9 Wands of Tarot: the value of the card in divination

Since ancient times, people have turned to magic, trying to get answers to questions of interest. One of the most effective ways is fortune-telling on the cards from the Tarot deck, which embody the strength of all four elements and the wisdom of the ages. Arcana with the image of wooden Wands belongs to the element of Fire.

What symbolizes

9 tarot wands

This suit symbolizes regeneration, a source of energy, inspiration, the flame of life and the desire for self-realization. 9 Wands of Tarot - absolute self-control, purity of consciousness. Like any other card from the fortunetelling deck, it has favorable and negative interpretations. Meaning 9 Tarot Wands directly depends on its position and combination with other cards.


On the front side of the 9 Wands of Tarot there is an image of a guard, performing his immediate duties, standing with a wooden rod in his hands. He is extremely concentrated, even tense. He constantly looks around. This card symbolizes the integrity of the consciousness of a person who is able to collect all his will into a fist and radically change his own life.

Card feature

The 9 Tarot Wands, which value is absolute self-control, which fell out in the situation, mean that a person is able to cope with life's difficulties, and is also constantly on the defensive, protecting himself from the outside world.

9 wands of tarot meaning

As a rule, 9 Tarot Wands is a good sign for a person who finds himself in a difficult situation. She indicates that he will find the strength in himself to overcome all difficulties. It is also a symbol of victory, which becomes possible due to focus on results, the strong character of the questioner. If in the layout Nine is surrounded by cards that carry negative information, then you need to be prepared for a difficult life period. There are many troubles ahead of man.

Often, a map indicates a situation that has not ended. It can be an event both from the future and from the past. What a person is currently doing may not be brought to its logical conclusion. The map is interpreted as perseverance and opposition to the phenomenon or people from whom you can expect a dirty trick, troubles. However, at the moment there is no threat. Resistance and persuasion are the result of negative experiences in the past.

Tarot 9 Wands: Inverted Card

An inverted card has several meanings, each of which is extremely negative. In the layout, it can mean:

  • Regularly postpone the completion of any serious business.
  • Colossal losses, difficulties, calamities, unexpected obstacles.
  • The loss of control over anything that they so selflessly tried to protect, to defend.
  • Inability to analyze the experience gained, to extract useful information from it, as a result of which you step on the same rake.
  • Incorrect perception of reality, rather narrow thinking. If you do not fundamentally change the worldview, you will constantly find yourself in difficult life situations. Learn to eliminate the causes, not fight the consequence.
  • Termination of personal development, degradation. Any work only takes away all the forces, but does not bring any result.
  • Severe illnesses.

8 tarot wands

In addition to the above, you can give the following advice to the fortuneteller. Tarot 9 Wands (inverted) indicates the concealment of the most important information that can cause a lot of trouble in your life.

Love layout

9 wands tarot combination

In the scenario of the relationship of the Tarot, 9 Wands can be interpreted in completely different ways. For example, the willingness to fight for their own feelings or inability to love. But let's look at the main meanings of the Tarot 9 Wands in love, which are used by famous tarologists:

  • The constant desire for loneliness, isolation and the habit of keeping people at a distance, fear of losing part of personal freedom or space. Such a condition can provoke a negative experience, for example, betrayal of a loved one. Perhaps loneliness will favorably affect the state of the inner world and help heal spiritual wounds.
  • Internal stress caused by the fact that a person is in constant readiness for self-defense. Also prudent and suspicious of everyone without exception. A partner in a relationship with this person, who is described by the Tarot of 9 Wands, will face a difficult task. After all, the wall built between him and the outside world is difficult to break. Whether to try to positively influence the situation or leave it as it is, other cards from the map will tell.
  • Reluctance to change their own lives, get acquainted with representatives of the opposite sex. Or vice versa. The desire to burn all bridges, to take a decisive step into the unknown.
  • The card that fell out during the fortune-telling for the married couple indicates that a crisis will occur in their relationship that will gradually alienate relatives from each other.

9 wands tarot relationship

As a rule, the Tarot card of 9 Wands in a relationship, is a symbol of passivity, inanimity, lack of initiative, inability to understand people.


If you pay attention to the image of the card, we will see a guard who is in a bandage on his leg or head (it all depends on the design of the deck). Despite his injuries, as well as fatigue, he continues to fulfill his immediate responsibilities. The nine Posokhov, who fell out in the alignment, can become a timely sign indicating that it is time to pay attention to your own health. The card can signal both real problems and diseases that will appear in the near future, for example:

  • Severe head injuries.
  • Chronic fatigue, breakdown, dementia.
  • Poor immunity.
  • Insomnia.

Most often, the Nine of Wands indicates health problems caused by overwork. Do not make jokes with such things. We recommend seeking medical help.

