loneliness. We made such a conclusion, because most of the fortunetellers guess. So here. I would like to get married, but he, his betrothed, is still gone. Do not recklessly clutch at dream books, cards or run to the fortuneteller. You can get the answer to your question yourself. First, decide what exactly you want to know. If your question is: “When will I get married?”, Then ask yourself - “And when would I like to get married?”. So, very simple. If you feel that you’re ready right now to the crown, then create an intention to find a family in the coming year. Internal preparedness for this event and a sincere desire are guaranteed to lead you to the registry office.

We are writing a scenario of our own happiness.

And now, sit down and write a script. On a piece of paper, or a computer as you like. Experts recommend making a beautiful notebook, especially for this matter. You want life to be beautiful. Record everything. Start by describing your future husband. Advice - pay attention to the description of his character traits, no less attention than appearance. It is desirable that the plan - the list, be as detailed as possible. Indicate in detail how you see the relationship between the spouses. In general, everything should be serious enough, at least responsibly. Because the Universe fulfills our wishes exactly, according to the list. For, as you know, even a comma placed in the wrong place can play a fatal role in fate.


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