Scenarios for anniversaries at home, in a restaurant, in nature

Birthdays, anniversaries, various parties - all celebrations should be held with family, relatives, friends, acquaintances, or among colleagues and colleagues. Then the holiday will forever be remembered by the hero of the occasion and the guests. It is important that an interesting scenario is drawn up on a specific topic. This article will consider what scenario for anniversaries and other holidays can be thought up and what is needed for this.

celebration of the anniversary of 55 years

Theme of the holiday script

Holding holidays in a banal traditional style, which is reduced to a feast with the presentation of gifts, looks pretty boring and mundane. It is much more interesting if the event will be held in some original style, using various accessories, holiday costumes and special effects. Unusual, bright and cheerful celebration will be remembered for a long time by all those present.

Of course, the common thing for all the holidays is a rich treat on the table, beautiful decoration of the venue, original gifts and good witty presenters. And all this can be presented so that guests simply gasp with delight. For example, a table can be decorated colorfully with a variety of dishes from famous world cuisines. It is good if the treats are decorated, for example, in the form of animal figures or flowers. It is advisable to decorate the hall with balls and ribbons.

Children's events can be held in costumes of fairy-tale characters. Younger guests will definitely appreciate it.

children's anniversary in nature

Adults can also spend a holiday, for example, in the theme of a pirate party. This implies the use of clothing and a pirate mask, the design of the hall, for example, in the form of the deck of a ship, with sails and a helm.

The scenario for anniversaries may be different. The subjects in the noble style will be very interesting, where the ladies present will dress in ball gowns, and men in hussar costumes.

Next, we dwell in more detail on the scenario of holding anniversaries of 55 years. Depending on who the hero of the day is, man or woman, the holiday can be arranged in interesting, comic, and original versions.

Scenario "55 years old woman"

Any anniversary is an expectation of miracles, hopes, fulfillment of desires. Especially if you are 55 years old. It seems that the magic two fives will bring happiness and success in the future life of the hero of the day. In anticipation of the execution of 55 years, a woman looks forward to special attention from her family, friends and colleagues. Therefore, the holiday should be bright and fun.

decoration of the hall for the anniversary of 55 years

It is important to choose a venue in advance. Some prefer home furnishings. Someone chooses restaurants and entertainment clubs. And there are those who believe that the celebration should necessarily take place in the fresh air, that is, in nature. The scenario of the anniversaries depends on where the event is planned. Plus holding in the restaurant - no need to bother with preparing the atmosphere and refreshments, everything will be done by the employees of the institution (professionals), minus the high price. The advantage of holding the house is a cozy, homely atmosphere, reasonable prices, and the minus is a long preparation. A plus of a holiday in nature is fresh air, reasonable prices, fresh preparations at the stake, minus the unpredictability of the weather. Anniversary has the right to choose how to spend the evening.

The scenario for the jubilee at home can be thought up by the relatives themselves, or they can invite a good host (host), who has rich experience in this matter. Such an option would be interesting: the hero of the occasion comes home, enters the decorated corridor, passes into the hall. Suddenly, relatives sitting quietly jump out and start loudly congratulating her, shouting "Happy Anniversary!" Applause is heard. Then everyone sits at the table, covered with a variety of treats and drinks. The floor is given to the host: โ€œDear guests! Today is a wonderful day - the anniversary of a beautiful woman, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter! During the holiday, each of you will wish the birthday girl a lot of things.

I want to start our holiday with a little game. Each present will pull out one piece of paper, where different letters are written. You must say the words of wishes in the given letters. โ€ After the actions taken, the presenter again comes up with new games, such as: performing various tasks (singing, dancing, and so on), guessing riddles related to the relatives of the hero of the day, voicing funny and curious stories, and much more.

anniversary gift to man

The scenario of holding anniversaries at home does not require large expenditures, since usually all relatives take off and all the products, necessary details are purchased together.

If the hero of the day is a man ...

When celebrating the male anniversary in public places, it is undesirable to use female attributes: pink balls, paper garlands, and so on. It will be better if the man himself tells you what he prefers to decorate the venue for the holiday. A good option would be to use jewelry that speaks about a certain hobby of the culprit, or simply with humor. For example, inflate balls in the form of cars, tanks, beer mugs and much more.

You can have a gangster style party. According to the scenario, it will be possible to play the well-known and beloved Mafia game. If you choose a party in a pirate style, then you can play a treasure hunt on the map. You can also decorate the table in a man's style: use napkins in the form of tanks, make a cake, the top of which is decorated with a revolver or cars. It will be possible to conduct a game with the guests, according to which they must determine what the birthday boy is fond of.

Scenario of the anniversary in the restaurant

Holding a celebration in a restaurant or cafe is accompanied by various contests, musical numbers and congratulations. The host must be in a good mood and be able to get guests.

Sample scenario: โ€œHello, dear guests! Our beloved (name) today is a significant day - the anniversary. โ€ Then the culprit appears herself - radiant, smart and very beautiful. She thanks everyone for coming to the party. Presenter: โ€œToday is a special occasion for guests to gather! 55 is a wonderful number that gives love, happiness and good luck in everything. We want to wish that the eyes of the birthday girl always shone from joyful moments! Raise glasses with the wishes that she was always happy with her life, cheerful and active! โ€

scenario for celebrating anniversaries 55 years

Next is the game "Who knows best the hero of the day?" The host asks questions regarding the birthday girl, and the guests answer. Who gives the most correct answers wins a bottle of champagne.

You can hold such table games as leapfrog or forfeits. Musical accompaniment in the person of famous artists or relatives themselves will decorate any event.

Holiday in nature

The scenario of the jubilee in nature, we can say, is similar to the scenario in a restaurant or at home. You will need to make a stage or a gazebo, where there will be a large table and seats for guests. The stage can be decorated with various flowers, curtains, balls and ribbons. The event will be hosted by an experienced toastmaster or witty relative. Table games with comic and serious questions are prepared in advance. It is good if a special place for dancing is equipped. A holiday in nature is good in that outdoor games will surely be held, a bonfire will burn, where a tasty, juicy, aromatic kebab or kebab is fried. There is no doubt that the smell of a fire is an activator of good mood.

anniversary celebration in nature

Company anniversary

Every five or ten years, any organization, firm, enterprise celebrates its holiday. The scenario of the companyโ€™s anniversary is slightly different from the anniversary of a particular person. In this case, the role of the leader can also be given to a professional, and all employees of the institution and the head will be guests. The host will play a game in which there will be suggestive questions regarding the activities of the company and employees.

Questions may vary. For example: who got the first place in the competition โ€œ...โ€ when the company was founded, the favorite color of the leader, and so on. Comic questions will certainly make the team even more united. And gifts or prizes that will be distributed at the end of the celebration will certainly please all those present.

Gifts for the hero of the day

celebration of the anniversary of 55 years

As gifts, you can choose what is most suitable for a particular person. For example, women come up with expensive pleasant perfumes, a handbag, a blouse, jewelry, a certificate in some boutique, a subscription to a beauty salon, dishes, bedding, and so on.

Men will appreciate an expensive car accessory, a good fishing rod, tie, shirt, sports equipment and much more as gifts.

Children will be delighted with toys, colorful books.


When preparing the script for the anniversaries, one must strictly take into account that everyone feels comfortable at the holiday and leaves in a good mood. The atmosphere should be as comfortable as possible. Then the event will forever remain in the memory of the guests and, most importantly, the hero of the day.


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