Arrangements for a business or career

Nine Posokhov is considered a favorable card for representatives of the profession of a defender - security guards, police, firefighters, lawyers, doctors. In the scenario for a career, it symbolizes a high level of discipline, prudence, the ability to correctly distribute your work day, as well as the willingness to defend your professional interests at any level.

Modern interpretation of the Nine, which fell out during the alignment on a career:

  • Time to test your strength. A very important thing is nearing its logical conclusion; do not let fatigue take hold of you. It is worth activating your hidden reserves and finish what you started.
  • A little respite in a long battle. It is possible to take a couple of breaths of fresh air.
  • In the near future, competitors will be activated. They will not be able to implement cunning plans, but you will have enormous problems.
  • There will be an opportunity to gain useful skills or improve their own skills.

In general terms, the card indicates that one should not give up in any situation, even in the most hopeless one. Do not follow your own emotions. It is better to demonstrate firmness of spirit, iron character. Only in this way can a positive result be achieved.


Since ancient times, 9 Wands have been associated with material well-being. Even the most ambitious tasks will be completed. It remains only to reap the fruits of their hard work and enjoy life. However, modern interpretations look completely different:

  • Litigation with creditors.
  • An attempt by any means to preserve their own property, material values.
  • The fight against extortionists, robbers. Tarot 9 Wands in combination with other cards may indicate litigation related to fraud or theft of funds.
  • An attempt to regain former wealth, to get out of a crisis situation, to try to avoid bankruptcy.

tarot card 9 wands

The most accurate interpretation of the Nine will depend on the cards that are in alignment with it. Do not panic, because 9 Wands is a symbol of perseverance and fortitude. Therefore, there will always be an opportunity to cope with troubles and emerge victorious from any situation.

Combination with the Senior Arcana

Nines receive the most accurate interpretation only taking into account all the Arcana that have fallen in the alignment. The same card can be interpreted differently. 9 Staves in combination with the senior Arkans offers a wider range of meanings and signs:

  • With the Jester - your chosen path seems right, but soon doubts will arise about the correctness of the choice. They will be the result of a more thorough analysis or criticism of others.
  • With the Magician - to deceive the ill-wisher. For war, all methods are good. But do not overdo it.
  • With the High Priestess - someone will entrust you with a certain secret that will have to be kept.
  • With the Empress - training will benefit. In the future, it will be possible to benefit from this.
  • With the Emperor - in the near future, the “honor of the uniform” is to be defended.
  • With Hierophant - uncertainty in the mentor, skepticism in relation to his advice.
  • With the card of Lovers - distrust of a loved one, doubts about his decency.
  • With the Chariot, the experience gained will begin to bear its first fruits.
  • With the Strength card - reconsider your own attitude towards the enemy, perhaps you greatly underestimate him.
  • With the Hermit - isolation, pleasure from loneliness.
  • With the Wheel of Fortune, radical changes are ahead, which came very late.
  • With Arkan Justice - litigation will end soon, but will not bring satisfaction. There will be doubts about the justice of the judiciary.
  • With the Hangman - keep your secret.
  • With Arkan, Death is a lack of confidence in the actions that provoked dramatic changes.
  • With the card Moderation - total doubts.
  • With the Devil - the desire to find a trick in everything.
  • With the Tower - a bad feeling about you does not fail. Something terrible will happen soon.
  • With the Star - uncertainty in their own forecasts, plans.
  • With the moon - the fear of picking up something. This is not necessarily a disease. Perhaps you are afraid to adopt someone's obsession.
  • With the Sun - a complete lack of trust.
  • With the Court - it is necessary to analyze the experience gained so that in the future not to step on the same rake.
  • With the World - to take a position of self-defense.

Combination with the younger Arcana

9 wands of tarot meaning in love

Let's look at the Nine in combination with the cards belonging to the minor Arkans, such as the Tarot of 8 Wands, etc. Here are the modern meanings:

  • With Ace - the desire to move towards a goal, to work for the result.
  • From the 2nd - reorientation, change of priorities, hiccups in work.
  • With Troika - failed to pass the test.
  • With 4 Wands - overcoming a difficult obstacle.
  • With 5 - conflict or misunderstanding on the basis of mistrust.
  • With Six - acquired early skills will be useful in achieving the goal.
  • With the 7th - to be faced with criticism of others.
  • With the Tarot 8 Wands - you will be able to solve all the troubles.
  • With the 10th - the catch is ahead.
  • Page - an example of others will give an incentive to move towards a cherished goal.
  • Knight - you will make stupid mistakes that you have already made.
  • Lady - negative experience can make you close yourself from others.
  • King is a test.


If in the layout you have 9 Wands, you do not need to panic. Its meaning is multifaceted and ambiguous. Remember that this is just a warning. Perhaps, looking into the future, you will be able to change something in the present, which will avoid unpleasant moments.

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