Treatment of hearing loss with folk remedies: reviews

If you or your relatives are disturbed by hearing impairment, and you have already found out that this is the so-called hearing loss, do not worry. The problem is not as terrible as it seems. It is not necessary to immediately go to surgery. For starters, it’s worth trying the treatment of sensorineural hearing loss with folk remedies - perhaps this method will give quick and effective results. In this article, we will tell you in detail what is hearing loss, talk about its varieties, traditional and folk methods of treatment, as well as much more.

What is hearing loss?

Treatment of hearing loss with folk remedies
Sensorineural hearing loss is partial or, conversely, complete hearing loss that occurs only with the death of the so-called hair cells or damage to the main structures of the patient’s inner ear, central parts of the auditory analyzer (in the trunk and, of course, the auditory cortex) or cochlear nerve. Also, this type of hearing loss is called "nervous deafness." Its forms are moderate, light, deep and heavy. In this case, partial hearing loss is the inability to handle high frequencies. With it, hair cells are damaged only in the lower part of the cochlea, which are responsible for high tones.

Types of disease

Hearing loss is congenital (hereditary) and acquired. The first form of the disease is formed in the womb for many reasons, the second is the result of any acoustic or mechanical injuries, taking ototoxic drugs (antibiotics), industrial intoxication, otitis media, vascular disorders, viral infections, etc. You can get rid of the problem with the help of a certain therapy. Complex forms of the disease require qualified medical help. At the same time, treatment of hearing loss of the 1st degree with folk remedies is a very real method of therapy.

The traditional treatment for hearing loss

Previously, only hearing aids were used to correct hearing. Nowadays, such a treatment method as cochlear implants that stimulate the auditory nerve is popular. Also, brain stem implantation is sometimes performed, but this method is not yet developed, and therefore it is used extremely rarely.

Treatment of sensorineural hearing loss with folk remedies
In some cases, the patient is prescribed the drug "Idebenone" in a single form or it is taken with vitamin E. It is established that this method stops the development of hearing loss and even completely cures it.

The next way is the use of steroids. It was also invented recently. It is assumed that the method can cure severe sensorineural hearing loss obtained when exposed to noise above 140 dB. But treatment should be started no later than a day after the injury. Perhaps in the near future we will be offered the treatment of hearing loss with stem cell transplantation. Unfortunately, this method is more a fantasy than a reality. While scientists and doctors are working in this area, it is worth paying attention to the treatment of hearing loss with folk remedies. Ready?

Therapy Features

I would like to immediately warn: the treatment of hearing loss with folk remedies requires patience, since one course lasts at least two weeks. Sometimes, to completely get rid of the problem, it takes several months.

Hearing loss: treatment with folk remedies

You should remember that in this method, regularity is already half the success. If you carefully follow all the recommendations, do not be lazy and do not wander off taking medications, then the effect will be amazing.

Propolis + oil

This remedy is very good. To make it you will need:

  • 30% alcohol tincture of propolis;
  • olive or corn oil;
  • medical gauze.

This is the most common method of dealing with hearing loss. For treatment, you need propolis not in its pure form, but its 30% (in severe cases, take 40%) solution. Mix olive oil with propolis tincture. For 1 part alcohol solution, use 3 parts oil. Shake the resulting liquid until an oil-alcohol emulsion forms. Soak in the medicine the turundas that you make from gauze, and carefully enter into the auditory canal. Do not damage the eardrum, too hard to tampon, too, is not worth it.

Wear for 36 hours, then take a break for 1 day (24 hours). Repeat the procedure. It will take at least 14 sessions, after which you will no longer be disturbed by sensorineural hearing loss. Treatment with folk remedies will stretch for about three weeks, so it is recommended to start therapy at the first symptoms of the disease. If a child (no younger than 5 years old) suffers from hearing loss, then wearing turundas costs 12 hours (you can put them on for the whole night), and not 24.

You can use pure propolis. From it you need to make a kind of tourniquets and introduce them into the ears. Do this as carefully as possible so that when you remove the propolis particles do not remain in the ear canal. During treatment, it is also recommended to do exercises for the ears: intensively rub them clockwise, pressing the shells to the head, then remove your hands, then insert your finger into the ear canal and sharply pull it out. Do 15 times a day.

Hearing loss: treatment with folk remedies, reviews
Know that the treatment of hearing loss with folk remedies can not be practiced with a variety of polypous growths, as well as granulations of the tympanic membrane. Before the procedures, you must consult a doctor so that he will give you an accurate diagnosis.

Garlic treatment

For therapy, you need to prepare the following ingredients:

  • olive, corn or camphor oil;
  • garlic;
  • medical gauze.

