How to build wooden stairs to the second floor with your own hands

do-it-yourself wooden stairs to the second floor
Often, modern country houses are very high, so wooden stairs to the second floor are needed , which are not so difficult to do with your own hands . They will allow you to make transitions between floors. Such stairs are made of a wide variety of materials, but the most used, of course, is wood. With it, the design can become an intricate decoration of the interior of the house. The price of such a ladder fully depends on the material, the constructive solution and, of course, the abilities of the manufacturer himself.

The choice of material for construction

The material from which wooden stairs to the second floor are made with their own hands can be anything. However, for load-bearing structural elements, it is necessary to choose a hardwood tree that can withstand possible loads. For example, steps made of pine cannot be compared in strength to oak. But one should not assume that such a ladder will certainly look poor and crumble at the first load. Existing technologies, together with modern paint and varnish coatings, can make a real work of art out of pine, and a solid varnish for parquet will enhance the product's potential for everyday use. Made wooden stairs to the second floor with pine wood are quite sensitive, for example, to shoes with high heels. Since they will leave dents on the steps.

how to build a staircase to the second floor with your own hands
Start building

So, how to build a staircase to the second floor with your own hands? You need to start with calculations and measurements. Dimensions depend solely on the height of the floor, the thickness of the floor and the design of the stairs, which can be straight, rotary or helical. Having made the design of the stairs to the second floor, you will greatly facilitate your further work.

The height of the steps should be selected based on the fact that each of them should be at least 16 cm, but not more than 20. The staircase should be inclined at about 40 degrees, since with a smaller inclination it will turn out to be cumbersome, and with a larger inclination it will be difficult to climb . If you wish, you can take a finished project, in which it will be possible to make your own changes. At the same time, it is better to introduce those of them that will be visible, and the bearing elements to leave unchanged.

Selection of main sizes

project of stairs to the second floor
After creating a drawing or drawing of the stairs, you should begin to manufacture its elements. The vast majority of the stairs is a single-march construction. Power guides for it can be made of bars measuring 150 x 100 mm, and for steps use boards whose thickness is 30 or 40 mm. It is better to take dry, well-planed material, without knots. Less stringent requirements can be made for handrail wood, but one should not forget that they should look presentable. After all, they attract the most attention.

Finish finish

Installation of manufactured parts and the general assembly of the stairs should only begin after it has been painted and varnished. The connection of parts is carried out using glue or screws. In addition, additional details can be strengthened with a wedge between them. Now you know how to create wooden stairs to the second floor with your own hands.


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