Is hardware manicure safe in the salon?

Every day more and more popularity is gaining hardware manicure in the salon. Despite this, not all people are aware of its features, and therefore cannot understand what the danger of this procedure is and whether it exists at all.

In the article, you can view a photo of the hardware manicure in the salon, as well as read basic information about it. The effect obtained as a result of the procedure pleasantly surprises all the girls, therefore such a manicure is really worthy of attention.

hardware manicure in the salon

Is hardware manicure safe in the salon

The question of the dangers of the procedure is of interest to many clients of beauty salons. When girls ask them, they most often focus on all sorts of cases and stories that are found on thematic forums. As a rule, the adverse effects of manicure are associated with the unprofessional use of equipment at home without proper qualifications. These experts strongly recommend abandoning cheap equipment of low quality, and even more so - from its independent use.

Any beauty salons with hardware manicure can easily be checked for compliance with the requirements for specialized specialists. Thanks to this, it will be much easier to determine whether the procedure is dangerous in a given place or whether you can safely sign up for it. To ensure the security of the service, the employee of the salon selected by the client should:

  • undergo training, which includes not only the theoretical, but also the practical part;
  • learn safety precautions and regularly check requirements;
  • get acquainted with the principles of the work of tools and equipment, as well as methods of processing the skin and nail plates;
  • Get skills in practice under the guidance of an already experienced specialist.

Subject to the above requirements, the question about the danger or safety of a hardware manicure disappears automatically. If a specialist really does everything correctly and has good experience in this field, then you can be completely sure that the procedure does not harm your nails and skin, so there is nothing wrong with it.

hardware manicure in salon description

European technology

Hardware manicure in the cabin is carried out without the use of piercing and cutting devices. In this case, the procedure is performed by removing the dead parts of the epithelium. It is for this reason that modern hardware manicure is considered a type of European.

These two procedures are quite similar in terms of technique and effectiveness. But there is one difference, which consists in the fact that with the hardware version only one machine with interchangeable nozzles is used.


Classic hardware manicure in the cabin can be called a combination of incongruous. These two services are fundamentally different in many ways.

In classic manicure, the specialist uses scissors, tweezers and nippers. With hardware, as mentioned above, none of this can be. The first case involves the elimination of the coarsened skin surrounding the nail plate, the second is the use of a cutter that removes all excess due to high revolutions.

Secrets of the perfect result

Unfortunately, just describing the hardware manicure in the salon is not enough to get a clear idea about it. For this, you will also need to consider certain nuances of the procedure that help to achieve the desired result the first time.

The main secret is choosing a good device. To do this, pay attention to the following nuances:

  • a normal device should work from the network, since only in this case it will have enough power to process the entire surface of the skin;
  • the handle of the device should lie comfortably in the hand, since it will take a long time to work with it;
  • the machine should allow the owner to adjust the speed in order to properly process each zone;
  • The optimal rotation speed is considered to be more than 3 thousand revolutions per minute.

These factors must be considered when choosing equipment. It certainly doesn’t cost much, but still not everyone wants to pay for some trinket that breaks after the first procedure.

hardware manicure Moscow salons

Recommendations for self-treatment

In order to save money on visiting the salon, many girls do the procedure on their own. Unfortunately, not everyone can achieve a good result, since for this it is necessary to have at least some skills. Although you can try to perform the procedure yourself, but subject to certain recommendations:

  • the handle must be held in such a way that the hand does not leak or shake;
  • a weakened plate requires gentle care, so for it you need to choose nozzles with weaker abrasiveness;
  • Before the procedure, you must make sure that the skin around the nails is dry;
  • the direction of movement during processing by the apparatus should be directly opposite to the movements of the nozzle;
  • when performing the procedure for the first time, the number of revolutions should be minimal;
  • steaming procedures before starting the treatment of nails will not lead to anything good.

beauty salons with hardware manicure


Hardware manicure in the salon or at home allows you to eliminate coarsened patches of skin that always spoil the appearance. The procedure itself is completely safe if it is done by a real master. The nozzles of the device are devoid of cutting and sharp ends, so it is extremely difficult to get harm from them.

This type of manicure does not need preliminary preparation. To obtain the desired result, you do not need to soften the skin and nails, which helps to prevent the risk of their weakening due to dryness.

The hardware procedure involves the use of special nozzles. Thanks to them, it is much easier to achieve symmetry in the form of nails. This fact is considered an advantage by all girls, since other ways to change the shape of nails do not always help in this matter.

hardware manicure in the salon photo


Experience and dexterity in the field of hardware manicure come only with time. If the device is not used correctly, you can scratch your nails or leave furrows. In certain situations, during the procedure, pain may appear associated with strong pressure on the device. In addition, before leaving for the session, you need to take into account that for nail owners whose condition is already too running, this manicure will not work, since in order to bring them back to normal, preliminary steaming is required, which is unacceptable when using the machine.

Hardware manicure: Moscow salons

Today, capital's beauty salons are especially popular, where, in addition to body care services, there is an opportunity to visit a hardware manicure. The best places for this procedure are:

  1. "Marigold". The salon allows girls to visit the procedures for nail extensions, hardware and classic manicure. Not only girls, but also boys can turn here.
  2. Ego-SPA. It provides services not only for manicure, but also for pedicure hardware type. Specialists are able to communicate with customers and find an individual approach to each of them.

Is hardware manicure safe in the salon

All of the listed salons daily serve more than a hundred visitors who always leave the place happy. The cost of the service is not so great, so every girl who wants to look good and well-groomed in any situation can afford it.


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