Course of treatment: 2 times for 21 days. The second stage begins a week after the end of the first. There are two ways to treat garlic:

  1. With the help of juice. It must be squeezed and diluted with olive or corn oil in a ratio of 1: 3. Shake the resulting liquid, instill 2 drops in the ears every day.
  2. Use a whole head of garlic. Grind it, then add camphor oil. Use 3 drops per 1 clove. Wrap the mixture in gauze, then make turunds. Poke it in your ears.

If you or your friends get sick with a disease such as hearing loss, treatment with folk remedies, reviews of which are very positive, should definitely help.


Another powerful remedy for traditional medicine. To make the medicine you will need:

  • large onion;
  • dill or caraway seeds - 1 tsp;
  • gauze;
  • onion juice.

The course of treatment lasts a month. Therapy involves two methods:

  1. Make a deepening in the onion, pour the seeds of dill or caraway seeds there. Put the head in the oven, bake at low temperature until it turns brown. Squeeze the bulb by putting it in cheesecloth. Place this mass in a warm ear four times a day, 10 drops, in a sore ear. Store in the refrigerator, warm before use. After use from the ears will go dirt, sulfur. Do not worry, you will immediately feel better.
  2. Preheat the onions in the oven. Put a small piece in cheesecloth. After making a compress, enter it into the ear canal. Make sure the edge of the gauze sticks out of your ear and can be easily reached. Put a compress at night.

Sensorineural hearing loss: treatment with folk remedies, reviews

Along with this, instill the onion mixture into the nose. Easy to cook! Mix boiled water with onion juice in a ratio of 1: 1. Drop two drops in each pass once a day.

Bread compresses

They also alleviate the condition of a sick person. To make a compress, buy these components:

  • caraway seeds - 1 tbsp. l .;
  • juniper fruits - 1 tbsp. l .;
  • rye flour - 5 tbsp. l .;
  • almond / root oil (of your choice);
  • cotton wool.

After mixing the required amount of caraway seeds, juniper and rye flour, bake the bread. While the loaf is hot, cut it into slices, remove the crust, soak the pulp with alcohol. Put it on and around your ears. After cooling the bread with almond or root oil, moisten the fleece, insert it into the ears. Changing ear swabs every day, change the type of oil. Procedures contribute to the return of hearing.

The Lavrushka Method

Already from the name of the method it is clear which ingredient will be the main. There are several options for this treatment:

  • In the first case, you will need a bay leaf and a glass of boiling water. The course of treatment: 2 weeks. To start, grind the bay leaf: you need two tablespoons of dry weight. Pour it with a glass of boiling water. Let it brew for 2 hours. Bury ears with this mixture 2 times a day. Rinse your ears when pus comes out.
  • The second method involves the presence of bay leaf, one tablespoon of vinegar and 100 ml of vodka. Course of treatment: 3 weeks + 14 days for the preparation of the solution. It is necessary to pour 4 finely divided bay leaves with a tablespoon of vinegar and vodka. The mixture should be infused in a dark place for 14 days. The first week you need to instill 2 drops four times a day, the second - 3 drops, the third - 4. After completing the course, your hearing should be corrected.
  • The third method is no less effective. You will need a bay leaf and one tablespoon of sunflower oil. Course of treatment: to visible improvements. Combine 4 tablespoons of chopped leaf and oil. Let the mixture brew for a week, then strain. Rub in whiskey 3 times a day.

Sensoneural hearing loss: treatment with folk remedies

Under the onslaught of these simple methods, sensorineural hearing loss recedes. Treatment with folk remedies, reviews of which are only positive, helps restore health. A person feels better after just a few treatments. Patients note the effectiveness and cheapness of these methods.

Sensorineural hearing loss (treatment with folk remedies): reviews

Therapy, including the use of tinctures, compresses and ointments, is famous for its ability to restore human health. It heals many diseases. Traditional medicine is becoming an excellent complement to drug treatment or acts as a separate therapy.

Is hearing loss so terrible? Treatment with folk remedies can give stunning results. And do not be afraid to check it on your own experience. Nowadays, few people trust herbal medicine, preferring to surrender to the hands of specialists. But to try to do something yourself is still worth it. If you decide to take care of your health at home, read the reviews of people who have already taken the appropriate course. They argue that the treatment of hearing loss with folk remedies is really effective. Try it yourself, do not be afraid. After all, medical specialists often also recognize the benefits of homeopathic remedies.


In this article, we answered the question of what hearing loss is. Treatment with folk remedies, the reviews that people leave - all this was also analyzed in detail. We hope the tips above are helpful.

Sensoneural hearing loss: treatment with folk remedies, reviews

Are you ready to overcome the disease yourself for the first time? There is no particular problem. You will succeed!


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