Do-it-yourself blacksmith hammer. How and why?

This may surprise you, but blacksmithing is still vibrant and popular. And many do it and even make blacksmith hammers with their own hands!

What is the blacksmith hammer for?

If such a hammer does not want to do blacksmithing craftsman in some generation, then perhaps this is done with the aim of creating beautiful forged elements of decor or furniture made by forging (for example, chairs and tables).

In most cases, a blacksmith hammer is a device that is used in factories and in workshops working with metal stamping, manufacturing and repairing tools. Its use depends on the model.

For use at home, this device is often made independently, and due to its impact mechanism it is used not only for the manufacture of forged elements, but also for working with metal sheets (for their deformation).

do-it-yourself blacksmith hammers

Do-it-yourself blacksmith hammer: what is required?

This device is very weighty. Manufacturing requires time and effort, but it will be cheaper if you do it yourself. Most often, this procedure is taken by lovers of handmade and owners of skilled hands.

How to make a blacksmith hammer yourself with minimal effort and money?

homemade blacksmith hammer

So, let's start with a simple model (a blacksmith hammer with a foot drive). It will be required to create it:

  • Welding machine, grinder (abrasive and cutting wheels).
  • Channel 100-120. Size 5000 mm.
  • Steel strip (70 to 25). Size 3300 mm.
  • 2 pcs. profile pipes (70 by 40 (2000 mm) and 80 by 80 (400 mm)).
  • Trumpet D nar. 48. Ramer 1000 mm.
  • Rod D 8.150 mm.

Make a blacksmith hammer

After acquiring the tools, the exact location of the hammer is selected. Using a level, we level the surface on which it will stand (it is best to fill this area with concrete).

We take a channel, two segments of 2 m and three - a meter. We weld meter sections in the form of a box. This is the front part of the transverse frame, which carries a heavy load during the operation of the hammer. An anvil will be mounted on it.

The last meter section of the channel will be the rear cross member, and two segments of 2 meters are laid in parallel and will become the basis of the longitudinal frame.

All elements are welded together. So the hammer construction frame is ready.

The next step is to assemble the forge hammer lever. On it, on one side the firing pin will be fixed, and on the second - a counterweight.

To protect against deformation in the manufacture and use of this part, it is recommended that the steel strip be exactly 25 mm thick and 70 mm wide. The length of the entire strip is 2000 mm.

At 700 mm from the steel edge, use a welding machine to make a hole 56 mm in diameter, into which a piece of pipe 80 mm long and 48 mm in diameter will be inserted. Weld the pipe from all sides to the steel strip, tracking its symmetry and perpendicularity to the sheet. This segment will serve as a bearing.

The next step is the steel segments of 9000 and 100 mm welding reinforce the lever.

Then a piece of round pipe with an outer diameter of 48 mm and a meter long is used as the axis of the lever.

The lever is installed in the center of the axis of the hammer and is fixed from longitudinal movements by welding on the axis of two segments of the rod of 75 mm and a diameter of 8 mm.

For striking, you can use a blank of tool steel (you can also round or square 80 to 80, 100 to 100).

We divide the profile pipe 70 by 40 in half - and two vertical meter posts come out, which are welded on the frame. The arm axis is attached to these struts.

For the base of the anvil, you need to take the profile pipe 80 by 80 mm and 400 mm in length, to which two pieces of steel strip 70 by 25 mm and 150 mm in length are welded. So you get a table 150 by 140 mm in size, which is welded to the front cross member of the frame.

Any metal piece is suitable for a counterweight, but it is worth considering that you need to ensure that the lever with the striker returns to its original location after the strike.

At each stage of work, it is necessary to check the level of the horizontal structure of the entire structure and each part of it separately so that the hammer is not warped. The quality of its work depends on the horizontal construction of the hammer.

Interesting points in the self-assembly of the hammer

A homemade blacksmith hammer can be slightly modified in the presence of other material. But the main thing is that the essence of his work does not change.

You can improve and make a pneumatic blacksmith hammer, as well as a hydraulic or electric drive. Such designs are well suited not just to improve your life, but for your own business for the production of forged furniture or tools. But it will take more effort, time and material to make.

blacksmith pneumatic hammer

A homemade blacksmith hammer can also be made using step-by-step interpretation, thanks to numerous videos on the Internet. But that is not all! There are many other video examples on how to make different blacksmith hammers with your own hands.

What can be made with a blacksmith hammer?

Some men do not understand why blacksmith hammers made or bought with their own hands are used.

With their help, you can make forged beautiful gates or a fence in your garage or workshop, bars for windows or tables and chairs, something for design in the garden, tools and many other useful things.

In rural areas there are descendants of blacksmith craftsmen who continue the work of their ancestors, make blacksmith hammers with their own hands, various anvils, forge tools and decorative weapons. This is not only a hobby for them, but also a life-long affair.

how to make a blacksmith hammer yourself

In addition, as a hobby, anyone can make a mini-smithy and conduct excursions for high school children to instill in them an interest in work, blacksmithing, and simply show how much you can do with your own hands.

What are the benefits of a homemade blacksmith hammer?

The most important plus is the savings, because some materials for its manufacture can already be had on the farm, and some can be replaced with identical ones, and buying a couple of pieces of steel and pipe is cheaper than a ready-made mechanical blacksmith hammer.

Only with self-production can you fully understand the mechanism and principle of operation of the device.

blacksmith hammer device

You can change the design and make an improved model more suitable sizes, etc.

Yes, and it will be a pleasure for every man to brag about the independent manufacture of a blacksmith hammer in front of friends, his skill and mastery.


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