Color jacket: interesting ideas for manicure

Classic French manicure always looks exquisite and stylish. But sometimes you want to make a difference in the form of an original design or bright colors. Therefore, color jacket is gaining more and more popularity. Masters offer various design options for French manicure.

Classic manicure

Color jacket is a kind of traditional gentle French manicure. He is good because it fits any style of clothing and for any event. The pastel shades are used as the main color, and the smile line is drawn with white varnish. This option looks good on nails of any length.

classic french with rhinestones

What drawings are relevant in color jacket

You can create an interesting manicure, using not only a variety of combinations of shades, but also creating various patterns: lace, geometric ornament, flowers or rhinestones. But the most popular drawings are:

  • strips - to create such a manicure use an adhesive tape or a thin brush. Shades can choose contrasting or single gamma;
  • points - they can be applied to the entire surface of the nail plate or protruding edge. It is convenient to make points with the help of dots; circles of different sizes will look more interesting;
  • manicure frame is one of the latest trends in nail art. The nail plate around the perimeter is outlined. The varnish should be darker than the background coating, the contour should be the same width and not go beyond the limits of the nail.

With the help of such simple drawings you can independently create an interesting French manicure.

bright french manicure

Design options

Color jacket is not just a combination of two colors - a background cover and a smile line. There are various options for an interesting and effective French manicure.

  1. Double rainbow - two smiles are applied to the protruding edge of the nail. Depending on the chosen shades, you can create the image of a feminine beauty or a playful girl. Despite the fact that such a manicure looks stylish, it will not work for owners of short nails.
  2. Staining the tip of the nail in various bright colors. This option is suitable for both long and short nails.
  3. You can experiment not only with staining the tip of the nail, but also with a background coating. But do not use too bright or neon colors. It is better to give preference to calm shades.
  4. Art French is a French manicure with a pattern. With high-quality performance, your nails can become a real work of nail art. It is not necessary to create a pattern on all lines of a smile - it will be enough to decorate 2-3 nails.
  5. Volumetric color jacket or fan art is one of the most creative directions. Here, as a decoration, not various ornaments are used, but rhinestones, beads, acrylic. Such a manicure looks very impressive and allows you to demonstrate creativity.

Colored jacket on nails is gaining popularity because it combines sophistication and originality.

french manicure with a colorful smile

Interesting color combinations

Masters can suggest you make a French manicure using black varnish. It would seem that this does not fit into the idea of ​​the French in its classical sense. But in fact, such a combination is a fashionable trend, it looks quite elegant.

A manicure made using golden or silver shades looks noble. You can make a French manicure in neon shades. This option is more suitable for young girls who like to express themselves. It will also be appropriate in the warm season, attracting the eyes of others with bright colors.

french manicure in pastel shades

Photos of a color jacket colorfully demonstrate that it looks no worse than a classic French manicure. You can choose both bright saturated color combinations, and close to the traditional version of the tone. And the voluminous design allows you to create a real masterpiece of nail art. Just be careful with the use of additional decorations, so as not to overload the image.

The main thing in the color jacket is moderation. Still, it is a kind of feminine manicure, so it’s better to add some playfulness to your image. French is an example of how exquisite manicure can become bright and spectacular.


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