Alyosha Charity Fund: reviews, features and interesting facts

A lot is said and written about charity. At the same time, society is usually divided into two opposing groups, which cannot understand each other's position in matters of helping socially vulnerable groups of the population. Some believe that everyone should, as far as possible and capable, donate money to those in need. After all, it is very close to Russian culture and soul, we all tend to take care of our neighbors and give them the last shirt from our bodies. But another category of Russians believes that they are fully fulfilling their civic duty, regularly paying taxes to the budget. But the care of the poor, sick and needy should fully lie on the shoulders of the state. No matter how you relate to this problem, it is impossible to deny that without charity many people would not be alive. Therefore, various funds are created by caring people on the territory of our country to collect and distribute funds for socially vulnerable groups of the population. These include the charity fund "Alyosha". Reviews and various articles about him are often found on the Internet and in print. Since this organization has existed for several years and has accumulated extensive experience over the years, we decided to dedicate its activities in the article. So, we present to you the Alyosha Fund for Helping the Needy.

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Organization Background

Reviews of the Alyosha charity foundation may provide readers with an idea of ​​the scale of its activities, but people themselves who perform complex and difficult work usually remain invisible, as does the founder of the organization, Alexei Zinoviev. But his story can serve as an example for many modern businessmen.

Zinoviev rarely gives interviews, but from scattered sources you can collect a whole story about how he came to the creation of the Alyosha charity fund (reviews about the organization often contain information about its leader). The organizer of the fund himself says that he began to engage in charity about twenty years ago. At this time, he and his brother ran a successful business and decided to provide assistance to older people who need money. Zinoviev found them thanks to his mother working as a doctor. She often told her sons about those who came to see her. Among them were many lonely and seriously ill people who hardly survived in difficult conditions. The brothers began to help them with groceries, money, and feasible housework.

The next step was to help the orphanage and social shelter. Initially, it was one-time and was limited to a standard set of fruits, sweets and other goodies. However, the Zinovievs quickly realized that children needed the most commonplace necessities. They began to systematically help abandoned children, taking social institutions almost to their full support.

It is noteworthy that neither Alex nor his brother thought at that time that charity would become their life’s business. However, everything changed the conversation with the abbot of one of the temples. He gave Zinoviev advice to create an organization that can help a much larger number of those in need than the brothers do today. This led to the emergence of the charity fund "Alyosha", reviews of which are now posted in various sources.

Fund Summary

Judging by the reviews, the Alyosha charity foundation has existed for nine years. In two thousand and eight, the organization was registered as a legal entity and began its activities.

The main focus of the fund is to help seriously ill children. Thanks to the company, they get a chance to undergo treatment or rehabilitation in our country or abroad, if necessary.

Over the years, the fund has managed to collect more than one hundred million rubles, which went to the treatment of fifty children and various activities for orphans, as well as toddlers from shelters.

Mostly volunteers work in the fund. They collect money, hand out leaflets and participate in all kinds of celebrations as animators.

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The main activities of the organization

Analysis of reviews of the Alyosha fund will help to understand all the areas in which it works. Today, this activity is quite extensive. It is known that the fund on an ongoing basis helps eighteen social institutions in St. Petersburg and the district. This list includes not only orphanages, but also social shelters, hospitals, baby houses and other organizations that need help.

It is noteworthy that reviews about the company (Alyosha charity foundation) are left not only by private individuals. Organizations that collaborate with the foundation also write about it. About ten firms regularly help the kids, but if you add to them companies that transfer money and take part in events from time to time, this figure will grow to about thirty companies.

The fund regularly holds a number of events and promotions in which absolutely anyone can participate. This is a hallmark of a charity. In addition to targeted fundraising, which many simply ignore, it involves people in charity on the streets, in shops and shopping centers. People provide such help very willingly, therefore the actions are always extremely successful.

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Fund promotions and events

In order to understand exactly how the volunteers act, it is necessary to talk about the most common events organized by Alyosha. For example, the collection of food, hygiene products and basic necessities often takes place right in shopping centers. At the entrance to them, volunteers distribute leaflets, where it is written in simple language how to help people with a pack of rice or tea. Many give away some of their purchases, while others specifically purchase goods in order to transfer them to volunteers at the exit. Thus, useful kits are collected for sponsored organizations.

Holidays for children with disabilities are held annually. At the celebration nominees for various awards are nominated. They are received by the children themselves, their teachers and parents. People with disabilities really need such holidays, because communication always returns to them the joy of life.

Volunteers often coincide with events for any all-Russian holidays. For example, on Easter, the fund gathered famous actors and public figures who personally decorated eggs, and then sold them. All the proceeds went to the needs of sick children. Of course, those listed by us are just the most famous shares of the Alyosha fund.

He announces fundraising for the treatment of babies on a regular basis, often in this matter it is important to manage to find money on time. Indeed, in many cases, the bill goes literally for hours and minutes. The organization’s site helps a lot here.

A few words about the site

In order to make his work as transparent as possible, Alyosha created his own website. You can drop by here to learn something new, or simply help a particular child. All the necessary information for volunteers, organizations and individuals is available in different sections of the website of the Alyosha charity foundation: conditions of cooperation, lists of sick children, contacts and other data.

We can say that the site is one of the distinguishing features of this organization. After all, it is made in a pleasant color scheme and it is very easy to figure it out, which allows people to quickly decide on help.

How to get help from Alyosha?

The site also helps parents of sick kids. Now they don’t need to waste time going to the fund’s office and asking for help, because everything can be done through the site. There is a convenient application form on it, it is necessary to indicate all the data and problems of the child in it, enclosing scans of documents and several photos.

The decision on the application is taken a few days. With a positive result, it is posted on the site, and everyone can see a photo of the baby in need of urgent help.

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How to help?

If you accidentally looked at the site of a charity organization, inspired by the fate of a child and want to help him, then you can do this without leaving your home. A button is placed under the photo of the children, by clicking on which you will find out all the information about the child. It also indicates the amount required for treatment and the amount of money collected at the moment. In the special line you can enter the amount you wish to donate and the bank card number.

If you would like to do this regularly, you can activate the automatic payment service from the card. In this case, the amount you specify will be monthly transferred to the account of the charity organization Alyosha.

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Reports on money spent and receipts

It so happened that fraudsters often hide under the guise of benefactors. They cheat gullible citizens by collecting money on a plausible pretext. Therefore, many would like to know how their donations are used.

Alyosha gives such a chance to people. On the fund's website in real time, all receipts from individuals are indicated. If you made a donation, you can see your amount. But the progress reports are published approximately once every three months.

They provide complete information about the money collected, transactions made and activities carried out. In addition, data on the completed collection is also placed under the photo of the child. If necessary, all of this information is easy to verify.

Alexey Zinoviev himself believes that such openness, of course, takes a lot of time from the employees of the fund, but it helps to gain the trust of citizens and sponsor organizations. In addition, the reputation of a charity company due to such transparency will not be able to suffer, even if someone wants to consciously denigrate it.

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Alyosha Foundation: Employee Reviews

All who work in charitable organizations are amazing people who are passionate about their work. They can ignite anyone with their desire, and this enthusiasm is reflected in the written reviews.

Fund employees do not often write comments, because the work will take a lot of time from them. However, in rare reviews, the idea is always clearly traced that the fund has become a real family for them. And so they are sick for every person who needs help. Moreover, in such organizations there are almost never random people.

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Fund reviews

If you are still full of doubts about charity, then read the reviews of those whom Alyosha has already helped. They are imbued with gratitude to the employees of the organization and all those who took a direct part in the fate of their children.


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