DIY wooden boat

Water open spaces have always attracted people, and a variety of swimming facilities are used to move around them. Do-it-yourself wooden boat can be built at home with the necessary tools, fixtures and materials. The first boats were made from a solid tree trunk of suitable sizes using primitive chiselling technology.

do-it-yourself boat

This method is characterized by extremely inefficient use of the material and high labor costs. How to build a boat with more modern technology and with less loss? The detailed description looks quite voluminous and goes beyond the scope of the article describing the general principles and approaches to the process. The basis is a design made of special moisture-proof plywood.

Workshop equipment and materials

The manufacture of a swimming product is a lengthy process, and it is recommended that it be carried out indoors. A roof over your head will avoid the adverse effects of solar radiation and precipitation on the materials used in the work. For work, we need:

  1. electric jigsaw;
  2. electric drill;
  3. clamps;
  4. hammer and chisel.

The main material of the case is a special plywood with a thickness of 6 mm, and for the manufacture of sub-ribs, cans and false wings, a board made of hard wood is needed. In addition, you will need special paper clips or threads, as well as putty and waterproof paint.

do-it-yourself motor boat

Material preparation and cutting

Do-it-yourself boat is built in two stages, and work begins with the cutting of plywood sheet. Drawings must be transferred to the workpiece, this can be done in two ways. The first involves the use of special equipment: a computer and a plotter. We print the pattern on a one-to-one scale. We cut out the patterns from the cardboard with scissors and simply translate the image along the contour, placing a sheet of plywood under it.

In the second embodiment, the pattern is drawn in parallel lines and transferred step by step to the workpiece with a corresponding increase. All parts of the boat are carefully cut using an electric jigsaw. The operation is best performed on a table or workbench. It should be remembered that the tool must be promoted strictly along the line without applying excessive efforts to it.

Assembly of a floating vehicle

Do-it-yourself plywood boat is assembled on the floor or any other flat and hard surface. To the base along the contour we attach the stern, port and starboard and bow parts. Articulation is done using special staples or a thin and strong thread. Joints are carefully glued with polymer tape inside and out. The base of the case is ready.

Next, a wooden boat with its own hands is strengthened with the help of a power kit installed in the bow, in the stern and at the installation site of the can. The frames are made of dry battens and are connected to the body by means of an adhesive joint. The swimmer is subsequently given time to completely dry the glue and proceed to the responsible process of applying putty and paint.

how to build a boat

Making a boat will take a lot of time, but will serve the accumulation of knowledge and experience. The finished product is tested in the nearest body of water, and if there were no gross violations of technology, it will serve its owner for a long time. The next logical stage in the development of your skills will be a real motor boat, designed and made with your own hands.


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