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Each of us faced an acute shortage of money. Someone, for example, needed to buy medicine, someone - to purchase a gift. In such situations, often there is no time to ring relatives and friends to ask them if they could borrow the required amount. You can borrow money from the microfinance organization Webbankir, which is widely reviewed.

Acquaintance with the company

In 2012, the microfinance organization Webbanker entered the credit services market. It operates through a specially created site. It provides all the information about the organization, methods of obtaining a loan. Since the company works through an online service, we can distinguish the following advantages from it:

  • customers arrange loans and receive money any day and any time;
  • Before sending an application, users are given the opportunity to find out the amount of the return;
  • To apply for a loan, you need a passport, a registered bank card, and a phone to receive notifications;
  • There are several ways to get money and return a loan, among which each user chooses the most suitable for themselves.

The company claims that all personal data after filling out applications is transmitted through secure channels. Users can be sure that third parties will not use the transferred information for personal fraudulent purposes.

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Loan processing

You can start applying for a loan on the main page of the official website of a microfinance organization, as evidenced by reviews of Webbankir MFIs. It all starts with the calculation of the total amount. The user notes the right amount of money, the term, indicates the number of loans taken in the company Webbankir. After that, an automatic calculation is made on the site and the return amount is shown for a new or loyal customer.

A loan is issued in accordance with certain conditions:

  • allowable amount from 1,000 to 15,000 rubles;
  • The return period can be set from 5 to 30 days;
  • for new customers, the interest rate is set at 1.9% per day;
  • it is more profitable for regular customers to take loans, because for them the interest rate is 1.2–1.8% per day.

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Application Review

When you first contact the company, it takes time to consider the application. Feedback on the loan to Webbankir indicates that the company may not report its decision within 30 minutes. If you need to get any additional information about the person who has applied, the application processing time will be increased to 5 hours (other conditions apply to regular customers - a positive decision is made automatically). After receiving the necessary information, the company will report a positive decision or refusal.

If a denial is reported, then Web Banker does not report the reason. Employees only say that the company forms a decision on the basis of various sources of information, and a repeated application is considered only after 180 days. Additional information was not disclosed.

Loan example

To understand the conditions for lending money and to verify the veracity of the reviews about LLC Web-bank MFO, which we will consider below, we will analyze an example. A person needs 8,000 rubles for 30 days. The company provides such new amounts to new customers, provided that at the end of the term they return 12,560 rubles. This is a rather large amount, so when you draw it up, you should think about whether it will be possible to repay the debt in a month. You can reduce the return amount by reducing the loan term. If you choose a period of 20 days, the return amount will be equal to 11,040 rubles for new customers.

Regular users have lower totals. For example, a client made loans in Webbanker 8 or more times. When applying for 8,000 rubles for 30 days, you need to return 10,880 rubles, and when applying for 20 days - 9,920 rubles.

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Receive Approved Cash

The company provides several methods for issuing approved amounts, which is confirmed by customer reviews of Webbanker. So, money can be sent to a bank card. This is a very convenient way. After receiving the money, the client can pay for purchases with a card, withdraw the required amount from any ATM and spend it on his needs. However, it is worth noting that money does not always arrive on a bank card instantly. Sometimes delays occur. They have no relation to the microfinance organization Webbankir. Delays are due to the working conditions of banks.

For people making online purchases and paying for various services on the Internet, a convenient way to get a loan is to transfer funds to the Yandex.Money electronic wallet. Wallet must be identified. Otherwise, the transfer will fail. For customers who do not have a bank card or electronic wallet, there is another way to get money - in cash at any bank that supports the CONTACT money transfer system. You need to have a passport with you.

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Loan extension

Very often, customers have financial difficulties that were impossible to foresee. The company offers to prevent the occurrence of delay in Webbanker. The reviews write about the availability of extension services. All users of the Internet resource can use it. For the service, several conditions are defined:

  • Extension is possible from the 4th day of an active loan;
  • the period of use of issued funds can be increased by a maximum of 30 days;
  • for each day of renewal it is required to pay 50 rubles and accrued interest;
  • You can extend the loan an unlimited number of times.

Positive customer opinions

The microfinance organization has regular customers who leave positive feedback about Webbanker. In them, users note that they are actively using services due to the presence of a lot of advantages:

  • ease of obtaining a loan (borrowing money is less formalized than in any of the existing banks);
  • speed of filling out the application and its consideration;
  • accessibility (services can be used anywhere - at work, at home, on vacation).

The disadvantages of customers include a high interest rate. Some people recommend contacting the bank. Reviews about Webbankir indicate that you have to overpay when contacting the company. However, banks refuse to certain users, and only Webbanker approves. Because of this, customers are grateful to the service for helping them out at a difficult moment, giving money without the need to provide any references and guarantors.

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Positive feedback about Webbanker is still being expressed regarding the presence of an affiliate program. She created:

  • for webmasters;
  • owners of affiliate and ad networks;
  • online stores;
  • sites with paid services.

People who want to participate in the affiliate program fill out a special form on the company's website with the name, surname, middle name, phone number and email address. Based on the contacts received, Web Banker employees contact potential partners and discuss all issues. An affiliate program is characterized by:

  1. Quickly generated statistics. Advertising materials published as part of the affiliate program attract Internet users. Many decide to apply for a loan. Applications are considered very quickly, and statistics are immediately generated automatically.
  2. High yield. You can attract an unlimited number of people to the company’s website. For each new client, a partner is paid a reward.

Negative reviews about Webbanker from debtors and potential customers

Negative comments are left mostly by debtors. They don’t like the way the company’s employees begin to relate to them. Debtors begin to be called from the first day of delay. Calls go to work to friends, that is, to all those phone numbers that have been left by borrowers. When talking with a client, employees can be rude. They require a refund.

There are also reviews from people for whom the loan was not approved. Such clients complain about a long review of the application. One person was dissatisfied with the distribution of the specified data in the questionnaire. The microfinance organization refused to issue money, but at the same time transferred the client's contacts to other persons. The next day, he began to receive incomprehensible calls and messages from various microfinance organizations, which said about the refusal of the application, which the person did not write.

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User Tips

If you applied for a loan from a microfinance company, but for some reason cannot return it at the appointed time, contact the company staff and inform about it. Often customers are met, they are provided with several days for payment, during which they do not charge interest.

If there is a delay, then pay attention to how the company employees treat you, whether they violate the law. Interaction with the debtor should occur on business days from 8 hours to 22 hours. On weekends and holidays, the company also has the right to call. Allowed time is from 9 hours to 20 hours. Remember that abuse of the right to collect, intentional harm to the borrower is unacceptable. You can contact the company or the prosecutor with a complaint.

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The online service as a whole is very convenient, according to reviews about Webbanker. Here not only the application is made out. The site contains all the necessary information on obtaining and returning loans. If you have questions, you can quickly contact support. Chat with specialists is available on the official website.

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